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Hello and Good Day Everyone,

I am reading externals forums of this world from quite long and what I have seen is that everyone is bashing their opponents and in a way of doing it we have lost respect which we should give to each other as this is just a game and not some prize or money winning competition.

So I thought to start a thread on Rating your Enemies rather then rating your tribe mates(as it gets biased all the time) and Lets see tribes which players are threat to respective tribes or at least they can give tough competition in long run.

As I am in TEA I will start rating 5 players which I think are best in our enemy tribes and has shown that they are good competition in long run

1) F.K.A :- FKA is one of best enemies I have faced on this world and would be looking to have more fun against him. Their timing and attacking style is great as well as they are good at defending from what we have seen but from last few weeks their activity has been dropped and haven't seen any challenging action from them So I am eagerly waiting for future and want to see how active this account stays to give some competition to TEA.

2) Purely Forgotten :- Purely is one of main frontline account of infamy and they have impressed me with their activity on frontline and I have seen their timings in attacking which is quite good but from stats its looks like they have struggled little bit in defending but still they stats are going pretty equal right now so Can't predict where this stats will go in near future. I haven't talked with any of players playing purely account but have heard good things about them so would be great fighting with when I will be on frontline :p

3) King Banana :- KB account has been one of best offensive account in this war and he is best faker from entire BiP. KB hasn't been tested in defending but i believe they will give tough time to TEA when it will come to defending as well. What I like best about this account is that they have kept their account and Tribe Both active and will give full credit to them on this as it is hard to manage both tribe and account actively when it comes to war. Players on this account been friendly and its nice to have enemies who respect you outside the game.

4) Mezonis :- I don't want to write much about mez account as they have been doing great in past worlds and they are going crazy on this world as well. They aren't on frontline so they have been noticed less about their timings or about their game style. But my mates in TEA believe that they are one of best attacker they have even faced and i will completely agree when it comes to timing as he is monster at that :p. Would Love to see Him on frontline and would love to fight against him as I have played few world together with him. ( Sorry I wrote Whole Para on mez as he deserve it :D )

5) MaJeSTee :- Majestee 2nd best attacker of BiP and is best active account among the world. Their playing style has impressed me but I still want to see them timing their attack more precisely because i haven't seen them doing that from long time. When it comes to faking they are as good as KB and others in BiP. I would love to see how they manage to defend their account if TEA tries to Op him in near future or later on. I have talked with their players in game mail and they seems to be friendly and always ready for fun conversations.

There are more accounts who deserves some respect which are Seven Devils, Lost One, Beavis and Butthead, LawandOrder1 and Natticus and Its been fun fighting you all till now and would like to fight till best tribe wins :)

I hope this thread remain on track and don't turn out to be another bashing thread like others ;) So share your thoughts on your enemies and have some fun :)

Respect and Love,


Mezonis is indeed one of the best players if it's still the original account. Had lots of fun playing with and against him. Jeez, can't believe he's still around. :D


1) Oterion

This guy is very much under the radar, you never really hear him spoken about on these forums. He is one of BiP's better players - before he moved over to BiP from PW they hit him countless times, and he absolutely smashed it each time. Each Op I offered to help him, provided what I could - he rarely needed any assistance. He is an excellent player, and a very nice guy. Shame he felt he had to join BiP, I enjoyed working with him

2) Deadmax

These people are very talented, they have a decent attacking mind and excellent timing to go with it. Being right on my doorstep I know first hand their skill, i have had to defend against it! I feel we have barely scratched the surface in our battles to date - I look forward to future scraps with this account. A pair of gentlemen, they are honest and unafraid of saying it how it is - my favorite sort of people. They're the first to mail and congratulate on a job well done, not an easy thing to do to an enemy. Much respect for these guys.

3) King banana

I respect his skill, as a player and leader. As leader he has done a great job with BiP to date. As a player, he has many war caps which speak for themselves. He also, way back in Defy days, offered to sit everyone and cancel snipe all of 2Hards trains when they opped us the first time around. Needless to say I don't think anyone actually took up this offer, they had me for that, but it was made none the less, so respect for it.

4) Lost one

While he always gets salty on Skype when we wind him up, he is a good player. He has shown he can defend, not sure if it was the easier option of a mass tribal stacking of him, or my preferred method of spotstacking for all inc, regardless he defended the ops well so kudos. Most of my incomings from BiP are from him, and he is 50+ hours away. Top marks for putting in a shift constantly, getting those fakes and fangs out very regularly.

5) kreiz

Pity vote, he got nobled by a spear nuke.


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I have to give a shout out to the AD! front in k43/53. Ragnar, Sattro, and Darth Rayne has especially worked well together as a team. Many players have criticized Infamy for struggling with AD!, but that AD front that they have now has done a great job moving defenses around and thwarting ops to where we have had limited success. XAbbadonX and The Devil Bunny have also made things for difficult for Infamy on that front. The coordination between all those players has been efficient and effective.

On a side note, I want to bring up the discussion of timing. A lot of players can time attacks or time snipes, recaps, etc. That doesn't make the player good to be honest. Timing is an excellent skill to have, but you still need to have a good sense of strategy in attacking and defending to make it worthwhile. Some players spend a lot of time sending attacks to the second only to get stacked against because they didn't do an effective job masking their real attacks.

the nemesis123

Cannot talk about BiP since although I have sat all the major frontline accounts, I haven't been doing much on any front as of recent. I'm quitting very soon so I'm winding down off TW. Most of the interaction I have with the enemy is spent is just winding them up as it is kind of easy and amusing and really I'm just hoping someone gets baited into attacking me since I'm sad that for quite a while now I haven't been attacked, but I'll try take this seriously. The best players in my opinion on the infamy front at least offensively in terms of what they are doing seem to be the following in no particular order (though I have an internal ranking):

War-Peace, Mezonis, Purely Forgotten, Beavis and Butthead and L0v3r5 (RIP)

Gay Land Pirate, Candid Confession and Natticus would probably be next.
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I like this thread. I think even though people flame each other and such and trash talk, there are a lot of quality players this world. Even lots who don't really go up to their full potential but are still good too. Good stuff if you are still hanging in there.