experienced w80 co-playa?


fellow noobs & noobettes,

wanna help me help all my little Buggyz divide and conquer? wanna get in on epic skype-offs w Kirk and other heavy drinkers? don't tell me that doesnt excite you! ha. so recent events together combined w the rapid growth of my W80 account are calling out for a bigger and more serious commitment. my peeps have been slackin on me. twas easier in the beginning as I could joggle with work, personal life...yada yada... insert all the cliches about "RL"! in all seriousness this account could be way bigger and better than its current spot in the top 30ish (#1 ODA for nowww yay, oh ya id like someone agrressive :lol: thx) rank. id like it to be an experienced player of course. i'd maybe ask my old buddy Waterloo1815...but the politics wouldnt quite work out on that one eh? :icon_cool: you'll hafta put up w my crazy neighbor Moose. Youll hafta come up with sweet village names. yes yes. all that and more.

so skype a brutha ... no weird creep stuff... @ ThirdEyeBl1nd

yes like the band. doot doot doot...
note the 1 instead of an i. tricky tricky.

luv n lemonz,




you want my village or should i come get yours? ;) I will be finished by hmm xmas time but I can't promise I won't noble many of your new friends vills :p