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you're right

Im trash and im not doing anything on this world.

thanks for helping me understand.

if you have any more advice please send it to me in game from your account. would love to hear from you!


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I have no credibility to my name apparently, what is the point in revealing anything?

Besides, you've had all world to make a move against Four, don't decide to do something because of little old me


Damn, I guess they didn't read the dank profile that I spent a few minutes writing up. What a waste of time that was. Poop.


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Can someone from Leadership make a public statement that they are proud of winning by pouching players?
Why would anyone say that? This is a shitty world with shitty winning conditions and TW has turned to shit over the years. I'm not going to be proud of winning this world. I'm going to be glad to get it the hell over with as fast as possible so I can finally quit this game. Used to love it but it's a dying game that's getting milked thanks to the ADD PP kids.


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MAY 9, 2008

coming from a guy who joined the game around the same time as you, Yes your right about the game going downhill.

But that doesn't make it ok for those who know better

i do agree with your outlook, but the right thing to do is show these little add turds that this game can be played with honor and skill.

PP cant win you a world. it can only help you do well, the pp or the add kids didn't let a back stabbing coward like rikter into your tribe, a few old school players who know better did.

Ya im a little salty, obviously lol, All i wanted to do was grind out this world with the guys i joined it with and lose with honor and earn the respect of my tribe mates and enemies.

unfortunately traitors bring out the worst in me and now ill have to just settle for the respect of my tribe mates who left the world with honor and leaving a pw or acc sit. and the ones who i will defend with until we lose the last ruin.

but blaming it on the new kids, or blaming the PP. blaming it on how the game has changed,, doesn't sit well with me,

we make the choices, and we have to live with that. you guys will prob win this world yes, but you could have done so with my respect.

t bone steak

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You're already falling TimeSookylala.
Yeah somehow, I do not think you could be any more wrong

Side 1:
Players: T bone steak
Side 2:
Tribes: KAWAII, 350, Four

Timeframe: Forever

Total conquers:

Side 1: 162
Side 2: 10,609
Difference: 10,447

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 72
Side 2: 1
Difference: 71

Points value of total conquers:

Side 1: 942,917
Side 2: 56,607,020
Difference: 55,664,103

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 547,802
Side 2: 10,173
Difference: 537,629



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Yes brag about taking At The End Of Time/Love's villages when they had an attackable ban. Tell us all about your 1337 skills and hours of planning it must have taken in order to take over villages that don't fight back.

t bone steak

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Yes brag about taking At The End Of Time/Love's villages when they had an attackable ban. Tell us all about your 1337 skills and hours of planning it must have taken in order to take over villages that don't fight back.
Proves how little you know :)
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Proves how little you know :)
*shrug* I don't care to know everything. Most of those conquers were from Time/Love. Both of them had an attackable ban. Thus you're mostly bragging about conquering barbs.

But hey continue to think that you have a chance in this world and that your actions matter. We'll be winning the world shortly.


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No but it seems like you're soloing the barbarian tribe pretty hard, props for that.
Gotta get them before the enemy does and uses them against us. Not something I particularly enjoy doing but it's something to do while waiting for nukes to rebuild.

Also a few of them are attempts to move to frontlines. But the frontline changes daily! I'd have to be a pp whore to keep up, lol.


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Which was entirely the point. The little Sugar Honey Iced Tea thinks he's all that because he has taken all those villages yet the vast majority were from banned players. I may brag and troll but if you're really paying attention I don't brag about myself. I'm not the best player and I know it. However, I am led by the best leader and our tribe as a whole is kicking this world's ass.

p.s. T-Bone, you're not all that. You've got zero timing. I was amazed that the incoming support to Stolen's village was not fake support, but real full villages worth of D that you send without any type of plan whatsoever without any kind of timing because you might get villages off of him. You are nothing. You can fight as hard as you want to in this world, but you will lose. The situation is hopeless for you, and a complete total nub like you who can't time worth shit isn't going to change that.