Experienced player needed


I need a player to run an account on another world. It is a church world...hence i am coming to this worlds forums to look for one.

Some info about the account
-Top 100 account
-On a war front with plenty of villages in backline for support
-Top 100 ODA and top 100 ODD. And top 100 ODT

What i am looking for
-Someone who has some experience with church worlds(why i came to this one), very good at church placement
-An aggressive style of play but not stupid.
-You must already know how to use scripts. The account has plenty of scripts as of right now. But they will be erased and the new owner can use the scripts they are comfortable with. We have plenty of scripts you can choose from. Even some that are unique just to our tribe

I will only be coming back to this to read and answer any questions. Add me on skype. When you add me make sure there is something in the request about who you are or you will be denied. My skype name:Termay1234