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Discussion in 'World 30' started by ravenj, Mar 31, 2012.

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  1. PeRvIs

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    Whoa, Paj you still playing ? Trippy ;-)
  2. 50 Calibre

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    If I produced the quotes that you wish to deny then you will only respond with......

    Yet by your own admission, your account was trashed and RAM was killing you with the cat attacks that you so fondly taught them. So you claim to have skill and I agree but you also keep failing to acknowledge that BH/BH. helped save your skin. That has been one of the sticking points against you. Your arrogance needs to blurt out that you have done this or that but there is so much that you had help on but you refuse to accept it.

    Slates brought up a good point, it is just a game. Is it more then that for you that you cannot accept the fact that Phoenx needed help and BH gave it.

    How many RAM are now in Phoenx??? You post as if BH only wins wars by merge yet Phoenx was the first one to admit RAM players in. I do not recall anyone surrender post from RAM, just you declaring the war over and inviting RAM players into Phoenx.

    If your only argument is about inviting players when wars end then you really have nothing because all alliances have and will continue to invite players they have warred with, it is part of the dynamics of the game.
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    On w54- Brt played Smodra and he got rimmed- but before he could get rimmed he hugged to save face then pretended like he was untouchable. His ego is second only to his waist size, and even ol' BobbyNaked was up 10 villages on him before he quit.

    His tribe, Zombie, which was led by Bloodhood and Sellsword, had a fail op on me- Brt and his tribe had a timed op on me yet failed to gain any villages (I did though :icon_cool:) and in addition to the defenders of the day I gained from their sorry op I also gained a few attackers slaughtering the poorly timed defense they let sit in unchurched villages. Congrats Brt- you once held one of my villages for about 10 hours- unfortunately I let you in hopes you'd try and pump more defense into it like the rest of your sorry tribe.

    Then he co-played afterward- the account was Lord Loxley. He nobled barbs in my church like a pest (which is all he was during the Zombie war he screams for attention about), cause internal problems screaming that he was the best and everyone should listen to him and his broken two finger typing skills. Then- once the incomings started coming in he conveniently had things to do and dropped his sit on me for 3-4 days in a row, which is fair game- we're in the same tribe and he must've recognized this pimpin for what it is, and what better hand than mine, right? :icon_wink:

    So on the fifth day, instead of dealing with his own account- he mails my account and asks me to sit. My co-player, knowing I had a previous engagement says BMF (my split personality) is busy today, you best look elsewhere. Nah, Brt's time is at a premium- even if he uses both hands to eat it still takes up a majority of his day; but anywho- I didn't even log in that day- was out in the RL kickin ass and taking names like I always do- you know wooing women and kissing babies- the usual, so I couldn't take his sit. Brt logs in the next day, two finger rage types in the council- calls me nasty names and quits. I just posted the mail where it was made clear I couldn't and the third party face palm was taken care of.

    So, to lament this all, yes Brt, I do remember what you did on W54, but I don't think you rememeber if you wanted me to tell everyone about it. :icon_redface:

    Choke on it.

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    bobby and his backstab methods you failed to point out that you got players in tribe to pull support you knew which ones and 30 mins before nobles nukes landed they pulled support kinda hard to defend when you get screwed like that just as pat he was pissed that people did that
    you also failed to point out you did nothing but internal everything in site on w54 you didnt fight jack crap unless you was doing underhanded shady deals other then that you didnt touch hardly any live players and this is the company paj is keeping
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    And you got beaten by me! :lol: What does that say about you and your tribe on that world Brt? :icon_rolleyes:

    Instead of sticking up for yourself and defending your actions, you're pulling your signature move- the two finger rage type. Take a breath- jesus christ- I don't normally criticize people's grammar or English but c'mon, punctuate or something.

    I was good enough to cap almost 100 villages from your tribe and hold rank 2 ODA for several months- with a considerable lead over the majority of the top 10, not to mention double yours atleast :icon_biggrin:. Top ten growth, nobling and points- just face the truth- you were bested by a better man in a better tribe- stop making excuses- the only villages you've ever managed to take from me- on W54 or even when you sat against me in the BH - RAM war were ones I gifted you on W54 cause I decided to be the bigger person when you came marching into my churches from K's away out of spite on the account you hugged your way into.

    Anything you ever do on any world will be overshadowed by the fact that you're a hypersensitive man-child who has tanturms and rage types unintelligible gibberish when faced with the slightest bit of adversity. You are a leech on any tribe you get in almost solely in part to your ego and holier than thou attitude-

    You shit gold and fart perfume Brt- forgive anyone for ever thinking otherwise. If you lose a village- it's cause someone pulled D- if not it was a sitter's or the person who attacked you is a cheater. there is no way you can ever be bested by anyone- if it happen's it surely because the game is broken, right? Your ego is so big, rather than admit defeat you'll make a fool of yourself insisting otherwise or drive your tribe apart rather than come down off of your pedestal. Hats off to anyone in BH who can stand this guy- nobody I know can. :icon_redface:

    Now, for the in-game aspect of all this Brt- look at how poorly your doing against a lone Phoenx player on a surrounded account- what do you think's gonna happen when you have 20 odd players smashing you like that simultaneously? No one to recruit to end the war this time- you guys can't finagle your way into ending this with words and diplomacy like you did with THE, Hammer, Legion, RAM, or recruit accounts from BD, Decide or any of the other tribes you hugged that I'm missing.

    Have fun hanging out with all the great players in ==HG==, 'cause they're the no good dead wieght from RAM and frankly, I find the lengths you've gone to in order to secure them as a NAP to be utterly ridiculous.

    BH are noobs and huggers at heart, and it's only a matter of time before their true colors shine through- I'd wish em luck but they're gonna need more than that.:axemen:

    Naked Out
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    hmmm i find this oddly weird. dead weight eh? im sure the only dead weight was you and everyone else who got killed / quit and made the tribe pick up after you. hell the only good thing you did for RAM was give back hiram when we asked. otherwise your just a all around dirt bag. im surprised paj got past you taking one of his accounts and deleting it when you where in RAM xD remember DK paj...? :icon_rolleyes: give me a break. it seems paj is so desperate to recruit you then we must be doing something right.
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    I don't really care what happened in other worlds. It's fairly obvious that if you get your support pulled right before the attacks start to land, that you will be in trouble. I don't find that to be sign of greatness to have to rely on that type of tactics and it is not tremendous showcase of skills to me. Outside these childish posts, maybe it's time to get to what the real point is.

    I think Raven is totally right to point out that Brt is a pretty good player at this game. So Bobby you got a few vills and attacked a couple of members successfully, congratulation for that. If we use the same argument, because we raped a few accounts early must mean that Phx are a bunch of noobs, correct? No, it's not the case. There are always situations that brings issues and it's sad that nobody can get beyond un-needed muscles flexing contest. It was the same with Bobbynaked vs. BH, the same with BH vs. RAM, the same with BH vs. Phx since we were/are capping quite a good number of villages as well.

    So the bottom of the story is everybody sucks, I guess.

    It would probably be more interesting if the debate was a bit higher than insults and pointless bickering over things nobody cares about. :icon_wink:
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    Thanks Kevin;) you brought order back to this hell hole
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    Sep 12, 2009
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    Dammit, I just got on a pc to be able to see that! I will be laughing till the end of days :)

    (wasn't Pat supposed to be a Phoenx Secret Weapon btw ? A player who will simply not stop till the end of ... electricity in the world ??? Paj is nearing his end... He starts giving away Phoenixian secrets! )
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    Oct 3, 2008
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    true it is brt :)