EveVos declares on Awaken

Discussion in 'World 30' started by Verin Sedai, Feb 24, 2009.

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  1. ansov

    ansov Guest

    well i wasn't speaking about skill. i wouldn't like her as a person to be in our tribe. also she may be a good player but she had support as well. why are you giving all the credit to her and forgetting her precious tribemates?

    obviously our members down there didn't cooperate well plus she was being supported. hence -> losses for us.

    think before posting - is it too much to ask?
  2. Thats exactly the point... IMHO
    a. She was coordinating well with her tribemates, her tribe is active, and actively helps each other
    b. Your Tribe is way bigger than hers and as such your coordination should be way better if your tribe is as "great" as you make it out to be in the message you sent her asking for her to join your tribe.
    c. She wins automatically by this being a one (wo)man operation against a WHOLE Tribe regardless of support... if she's getting support, why aren't the people attacking her getting help?
    d. This operation against her in NE K32 was as successful as the operation against MountainManiac in NW K32, so maybe your whole tribe sucks at coordination.
    e. While I'm sure EreVos is a pretty good tribe regardless of my previous statements, this is purely talking about the IR|O-Awaken-KROACH-Geto Vs. EreVos War, and I say based on observations/looking at the rankings you guys are losing right now

    Anyways, Congrats Verin, if you ever need help be it resource wise or support wise, just send me an IGM and I will be happy to help.

    With All Due Respect,
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  3. ansov

    ansov Guest

    God damnit, are we losing in a 6vs1 war? how much more could we suck anyway?!!!!!!1111oneoneone
  4. well, don't piss people off then :) If you do, of course you will be attacked. From a purely observational point of view, looking at this thread, I would say that you guys cannot even communicate effectively within your own tribe, forget about other diplomacy.
    If your gonna make claims about how "great" you are, you better live up to it or piss people off. I can tell you this right now, about 30% of you are village whores, and thats the only reason why your in a top 10 tribe.
    Why you ask, have we not attacked/killed you yet? Because we were ignorant and decided not to make the first move. You guys being purely offensive, we were set back quite a bit, and are currently rebuilding.
    And then
    6v1 you say?
    why don't you have any allies at all then?
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  5. ansov

    ansov Guest

    I reaaaally do not understand your way of thinking dude.

    a) who said we have a problem with being attacked? i would be much happier if i didn't see so much propaganda in here and more incomings in the game.

    b) we are NOT "great". come on people, don't take seriously phobo's messages.

    c) i am so glad you haven't attacked/killed us yet.

    d) i don't know about IR|O but i honestly don't see much of a future for cbtf. so in the long term it will be you guys vs us. let's see who wins then (shocking!) and do not take random guesses. fight us ingame, win and then come here and do your thing. we don't need another predictor in here.

    e) i do not understand your thinking (shocking!). we do not WANT allies. why should we have alliances inside K32?
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  6. If you do not want allies, then why are you complaining about it being 6v1?
    And aren't you the one who's predicting by saying CBTF will fall? What makes you say that? Heck, I'll admit it, IR|O has more of a chance of "falling" then CBTF Does...
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  7. But yes, I do agree with you, there's too much propaganda on here. See you on the battlefield.
  8. Ph0b0s

    Ph0b0s Guest


    Hmmm i can see that almost 90 posts are added in this thread till now, only for the propaganda Verin has tried to create for her own ass!
    I had decided to post nothing here since i believe that is not appropriate for a Leader to talk in public but in battlefield...Now this mission seem is going to its end,

    Lets speak some truth,

    Verin Sedai had chosen her own faith and her doom was only of her fault, drawing her tribe in there too! I admit that she is a good TW player and i knew it since the world have started. I ve tried to bring her in my side loads of times, but she not only denied but also ignored me and tried to get close to my villages, farming my farms and one day crossnobled a village of my member!

    My opinion is that: "He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot will be victorious"...

    She probably didnt share the same thoughts as me...lol

    However i dont understand why this topic is named EreVos Vs Awaken...?
    Its the Greatest conflict on World 30 but between 3-4 people against Awaken!
    The greatest battle cause I and Verin are by far on top of the table of Opponents Defeated Overall:
    As attacker As defender Total
    Rank Name Defeated
    1 Verin Sedai 905.170
    2 Ph0b0s 755.469

    EreVos consists of 55 more members for now and have several targets hitting the time i am writing this!
    We only preserve a small colony in the SW corner of 32K, reassuring none enters! The rest of the tribe has nothing to do with Verin...

    The villages that seemed as nobled by Awaken against us are those of 1 inacive noob that were only recruited to distract them...The cheese for some rats! To tell yo uthe truth, Awaken has most members near us than we do:

    Now consider this: GeTo + Awaken Vs Me, Theshearjoy , Tinte29!

    Once i ve nobled 3 villages of her in a night, i realised that tons of incoming support are coming from several tribes: GeTo, Awaken and KNGDOM

    The same night GeTo have started attacking massively our villages in order distract us. Thats true, Verin were crying for support in every corner of this world and that helped me jump up to Rank1 in ODA and remain there for almost a week now...

    Of course GeTo saw red in my villages and they ve started falling on the Northern regions too! We are after them and we are soon entering 31K! :axemen:

    2 tribes are currently enjoying their rim due to Verin's arrogance and tence of fighting against EreVos...

    EreVos is a newly established tribe came here to stay and fight against everyone in our way, unless they walk in our way!
    Our potential and the sharpness of our blade is shown by the OD ranks and the earliest capture of 1 continent in the World .

    Our Allies are limited but strong and true, our enemies are all the rest!

    CBTF and IR|O are tribes with strategic position on map and we are talking with them for any sort of cooperation...nothing else for now!

    Leader of EreVos
  9. Badlapje

    Badlapje Guest

    lolz, ansov did you really just say not to take your leader serious? hehe, that's priceless.
  10. Err... cooperation? If you mean threats, then sure... If you mean messing with our leaders and attacking us, then sure. I would like to take this time to say, AFAIK, we are not engaged in any Diplomacy with EreVos and anything Ph0bos says on this matter is complete BS.
  11. ansov

    ansov Guest

    thank god you cleared that out programmer. i too don't want diplomatic relations with you, just war.

    Badlapje i know, right? :lol:
  12. This is getting boring, just you v me... its a 14 year old v. however old you oldies are. :p
    Can we get other community members inputs on this?
  13. castro2man

    castro2man Contributing Poster

    Dec 1, 2007
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    yes ur useles arguing must end :p
  14. Useless? Who says this is useless? This is a source of entertainment for me! watching them contradict themselves...
  15. castro2man

    castro2man Contributing Poster

    Dec 1, 2007
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    lol, for me it's a useless cause i haven't read it since it started :p
  16. Shamanics

    Shamanics Guest

    Ph0b0s, little correction, Boo! was the first to ensure a continent dominance.

    BTW good luck on this "war", I know that you will take them away, the question is, how long will they last?
  17. How long, Shemaniacs? So far, 9 days and counting...

    So, from the top, we have a 3-day all out attack with 9 EroVos members with 50+ villages on Verin and her 7, tapering back to 3 or 4 on 1 for a few days, just about the time she starts getting allied support (yup, just her and the tribe for those first few days). A little back and forth, she loses another couple of villages, they lose a whole lotta troops. From what should have been 2-3 day overwhelming wipeout campaign to a 9 day war of attrition and she's still hanging in there, kicking butt and taking names.

    And yes, it's a war. Was there a formal declaration? Maybe not, but that kind of coordinated surprise attack says it louder than any message ('coordinated' used very loosely).

    Anyway, she fires up a PnP thread, gets it out in the open, and everyone in EroVos gets their shorts in a twist. Sorry 'bout your luck, guys, but suck it up. That's why they call it politics and propaganda... and even if Verin's spin on the war wasn't better than yours, even if she didn't come across so well on her own, your own lousy attitudes would've had everyone coming in on her side as is.

    Speaking of lousy attitudes, Phobos, thanks for posting... your rant, especially the part about "Verin's arrogance and tence of fighting" makes it pretty clear to all why she turned you down.

    EroVos... no, sorry, their West Phalanx/squad/whatever, OTOH, including the Duke himself, is making very slow gains, but man, are you guys paying hard for every inch your taking. The gods help you when you go up against a tribe with those resource levels that knows how not to waste them.
  18. theshearjoy

    theshearjoy Guest

    hmm getting warm in here. i reckon it time to be quite and have nice war in the game before we all get to excited it is much better fun that way.

    so group hug time. and lets get nobling!
  19. ansov

    ansov Guest

    who said i am vs you programmerandrew or anyone else. i am just enjoying myself watching funny people coming in here seeking sympathy and attention. but eventually i got bored. see ya all, good luck, have fun etc etc.

  20. Shamanics

    Shamanics Guest

    First of all, could you spell my name properly? It is a war to you, but a war means everyone on the tribe against anyone on the tribe, if not is just some random skirmishes to me. If whole Erevos was on this war they would have already taken all awaken away, it is not hard to tell that, what if she has less villages? Maybe Awaken has tons of defensive troops? Yes they stack, so what? I can stack, a 2 days old newbie can stack troops, Awaken knows where to stack because they have few villages that can be attacked compared to the ones that they have, so they can easily stack troops, is like someone having only 1 village being under attack, he sends like 4 defensive armies to that village and is very rare to see it getting conquered..., I am not saying Awaken is skillless, but hey, if you have 10 tribe mates helping you defend (7 villages you said it was?), it is not hard to stack some armies there. But it takes some nice ammount of troops to take any of those villages.