Evolution of EN84


As it is always nice to see how a world grew and changed, I've been saving Alex02dsa's self-updating maps and made a GIF out of them for the 4 most prominent map types. Credit for all the individual maps goes to Alex.

Enjoy the growth of this world.

These maps will be updated when I collected enough extra images to make a clear difference this will probably be in another month.
I will not be using maps other than what Alex offers.
Start date is 2016-08-19.

Images not showing? Check this thread first or let us know.
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The gifs have been updated. The publicly broadcasted ones are now only 5 frames per second, the first and last frames show for a longer amount of time.

Want to see a slower or faster version, go here and find the one you are looking for.

The slow one has 2 frames per second.
The fast version has 10 frames per second.


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I did not really like you on this forum, damn i was stupid, this is awesome angle to see the map! Thanks!