Evolution of EN90


As it is always nice to see how a world grew and changed, I've been saving Alex02dsa's self-updating maps and made a GIF out of them for the 4 most prominent map types. Credit for all the individual maps goes to Alex.

Enjoy the growth of this world.





These maps will be updated when I collected enough extra images to make a clear difference this will probably be in another month.
I will not be using maps other than what Alex offers.

Want to see a slower or faster version, go here and find the one you are looking for.
The slow one has 2 frames per second.
The fast version has 10 frames per second.

Images not showing? Check this thread first or let us know.
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Lost One

How come they are a month behind? Is it still being updated?


Check the link in my signature or in the OP. We have had some issues with the auto-generating system and updating them.
As this is a project on the side (like even on the side of our spare time), it can take a bit to fix such issues. They are however going to be updated in the near future as things stand right now.