Exile v AXE --- Declaration - let's do it right

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TO AXE LEADERS: This is long over due. Your arrogance, bullying and condescending behavior has run its course....now you have "RUN YOUR TRIBE" into a EXILE.

Your so-called Alliances - are not really Alliances - you treat your Allies like dirt. World 15 - all of you can read below - how EXILE's ALLY - treated us over the last several months.

By the way - your declaration - poster of female with the class-less photo/quote - very weak - great way to dis-respect the women playing this game. NOT!


AXE LEADERSHIP - you have been found guilty of Dysfunctional Thinking.


Your Sentence:

Let's light this Fire!!!



So World 15 can read the entire thread - I will post it here......and you all be the judge of this ridiculous dysfunctional mentality that AXE leadership has.

You will notice - I have posted the complete threads from Skype to demonstrate what kind of Bull CRAP - Exile has had to deal with from a so called Ally who thinks they own every K on world 15

[8/21/2009 9:00:02 AM] HK45DT: My players were told by me to continue attacking these players -- as I email you IG - a NAP is impossible as all of the former UAE players and some of the N~L targets we have been attacking are in this tribe
[8/21/2009 9:01:11 AM] HK45DT: Everyone in FEAR is a refugee and a new addition to this tribe - they cannot play the NAP card
[8/21/2009 9:04:49 AM] HK45DT: I am officially tell you everyone here now - Exile will decide its own diplomacy with new tribes i.e...FEAR we will not be told to NAP withanyone just because AXE or Tsoh has....if we can have a good conversation - with all the reason - then I will listen....McBoozie - you know as well as I do...if I told you to set a tribe as NAP and it had all your targets in it you get fucking pissed off at me....I kinda feel that way right now about this whole FEAR situation....I am not sure of the motivation behind this NAP other then keeping Exile from moving North
[8/21/2009 9:05:49 AM] S.V.W. (Sid): the motivation is to accelerate the end of the N~L family
[8/21/2009 9:06:12 AM] HK45DT: by allowing all of them to join FEAR and not have us attack them - I think you have mixed up SID
[8/21/2009 9:07:03 AM] S.V.W. (Sid): if it means we have 160 target players instead of 200, yes i think so
[8/21/2009 9:07:30 AM] HK45DT: the players that are joining fear are our targets
[8/21/2009 9:07:40 AM] S.V.W. (Sid): and they were ours too
[8/21/2009 9:09:49 AM] HK45DT: I have been told this week I need to set FEAR as NAP...once I looked into this and review our tribal stats it would appear I am being asked by McBoozie to NAP with a tribe of my targets ------ :^) ------- again not sur of the motivation when one of my Allies asks me to NAP with a tribe of my targets with no explanation
[8/21/2009 9:10:29 AM] boozie: keep hitting those inactives and barbs (y)
[8/21/2009 9:10:48 AM] boozie: the motivation was obvious enough
[8/21/2009 9:11:10 AM] boozie: enemies turn light purple and then leaving you with less to focus on and break
[8/21/2009 9:11:23 AM] boozie: but what would i/AXE know
[8/21/2009 9:11:49 AM] boozie: i'll be sure to pass your message along to FEAR
[8/21/2009 9:11:54 AM] S.V.W. (Sid): hit the red dots, then invite/boot whatever is left
[8/21/2009 9:12:15 AM] HK45DT: we have no need to invite - we will just keep driving on
[8/21/2009 9:13:03 AM] boozie: yeah those evil greys and inactives that can magically invite themselves into a tribe are all you need to hit and noble
[8/21/2009 9:13:23 AM] boozie: i had told you we wouldn't cut you off by allowing k40 to be invited



[8/21/2009 9:13:45 AM] boozie: But once again you think with some kind of flawed logic that AXE is dictating things to you ---- IT READS EXACTLY LIKE IT SOUNDS
[8/21/2009 9:13:57 AM] boozie: So tbh do wtf you like
[8/21/2009 9:14:17 AM] boozie: it begins to show how well our current friendship and alliance is with you guys
[8/21/2009 9:14:29 AM] HK45DT: I just need to understand the logic you say I don't have
[8/21/2009 9:14:42 AM] boozie: enemies turning light purple
[8/21/2009 9:14:45 AM] S.V.W. (Sid): sounds to me like they are being dictated to
[8/21/2009 9:14:52 AM] boozie: means you can focus elsewhere
[8/21/2009 9:15:01 AM] S.V.W. (Sid): they don't have any "elsewhere" that's the only front they've got
[8/21/2009 9:15:13 AM] Jmon: come on guys...
[8/21/2009 9:15:15 AM] HK45DT: and what does turning my targets of crappy players into friend do for me and my tribe?
[8/21/2009 9:15:26 AM] boozie: they have k40 and k53 which we've asked them to hold because tH should be reforming ----- and who was tH to us at this time -- not our Allies - but they were to AXE
[8/21/2009 9:16:03 AM] boozie: they should be continuing on k40
[8/21/2009 9:16:17 AM] boozie: which is what they asked us
[8/21/2009 9:16:18 AM] HK45DT: Boozie - Sid said it - K40 is our front
[8/21/2009 9:16:29 AM] HK45DT: so we are agreed
[8/21/2009 9:16:35 AM] boozie: and none of these players are big in k40
[8/21/2009 9:16:42 AM] boozie: but yet you want to continue on them
[8/21/2009 9:17:07 AM] S.V.W. (Sid): that's right, k53 is their other front...where we also asked them to quit attacking ------ more dictating where we could attack and could not attack
[8/21/2009 9:17:21 AM] S.V.W. (Sid): tH forming is potentially a really good thing though ---- for who? not Tsoh?
[8/21/2009 9:17:30 AM] S.V.W. (Sid): it would help bring both evil and NL down
[8/21/2009 9:17:39 AM] boozie: k53 is the only thing we asked them to not hit yet
[8/21/2009 9:17:44 AM] boozie: other than this tribe
[8/21/2009 9:18:29 AM] HK45DT: I don't have a problem stopping attacks if we have any going in K53....the only player I am aware of we are attacking close that K is Aggie ---- Apparently you forgot about this concession
[8/21/2009 9:18:35 AM] boozie: the messenjah holds 9.55% of k40 that leaves the rest for them to eat
[8/21/2009 9:18:54 AM | Edited 9:18:56 AM] S.V.W. (Sid): fear is now the dominate tribe in k40
[8/21/2009 9:18:58 AM] HK45DT: Eventually we will be going to K30 as well


[8/28/2009 8:14:19 AM] boozie: HK i take it you guys won't be stopping on fear anytime soon?
[8/28/2009 8:14:52 AM] HK45DT: I thought we already discussed this?
[8/28/2009 8:18:46 AM] boozie: in other words....... no
[8/28/2009 8:19:13 AM] HK45DT: That would be what we discussed
[8/28/2009 8:20:23 AM] boozier: so basically even after we have caused those less loyal to both evil and nl to break away and no longer be enemies, our allies will un do our efforts and continue to hit them
[8/28/2009 8:20:28 AM] boozie: many thanks
[8/28/2009 8:21:02 AM] HK45DT: glad to know that you would undermine us and take our targets away with out even a conversation about what you were doing before you did it
[8/28/2009 8:21:21 AM] Derek McCallum: FEAR are refugees,we said from the begining we would continue
[8/28/2009 8:21:29 AM] HK45DT: I am not sure why you persist on this topic everytime we talk
[8/28/2009 8:21:31 AM] boozie: undermine you how?
[8/28/2009 8:21:39 AM] HK45DT: take away our targets
[8/28/2009 8:22:00 AM] boozie: we turned certain players prurple which could have been targetted ata later time when the greater threats were removed
[8/28/2009 8:22:14 AM] boozie: but please continue to do as you wish
[8/28/2009 8:22:18 AM] HK45DT: you needed to talk to me before you did this - that is the bottom line - I negotiate my own diplomacy - you don't do that for me
[8/28/2009 8:22:22 AM] boozie: i won't be helping exile again
[8/28/2009 8:22:30 AM] Jmon: :S
[8/28/2009 8:22:40 AM] boozie: like i did in the past when i was asked to allow a merger
[8/28/2009 8:22:42 AM] HK45DT: you turned them purple for your own benefit not Exile's benefit
[8/28/2009 8:23:05 AM] boozie: if achieved sod all except allowing barely actives to be in the way of our border
[8/28/2009 8:23:26 AM] Jmon: boys, boys. let's take a deep breath and have a beer. it's 9:23 am here, but i could use one
[8/28/2009 8:23:28 AM] boozie: and also in stopping the old tH from removing you guys when you decided to target their out lying clusters
[8/28/2009 8:23:31 AM] HK45DT: I really don't see how tunring Ex-UAE in NAP's helps Exile Boozie
[8/28/2009 8:24:06 AM] boozie: its aimed to help the alliance as a whole as it reduces the amount to targets that need to be focused on ---- YA RIGHT :lol:
[8/28/2009 8:24:12 AM] boozie: but please continue
[8/28/2009 8:24:22 AM] boozie: as i said i won't be helping again
[8/28/2009 8:24:50 AM] boozie: TSoH even though they don't like amba have decided not to target tH
[8/28/2009 8:25:01 AM] boozie: at least some see wisdom
[8/28/2009 8:25:27 AM] boozie: and HK never dictated your diplomacy i ASKED you
[8/28/2009 8:25:43 AM] HK45DT: No you didn't
[8/28/2009 8:26:03 AM] boozie: asking tony or derek is the very same as asking you mark
[8/28/2009 8:26:08 AM] HK45DT: no it isn't
[8/28/2009 8:26:14 AM] boozie: yes it is
[8/28/2009 8:26:21 AM] HK45DT: what ever - but it isnt' ---- Pushy Prick
[8/28/2009 8:26:26 AM] boozie: same as asking jaffe or sid is the very same as asking me
[8/28/2009 8:26:51 AM] Jmon: wait wait wait
[8/28/2009 8:26:56 AM] HK45DT: if you ask derek right now - he will tell you what i am telling you same with Tony
[8/28/2009 8:26:58 AM] Jmon: timeout
[8/28/2009 8:26:59 AM] boozie: if i ask lionheart, sherry or jmon a question and receeive an answer is that not the same?
[8/28/2009 8:27:21 AM] HK45DT: go ahead Jmon
[8/28/2009 8:27:24 AM] Jmon: boozie, i've dealt with sid on issues instead of you and you got pissed off and said he's not even a duke ----- double standards on all issues
[8/28/2009 8:27:25 AM] boozie: see mark thing is this, tony had said yes
[8/28/2009 8:27:35 AM] boozie: which he isn't
[8/28/2009 8:27:48 AM] boozie: but i still respect decisions that sid makes in my name
[8/28/2009 8:28:17 AM] boozie: what i don't like is when things are done in secret without me knowing and i made that clear when i blew up in the past ---

Does that include Invites to:

hermanx7 Joined 24th November 2009 - 22:00 14,809,861 ----- long time target of Exile
KING CORPSE Joined 19th October 2009 - 10:00 7,654,476 ----- another target for Exile in K21
UNP-BoyracerXL Joined 28th September 2009 - 19:00 10,395,919 ----- another target for Exile in K20

See this is a demonstration - that AXE doesn't answer to anyone - but everyone answers to AXE.

[8/28/2009 8:28:34 AM] HK45DT: Tony said yes to this when it was one player - ALGER - you never told him you were going to orchestrate inviting the refugees we have been targeting for almost 6 months
[8/28/2009 8:28:53 AM] boozie: mark please read back through the skype history
[8/28/2009 8:28:59 AM] boozie: algers formed the tribe
[8/28/2009 8:29:06 AM] boozie: i asked for the tribe to be nap
[8/28/2009 8:29:07 AM] HK45DT: I did
[8/28/2009 8:29:13 AM] boozie: and said others would be joining
[8/28/2009 8:29:28 AM] boozie: it but that we wouldn't cut you guys off in k40
[8/28/2009 8:29:57 AM] boozie: i have done nothing that i haven't said i would
[8/28/2009 8:30:08 AM] boozie: i have been open and clear in everything i have said
[8/28/2009 8:30:09 AM] HK45DT: and he was the only one when Tony said 'COOL' - no one in Exile knew where you were going with this FEAR tribe - the terms changed when FEAR began taking in refugees ---- you know as well as I do - refugee cannot hid behind a NAP
[8/28/2009 8:30:30 AM] boozie: so much so that we mentioned tH forimng and asked you guys not to target into k53 for that very reason
[8/28/2009 8:31:07 AM] boozie: Mark how many enemies are left to target in this world currently?
[8/28/2009 8:31:08 AM] boozie: how many barbs?
[8/28/2009 8:31:43 AM] boozie: its very simple maths to focus on enemies that are potentially more dangerous than those that are nap
[8/28/2009 8:31:59 AM] boozie: it means your defence and offence can be better used on enemies
[8/28/2009 8:32:28 AM] HK45DT: So again, respectfully boozie - are you telling me who my enemies are?
[8/28/2009 8:32:36 AM] boozie: i'll tell you how it looks to me
[8/28/2009 8:33:14 AM] boozie: it looks like your refusing to stop for no other reason than you want to expand on your cluster and keep everything nice and tidy so that your core is secure
[8/28/2009 8:33:27 AM] boozie: which although in practisce is wise
[8/28/2009 8:33:44 AM] boozie: but i think the very shape and size of AXE has proven that this point is mute
[8/28/2009 8:33:59 AM] boozie: clearly defined borders are never needed
[8/28/2009 8:34:06 AM] Derek McCallum: It also takes us closer to NL core
[8/28/2009 8:34:34 AM] boozie: that can be achieved by jumpiing over the NAPs and hitting straight into k30/k20/k10
[8/28/2009 8:34:48 AM] Derek McCallum: But not as efficently
[8/28/2009 8:34:51 AM] boozie: Exile once held the mantle of the long range masters
[8/28/2009 8:35:00 AM] boozie: i'm not seeing that as of late tbh
[8/28/2009 8:35:22 AM] Derek McCallum: No need we prefer the creeping death tactic now
[8/28/2009 8:35:36 AM] boozie: yes true derek its not efficeint in a first strike to begin a new cluster but neither is hitting stacks time and time again
[8/28/2009 8:36:05 AM] boozie: creeping death like what kev does?
[8/28/2009 8:36:17 AM] Derek McCallum: Not fair
[8/28/2009 8:36:28 AM | Edited 8:36:34 AM] Sherry - WM: this is starting to get amusing
[8/28/2009 8:36:41 AM] boozie: AXE was in the middle of rimming that target and all of a sudden kev steps in
[8/28/2009 8:36:53 AM] boozie: i'm merely speaking the true
[8/28/2009 8:37:03 AM] boozie: sorry if you don't like it a whole lot
[8/28/2009 8:37:12 AM] Derek McCallum: We have all written books on kev so think the point is mute
[8/28/2009 8:37:25 AM] boozie: its but one example
[8/28/2009 8:37:33 AM] Derek McCallum: who else
[8/28/2009 8:37:35 AM] boozie: i can give others
[8/28/2009 8:37:37 AM] Jmon: we are 3 different tribes run 3 different ways. it would be great if we all agreed 100% of the time, but that's not going to happen
[8/28/2009 8:37:44 AM] Derek McCallum: please do
[8/28/2009 8:37:46 AM] boozie: ped6 former member of AXE
[8/28/2009 8:37:49 AM] HK45DT: I appreciate what you are saying Boozie - I am sure your battle plans are more dynamic then Exiles - however you think it - we are efficiently executing our plans and will continue to do so - I know you would like to force us to do something else - but again - we will work with AXE - but not for AXE...no offense meant here
[8/28/2009 8:38:20 AM] boozie: i have never once asked you to hit certain targets or even for that matter certain ks
[8/28/2009 8:38:29 AM] boozie: you have told me sometimes :O
[8/28/2009 8:39:03 AM] boozie: all i have asked for is to stop the attacks on the guys in fear as they are no longer a danger and focus on those that remain loyal
[8/28/2009 8:39:15 AM] boozie: it will cause the tribes against us to fall faster
[8/28/2009 8:39:26 AM] boozie: there is nothing dynamic about that
[8/28/2009 8:39:34 AM] boozie: its simply common sense
[8/28/2009 8:39:38 AM] HK45DT: Ok - then what would you have Exile do? Again - this is a form of manipulating our plans - from my perspective
[8/28/2009 8:39:54 AM] boozie: now granted i am asking for certain players to be removed from fear
[8/28/2009 8:39:59 AM] HK45DT: and dictate our diplomacy
[8/28/2009 8:40:05 AM] boozie: for example ZHG
[8/28/2009 8:40:16 AM] boozie: explain to me how it is mark
[8/28/2009 8:40:32 AM] boozie: because to me its me asking you guys do me a favour
[8/28/2009 8:41:01 AM] Derek McCallum: I for one am having to much fun to stop now,we are creeping up to NL,and when we get there,there will be more fun,I dont want this war to stop,I have been bored for to long
[8/28/2009 8:42:18 AM] boozie: |-(
[8/28/2009 8:42:42 AM] HK45DT: Our targets are Fear and beyond - you want us to stop - to jump over our targets - with non-trustworthy soldiers at our backs - our targets lie up north obviously - we see no need to keep shitty players alive - we can use those villages to continue into the heart of N~L and cause more pain with out having to jump of a moat of crap
[8/28/2009 8:44:19 AM] boozie: you guys remind me so much of pr one, elbo, insane kotr, crsyalith and windwalker
[8/28/2009 8:44:39 AM] HK45DT: Boozie - I can see that we will not agree on this matter
[8/28/2009 8:45:02 AM] boozie: nope we won't because you want to bottom feed instead of removing threats
[8/28/2009 8:45:12 AM] HK45DT: you guys remind me so much of pr one, elbo, insane kotr, crsyalith and windwalker
What do you mean by this?
[8/28/2009 8:45:13 AM] boozie: same way as i continue to hear stupid things like
[8/28/2009 8:45:24 AM] boozie: OMG AXE and TSoH are going to attack us
[8/28/2009 8:45:38 AM] boozie: Mark you figure that quote out for yourself
[8/28/2009 8:45:45 AM] boozie: its not hard in all fairness
[8/28/2009 8:47:55 AM] HK45DT: Thanks for the spiritied conversation this moring - I am sure we will pick up at the same exact spot next time we discuss this matter.
[8/28/2009 8:48:01 AM] HK45DT: I must go for now
[8/28/2009 8:48:32 AM] Derek McCallum: Think that Exile is doing its bit,we are closing in on NL which we said from the begining were our real targets,and we are taking their vills as well as FEAR,so dont see the problem,NL have noticed us,and are wary,that should take off some of the pressure on AXE
[8/28/2009 8:48:35 AM] boozie: no point in banging my head off a wall again
[8/28/2009 8:48:49 AM] boozie: i sincerely doubt i will ever ask sucha thing again
[8/28/2009 8:49:08 AM] boozie: and please respectfully next time that exile ask AXE not to attack a dismissed member
[8/28/2009 8:49:24 AM] boozie: don't be offended if you receive a brash answer
[8/28/2009 8:49:30 AM] boozie: have a good day mark
[8/28/2009 8:49:57 AM] HK45DT: you too Boozie


Oh Ya - Let's do some last minute recruiting of his own before declaring. Hypocrite.

siddhartha96 on 03.12. at 15:24
to: blkexpress;spiderswebs;ace125363;Wizzardofnarre

Hi guys,

As you may or may not know, the relationship between AXE and Exile is not very good right now. Leaders have been fighting and arguing for a long time. However, you guys have always been great supporting us against DA. If things get really ugly between AXE and Exile I would be happy to offer each of you a place in AXE. I do not want to wind up having to attack players who have been very helpful, but I also understand that joining AXE would put you very deep in enemy territory (DA). I hate to have to put you in this place, I wish I could just tell AXE to leave you alone no matter what, and I will try if that is the best that I can do.

Let me know what you think.


b.s. -- SID - your weak justification doesn't fly...if our members would of accepted your offer they would be DA targets in AXE.


Be a man and come up and speak - don't let one of your Baron's do it for you.


Since we don't threaten people to join us - and then attack them when they don't - I guess they decided we were the better option. I suppose we could ask N.W.O. tribe how they were treated when they refused to join AXE.

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Also - everyone remembers VALPO's comments over the summer 2009 - wish I could find them in the PF - but that was just a short declaration on Exile earlier this year --- everyone brushed it off, including me --- should of known then your tribe could not of been trusted. ~~~~ If anyone can find it please post it!

One final item - W15 does not know that we dropped Diplomacy to NAP with you for two month or so over some edited Skype Comments or Doctored up Screen Shots on Conspiracy theories you guys believe that EXILE & N~L had to attack AXE. Post what you want - I can counter your posts with facts that I have. AXE was the one who came back and asked to re-instate Ally status - what a mistake that was.


Mark - HK45DT
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lol, I think this is the first time ive ever seen a decleration in response to a delceration! classy.
I skipped the skype stuff. But it just proves this whole point, that the alliance shouldve been ended a long time ago (which wouldve lead to war in time anyway), we just had the balls to do it first.

And please, stop lying.
One final item - W15 does not know that we dropped Diplomacy to NAP with you for two month or so over some edited Skype Comments or Doctored up Screen Shots on Conspiracy theories you guys believe that EXILE & N~L had to attack AXE

[14/09/2009 10:13:56 a.m.] boozie: well here is the bottom line
[14/09/2009 10:14:18 a.m.] Tony Shaw: im saying it is only inneundo, and there nothing that proves we where ever going to turn on AXE, as we nver would
[14/09/2009 10:14:32 a.m.] boozie: until such time that you can prove that you didn't conspire to attack us alongside NL and Evil our diplomacy with you guys is downgraded to NAP
[14/09/2009 10:14:47 a.m.] boozie: reasons........
[14/09/2009 10:15:16 a.m.] boozie: downgrading the Alliance to a NAP, at the very best. Just on the fact that in the past Exile have conspired against us

[14/09/2009 10:15:27 a.m.] Tony Shaw: please youself Boozie, it fits in with our intel anyway,
[14/09/2009 10:15:50 a.m.] Tony Shaw: you can play dumb all you like
[14/09/2009 10:15:52 a.m.] boozie: no see if your intel was correct i wouldn't tell you of such a thing
[14/09/2009 10:16:07 a.m.] boozie: your welcome to look around my forums
[14/09/2009 10:16:19 a.m.] boozie: sherry from tsoh can easily back up anything i say
[14/09/2009 10:16:27 a.m.] boozie: she has been there a long time now
[14/09/2009 10:17:20 a.m.] Tony Shaw: i know she got your back. boozie,
[14/09/2009 10:17:51 a.m.] boozie: yes because she is an ally same as you guys use to be .......
[14/09/2009 10:17:55 a.m.] Tony Shaw: as our intel told us once things die down you would turn on us, damn the are right, surprise, surprise
[14/09/2009 10:18:32 a.m.] Tony Shaw: how long before the attacks start
[14/09/2009 10:19:38 a.m.] boozie: with each tribe as when the north is eventually eaten their will be only three tribes left, axe, exile, tsoh
[14/09/2009 10:19:47 a.m.] boozie: so that was a no brainer on your part
[14/09/2009 10:21:02 a.m.] Tony Shaw: no offense but everything else our intel told us is true, so wont surprise me if we get attacked.
[14/09/2009 10:22:00 a.m.] boozie: :D
[14/09/2009 10:22:17 a.m.] boozie: seriously we're eating how much barbs?
[14/09/2009 10:22:25 a.m.] boozie: how many enemies?
[14/09/2009 10:22:38 a.m.] boozie: and you figure we were looking for more targets to noble?
[14/09/2009 10:22:45 a.m.] boozie: don't be so foolish
[14/09/2009 10:23:01 a.m.] Tony Shaw: so now where barely a NAP, K53 must be an open target

Or do you really have to make me do a screen shot of it to prove its real :icon_rolleyes:

Oh, and btw. I showed that pic to several female tribe members and they found it funny. Sorry you dont have a sense of humor. Be the last time I post here.


eerrrrr everyone stop with the long freakin posts!!!!
atleast make a short version and put the long one in spoilers!


ofc, who cares about a silly war when there are silly people makeing uber long posts >.<



Was that necessary, why does everyone have to resort to name calling on the PF, can nobody act like adults :icon_rolleyes:


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i love it :D

Exile have been sitting around do nothing and attacking on the slyyy never made history on world 15 and are now recruiting to the top :D
im so excited

GO EXILE !!!! :icon_evil: please dont pack up and choke like the north did make the south proud and lose with style :icon_cool:

what i mean is GOOO AXEEEE !!!! :D


This whole thread is what I like to refer to as a turkey sandwich.

The AXE declaration thread is the turkey dinner at thanksgiving and this thread is the after thought turkey sandwich........


Errr.... still early, but AXE is in the lead.
And I'm gonna include AXED with AXE, cuz they are the equivalent of Exile3 to Exile... somewhat.

Side 1:

Tribes: Exile. Exile3

Side 2:
Tribes: AXE AXED

Timeframe: Last 24 hours

Total conquers:

Side 1: 157
Side 2: 155
Difference: 2


Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 11
Side 2: 42
Difference: 31


Points value of total conquers:

Side 1: 1,506,249
Side 2: 1,505,237
Difference: 1,012


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 103,577
Side 2: 387,140
Difference: 283,563



Ice, go back to nuking PR ONE. Stats one day after a declaration are lame :p


Paraphrasing and Main Idea are two great things. (y) :icon_wink:


This whole thread is what I like to refer to as a turkey sandwich.

The AXE declaration thread is the turkey dinner at thanksgiving and this thread is the after thought turkey sandwich........

And AXE is the unfortunate turkey ?


why not sehrus ? Exile troops have spent plenty of time stacking AXE villages and they came back and told us all about AXE. We know what those villages look like from the inside ;)


[8/28/2009 8:21:31 AM] boozie: undermine you how?
[8/28/2009 8:21:39 AM] HK45DT: take away our targets

Like you did to us?

umm why are exile declaring on AXE? when AXE already declared on Exile?

This is getting confuzzling

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because the AXE declaration was incompetent and needed improvement
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