Euro 2016/Copa America

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Statistical Disaster

A bit late, however here goes.

Who are y'all backing in the Euros? (Or Copa America)
Predictions as to who's going to win? Let's get the football talk started :)


Finnaly a intresting topic :)

As i can't support my own team because they wanted to give other teams a chance. I'm backing up the:

- Red Devils: They have awsome players and if they work together they are one of the top contestenst for the title. Belgium never got far in a big tournament and i want to see them succeed this time.

- Team Zlatan: Zlatan's last big tournement (exept olimpics if he gets in team) and final chance to shine for him. Big and awsome player, came as king, became legend leaves as hero (hopefully)

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Argentina will win the Copa America and Spain will win Euro 2016. Most of the good teams aren't playing well in Euro 2016.

Statistical Disaster

Argentina and Chile to the final in Copa America.

Russian fans are amusing...Spain aren't likely to win imo...let's see how it goes.

Oh and by the way, Portugal might get eliminated in the group stage...not long before all those memes trolling Ronaldo come out (already started coming).