Expierenced Take A Look!

Goodday all i am King Spartacus. But you can call me Matt. This was not always my real account i just took over this one about a year ago.

I am looking for a good tribe in world 52 down around K74.
I will be accepting invites from tribes only in K74 and all over conecting K's and maby one or 2 K's away depending.


I played in world one for about 2 years grew up to 6.5 million points then quit for a year. Came back and joined world 30 grew to 750k in about 3-4 months. then i was asked to take over this account king spartacus by a freinds so i DELETED my old account and took this one. When i got this one it was at 600k i built it up to about 1.5million and now it has not gone any further because we are at war with a tribe times our size. We are holding up thanks to big allies that are huge. But make no mistake i am very expierenced and looking for a nice tribe in world 52 if you have anythign post here even if you just have a comment.


You say you deleted the old account. What was the name of that account?
thank you

the account that i originally came back to tw with was littlemanbob but my world one account was different. i took over king spartacus because the original owner my friend went to iraq and didnt make it bck and he said before he left if he dont make it back to take the account then i got word that he didnt make it back and took the account. for more questions please do post here.


I'm sure tribal wars was all that was going through his head.


*Makes fun of the army*.... Marines are the way to go, army is for pussies.


I think you missed the point...
But if your really want to get into it... Seals>Rangers>Marines>Army.