EveVos declares on Awaken

Discussion in 'World 30' started by Verin Sedai, Feb 24, 2009.

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  1. Fair enough
  2. Fuerza

    Fuerza Guest

    Aye, i'm rooting for the underdogs too.

    Hopefully they'll continue to underestimate your tribe.
  3. appleand

    appleand Guest

    Does anyone here like EreVos? (aside from their own tribe members ;P)
  4. ansov

    ansov Guest

    appleand i know you lost your nuke and soon probably your villages but you don't have to be bitter about it :) nuff said, i won't participate to this anymore. good luck to all of you guys in the real game.
  5. appleand

    appleand Guest

    Lol. Nah I'm not too bad about it :)

    It's fair enough, he was obviously stacked hugely as from the scouting reports peice had very few defensive troops. I'm more annoyed about the loss of my train :icon_cry:

    But I doubt I will be losing my villages soon :icon_wink:
  6. richardfrancia

    richardfrancia Still Going Strong

    Mar 31, 2008
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    I welcome the war of both these tribes, and right now I think there should be a lot more wars going on.. well the begining worlds are the same and those that are here just to sim will be found out eventually.

    both of these two tribes has a lot of potential and I'm sure the winner of this will go on to cause a lot of cranage for the remaining tribes, saying that I wonder if near the of the war when one side is in a weakened state, how many smaller close by tribes will join in on the action.
  7. Verin Sedai

    Verin Sedai Guest

    Although he said he wouldn't be back I do wonder about some of the statements made by ansov.

    These are good points you made. Yes my tribe is tiny. No it doesn't take your whole tribe to beat us.Yes we only have 18 villages in your continent. You yourself say you wouldn't have invited me and disagree with Ph0b0s' judgement on that. So where was the harm in my refusing to join. But I must correct fatherofthemoons assumption that "And to further that apparently you failed even further by attempting to absorb Awaken, whomever that might of been that mailed that, which was promptly ignored it appears." As I did reply to that mail. Maybe it was a bad answer?

    That aside I can see why Ph0b0s would want to clear me perhaps as I am near him. I can even see why Theshearjoy who I worked the cross-noble situation out with amicably would turn on me because I am nearby both of them. What I can't grasp is why the Duke of Erevos, the almighty tribe of K32, required an entire attack squad just to take me on. I don't see how the huge loss of troops which bumped up my ODD serves their tribe as a whole. Surely Erevos have better things to do than take on a much tinier tribe on their K? Is it only because the potential threat lies so close to Erevos' Duke?
  8. Badlapje

    Badlapje Guest

    it's not about liking erevos or not. I don't know your tribe and have no feelings toward you, be they good or bad. It is simply about recognising a good show and applauding it.

    You already went from no war to don't care to declare a war. Your excuse that it's just one squad is meaningless. They have 18 members and 68k points, that one squad - assuming all of those in it participate - have 302k points. That's nearly 5 points for every one point verin has. Meanwhile she's pretty much trashed you guys on the forum. A lot of peeps who didn't know you yet see this as the first thing they heard about you. Rather then applauding a good enemy you're dissing her.

    So all in all: this is a good show, both ingame and on the forum. 's why i'm rooting for the underdog here. The dragon has risen ;)
  9. ive seen a lot of small tribes make their names by fending off giants (incomparision).
    not sayin im rooting for either side, but Good Luck to both :)
  10. ..a little pre-emptive as I had yet to post :p but good foresight !
  11. Verin Sedai

    Verin Sedai Guest

    Lol! Cute Azi the Dragon. But I think the Dragon reference was intended to be a tip of the hat to the book series from which I took my player name. The series is The Wheel of Time and the author is Robert Jordan (rip great author).

    Any one who enjoys the fantasy genre of writing would love The Wheel of Time.
  12. muboop

    muboop Guest

    ah you are a whiner..

    he is clearly the underdog, and a decent defender, unless it is that your attackers are lacking? which might prove you are point whore inviters?

    what has made his statements untrustworthy?

    also awesome books!

    iv talked to this player myself in game, and they certainly know their stuff...

    so you say they are untrustworthy, prove it!

  13. richardfrancia

    richardfrancia Still Going Strong

    Mar 31, 2008
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    in other words, Put up or shut up!, :D lol

    ps. go Awaken, ... I always want the underdog to win
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  14. Liquid C

    Liquid C Guest

    Good luck to Awaken, it's fun to see a random tribe hold it's own against a top 10 tribe, and I really hope you do :icon_wink:.
  15. theshearjoy

    theshearjoy Guest

    hmm propoganda, ok me and you had the cross noble situation, yes we be sensible but bottom line i keep my word for as long as possible till war arrive now as i reading this it all looking a bit oneway and that due to the good presentation but the way i look at it is,

    you had 7 villages with 4 others to support (other members)very very close this make 11 targets, this in anyones hands who has some sense is very easy to defend against attacks due to dodge/support/counter/ re noble (the renoble above cant really be taken as it the misunderstanding village!) (*the other of a dismissed player).

    i will say you a good player thats for sure but you only last this long due to the close proximity of you villages and yes your skill, and the distance between us and no point nobling greys to save an hours travel, all i see is attempt to dark blot my tribe and i not think that fair.

    you a worthy opponent so you gonna get worthy incoming, you post some reports one here yay they help but we not posting ours and you know how they read, if i remember right before you got nobled in one vilage, your whole attack die at my wall, that due to you assuming my tactics though, my troop still alive .. and i paid a few visits to you.

    ^^ remember never use the same attack twice on the same opponent and never use the same defense tactic that why i only lose about 30 troop yeah i lost around 2.5 in defense but you lost your whole attack.

    i kind of more lets say diplomatic in matters but war is war doesnt matter if your enemy have 700 point village or 7000 point village always treat them with same respect so threads like this to try and make fools of people only make your day worse,

    and i know that you know my outlook and logic on these things verdan due to our sensible mailing even at time of war, no stupidness there so lets be sensible have our war and be done.

    apologies to the mail i send to the strange folk in k99 or wherever they are sending poorly times fakes and real attacks to my noobs attack here village that only cause they have no sense.
  16. Verin Sedai

    Verin Sedai Guest

    Politics and propaganda are a long standing tradition in tribal wars. It's not intended to disrespect. It would seem skewed to you because as they say there are three sides to every story, her side, his side and the truth. This is simply my side. You are free to post yours as well.

    I do want to clarify one point you made theshearjoy, that was "if i remember right before you got nobled in one vilage, your whole attack die at my wall".
    You are correct is was a very short time before the village was taken. It was an offensive village and I knew it was beyond defense with what I had so I threw my forces at the closest village without a care if it would die. That village was my newest and so the attack force wasn't fully built but... if I had not hit a target with them they would have just disappeared into thin air the moment my village was taken. So what seems like a failed attack to you seemed like a good gamble to me.
  17. theshearjoy

    theshearjoy Guest

    i knew this as it only place to send them ;) that why i say it was good move i not trying smart arse comment with that, and that why i leave my troop at home just to make sure they go sleep as you never know you may have sent nasty suprise to the village been nobled escaped with my loot and had a happier day.

    a good tip to all good to be having mutual respect in battle no need for crassness lets all be good yeah it a good fight 9 against 7 villages with the support so i see it as even battle a squad againts a tribe so there is no underdog.
  18. rizkyaa

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    Nov 12, 2008
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    So far Erevos has not shown good forum presence..

    Anyways, I am rooting for Awaken. They have been doing well so far. And Erevos has not impressed me at all. Based on the stats, it must've been one poor coordination.

    I especially like how Verin Sedia has represent himself here.. And this is one of the smartest PnP.
  19. theshearjoy

    theshearjoy Guest

    that cause we to busy, always busy busy busy, i only take small time out to air opinion, and stats dont mean to much at all. anyway my work is done i off to farm some more
  20. ansov

    ansov Guest

    hahahhha you know what? and i am referring to other people going with the 'underdog'. you guys are so eager and single-minded to vote for the underdog from the start, that you totally miss the whole stupidity of this topic. you are so single-minded that you made me appear as an arrogant speaker in here, when all i did was talk nice and smoothly. clearly you don't think before typing.

    who said there was a harm in your refusing to join? i didn't know about this but i am now pretty happy that we don't have that kind of people in our tribe.

    hahaahah totally not the case (you know, about the duke's proximity). Also, i have now been informed about the participation of our members into this.. aren't you ashamed of yourself to say that 9 members are full attacing you. for all i learned, only 3 of them are actively engaging with you - the others just send an attack and that was it.

    who said no war? there is a war, but simply didn't care enough to open a topic for it. also, as tribalhitman said, the topics of declaration are opened by those who attack first. as for the trashing, i'd say this is subjective.

    WHERE did i whine? i'm only laughing with verin and some of you guys. and i've already said what made his statements untrustworthy. i won't say it again. better read all the posts before posting.

    I honestly pity you, if you find this smart. no offence, just honest talking here guys :) some do propaganda, some are talking logic - which apparently some people don't like. SO guys.. i am rooting for the underdog too. without second (or first) thought.

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