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The past few weeks serving under the all so almighty tribe called ODIN has taught me and a few other members that's it's not a safe home to continue the rest of our W99 adventures.

Some maybe comfortable with brothers and sisters being eaten for unnecessary reason but those who do not agree with these terms have had enough sadly. We won't stand here let this type of behaviour continue as it's just a disgusting way to show leadership.

Force recruiting is just a pathetic way to try and avoid as much fighting as you can. If you have noticed all the people that joined ODIN after ADHD had issues of there own were forced to join after you recruited a bunch due to there locations.

Sending invites to all of the TNO near ODIN was just a disgusting way to avoid combat in the war. In one of the OP's that hit we lost roughly 50 villages in it which just showed a poor form of team work taken place in defending and communication. Spreading lies able every other tribe apparently hugging as most of TNO frontline players get a invite to ODIN is hugging.

ODIN does have some nice skilled players in it. But I think they shouldn't be treated the way they are. But that's just my say in it all. We wish everyone the best of luck in W99 and I hope everyone has as much fun as they possibly can.

We are fighters and i don't want to sit here, just watching world ends, and being like a slave sending supports and nukes.

I wish you all good luck, feel free to PM me for any further informations, i have nothing to hide.

Good luck to all.

- Wolf Creek


I would just like to add that ODIN GOD OF WAR did the exact same thing on World 98, where he coplayed the duke of the largest tribe. He would invite the top members from an enemy tribe and eat the rest, doing this over seven times. If he ran out of space, he would kick the active, smaller members to make room. Eventually, that strategy backfired on him and the tribe as all the members from one of those tribes he had invited from left to an enemy - who won W98.


They were simply ODIN due to positioning. It was the logical path forward when adhd dissolved.