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Thank you everyone that made playing this strategical game socially fun during my downtime. Unfortunately, I had to take a step away to focus on my education. I am relieved that this world has met its inevitable conclusion during a time when TW was more popular. And that I hope everyone that took part has moved on to making the most of real life. TW is dead to me now -- but for the record I only drink champagne to celebrate. I firmly believe that if NBG continued to fight alongside its ally Juiced W23 would have been an interesting stalemate. There were many valuable lessons learned with internal and external politics and who controls the media within the confines of a simple game. And that real life management requires a bit more empathy than what a 15 year old can provide.

-- Nightmare1assassin
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Ohh nightmare! Haha..talk about a blast from the past. Great speech bro! But who were you again? NBG were shit. 100%Juice4Yooh!