Exploring 5 Anticipated/Attention centered Tribes; Part 1

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Exploring 5 Anticipated/Attention centered Tribes Part 1

Hello everyone, *waves*

Over the last couple of days/weeks there has been alot of anticipation and attention centered towards a few tribes. Having been in the the W30 Skype chat, same occured there but on a faster level (Lisa can be a handful sometimes :icon_redface:). Anyway, so I thought I would do an over-all more in-depth analysis rather than the top 20 threads where many put biased opinions as a form of propaganda.

The 4 tribes I/we will be looking at today are(Tag:Name):

  1. BD; Black Dawn
  2. SK; SK Gaming
  3. CY; Cyclone
  4. DUSK; Twilight Empire

Note: The following will include a mixture of opinion and evidence based conclusions and statements. There is no form of any biased propaganda.

So without further ado, let's begin! :)icon_cool:)

1) Tribe: Black Dawn aka BD

  • No. of memebers: 27
  • Points of top 40: 70.233
  • Average points: 2.618
  • Rank: 7

Information: Without doubt, the greatest line-up in World 30. Several players which posses leadership qualities. Have the highest average in the world by a margin of 700 points or so. Based in K43 and K44 mainly. Some familiar names such as Pervis, Qwe4rty, Vpar, Russki (I think. Sorry if mistaken) and many more proven players.

Recruitment: Profile is very short. Usually used for impact. "Contact petani with questions.". I've spoken to this player(s) a few times, addresses you very formally, I believe also on W26. Expectations are high. Probably very strict recruitment.

Opponents Defeated Attacker/Defender

ODA: 192.016 - Rank 8th
ODD: 3.539 - 854th
ODA Average Per Member: 7.111
ODD Average Per Member: 131

Excellent stats. I hadn't realised they were doing this well till I had calculated it. Their average ODA would take them into the 360's but obviously some are getting more than others. As for their ODD, again, excellent. It shows they aren't going under any mass attacks other then the usual nubcake retaliation :)icon_eek:).

Tribe Members:

  • Pervis
  • Qwe4rty
  • Vpar2
  • Russki
  • Cabana Cigara
  • Seductive-Dominatrix
  • BrancoInTime(ChildInTime)
  • Nudist
  • Ronpaul2008

A stunning line-up. Experience ranges from Old school to new school. Ronpaul being in Hippos (If my thick skull serves me right :lol:), Qwe4rty an obvious LeGeND, Seductive that beautiful lady who outgrew everyone in W19 with Levithian ;) Russki also from Hippos, Pervis being the leader of Kinky, as you can see it's jam-packed with talent.

Positioning: Now let's take a look at positioning which is one of the most important things in a tribe. Regardless of ability, if a tribe is too spread out, you'll end up being gang-banged (Not in that way ;P) so it's important a good foothold is established in 1-2 continents. BD's Positioning:

The areas boxed in yellow are where I expect them to work together in groups which along with their naturally high levels of ability will/should make things easier for them.

However, the areas highlighted in blue is where I see expansion problems/prohibition. Especially in the NW of K43 where they have no members. Is the quality of the top tribes in K43 high enough to compete with an oncoming force of highly experienced and capable members? Time will tell. However, with the church feature encouraging close distance warfare, I doubt they'll make their way up there anytime soon and when they eventually do, the cluster of opposition villages will be a big bulk to break through. Something as strong as the "HULK SMASH!" is going to be needed. Do they have it?

Positive Aspects:

  • Best line-up in W30
  • Several leadership qualities in the tribe
  • A few clusters to work with

Negative Aspects:

  • Spread out over 8 continents
  • Lack of competition in K44/43, May/will get bored and possibly quit
  • Massive Ego's (Pervis's words via Skype ;P), May under-estimate opponents

Overall Conclusion:

Without doubt they are a very good tribe. Possibly/probably the best in world 30. However, you can't call someone the best purely because of their line up. Despite some of them having played together in the past, some haven't and there's nothing to suggest that they will work together effectively. I mean, they're all great players and know what they're doing. However, some may go off on their own paths and do their own thing, which at their state of positioning, isn't ideal:

  • 1 Village in K23
  • 1 Village in K42
  • 1 Village in K45
  • 1 Village in K54
  • 1 Village in K55
  • 15 Villages in K44
  • 8 Villages in K43
That's 5 members of their list who will/may get gangbanged out. Which at this stage is about 14.800 worth of points which will be more when threats and targets are inevitably established. However, if they don't get bored and deal with the above issue, I would say they will easily be top 3 pushing for top spot.

Success Rate: 90%

2) Tribe: Cyclone aka CY

  • No. of memebers: 59
  • Points of top 40: 71.717
  • Average points: 1.554
  • Rank: 6

Information: 1st in K25 by roughly 28.000. The 2nd rank tribe in K25 plan on turtling (said by their leader. Dont plan to expand.) I'm pretty sure K25 will be CY's for the taken. There are currently no threats. They have made NAP with DRKNES. DRKNES based in South Eastern corner. "A large turtleing tribe". Over 80% of the top 20 members in the K are members of CY. Not neccasarily experienced but they have gone for experience with the present (i.e. learning as you play). They have also moved onto K26 and K15 as they aim to dominate 3 K's with the 60 member limit.

Recruitment: Profile is very short again like BD's. Contact "Fengalon". I know this player as I gave him the Fengalon account back in W23 TEST. Isn't the greatest player but in no way, shape or form a noob. Knows what he's doing and with a rim tribe, should/will do well. I expect their recruitment to be less strict due to their style of leading as to "newbie's are welcome (There's a difference between newbies and noobs).

Opponents Defeated Attacker/Defender

ODA: 159.595 Rank 13th
ODD: 9.505 Rank 226th
ODA Average Per Member: 2705
ODD Average Per Member: 161

Certainly very interesting. Not doing bad. Pretty much like BD again, the usual nubcake retaliation when farming. So far it looks like a ride in the par for them. I'll be keeping a close eye in the next few days to see how things plan out.

Tribe Members:

  • Fengalon
  • Barfbug
  • GengusTown

I dont know much about their players and hardly recognised any names. Probably due to their choice of leading this time round. However, if Fenga can keep up doing well and gives his members the correct guidance, I dont see a problem.

Positioning: Now let's take a look at CY's positioning;

Positioning isn't the best. They are far too crammed into 1 corner. As there are already no threats in their continent(s), being far too close and out-growing everyone is only going to cause them more trouble. Far more clusters/groups will work together though. The Blue areas are the areas of concern where they will have future problems trying to take possesion off.

Positive Aspects:
  • On the rim so competition for them is less
  • Experienced/Good leader(s)
  • Willing to learn members
Negative Aspects:
  • Pushing for 3 K's may be too much.
  • May get bored
  • Ganged up upon (Rumours are out already)
  • Barfbug awaiting W32/33 and will probably/may quit
Overall Conclusion: Good tribe. Good leadership. An average tribe. Should stay top 10 for a while. Possibly top 5. Time will tell what they are capable off.

Success Rate: 60%

3) Tribe: Twilight Empire aka DUSK

  • No. of memebers: 58
  • Points of top 40: 65.422
  • Average points: 1.419
  • Rank: 10

Information: A very anticipated tribe. Opinions on them differ. Whilst the usual forum noobs say "fail fail fail" with over-used forum fail pics, the more wise players aren't sure what to expect. The tribe has under-gone new leadership. Danellis apparently doesn't even have a baron/duke role in the tribe anymore which at any rate is a good sign. Making him a player for once, attempting to remove the arrogance and concietedness, he could be made into a decent person/player.

Despite claims of Tribal Goat being in the tribe, it can be confirmed he isn't in the tribe. Tribal Goat is infact Raven and was a reason why heavy PnP was targetted on this tribe. They have a 16k gap on the 2nd rank tribe and just about a week ago or so it was 11k so steady progression from this tribe is already being made.

Recruitment: A larger profile than the other tribes. Recruitment is done through the new leader Zalt. Dilomacy is closed; a good sign.

Opponents Defeated Attacker/Defender

ODA: 249.989 Rank 5th
ODD: 12.354 Rank 111th
ODA Average Per Member: 4310
ODD Average Per Member: 213

This is pretty good and rather interesting. They've obviously been doing something good. Possibly/probably clearing a few people which I mean, isn't the best of signs but their ODD suggests it isn't the worst ;). I will also be keeping them under scrutiny as to see whether they were seeking for uneccasary ODA or simply doing strategical clearing.

Tribe Members:

  • Zalt
  • Liquid C
  • Danellis
  • Gold Fish 1
  • GuardianFER
  • Ganjaman23
  • AntPi1e
A rather decent line-up Imho(In my honest opinion :D). A mixture of decent/good players with a well experienced leader who's been around since world 1 who knows all the tricks. Liquid C is another well respected and good player amongst the tribe whom I believe is a council member.

Positioning: Now let's take a look at DUSK's positioning;

As you can see they have several clusters. Providing they can co-ordinate and communicate well enough there shouldn't be too much of a problem. However, as you can see I've highlighted the SE area of K56 as an area which lacks/has no members and the same question which applied to BD's NW problem lies here.

Also in blue is the boxed over-packed cluster up north. They have far too much members based in that little area and it will possibly cause internal issues in-regards to farming the same farms prohibiting their growth, nobling targets/farms, etc. Keeping in mind they will have support issues later on due to the 24 hour sitting rule. Will be interesting to see how they cope with the issue.

Positive Aspects:
  • A new leader. Will he be like Hoover for America and save them?
  • Dominance in K56 already
  • Very experienced leader
Negative Aspects:
  • Too clustered up
  • Danellis, if has privs, may do something stupid
  • Has a family tribe also in K56. Will either need great communication or cut them off.
Overall Conclusion: An under-estimated tribe. All the negative PnP was done through Raven's Tribal Goat alias aswell as Danellis's presence. Will prove others wrong and remain a top 10 tribe in my opinion. Does Zalt have what it takes? I think so...

Success Rate: 75%

4) Tribe: SK Gaming aka =SK=

  • No. of memebers: 48
  • Points of top 40: 81.385
  • Average points: 1.913
  • Rank: 2

Information: Without doubt the most spoken about tribe in world 30. Originally from world 28, they quit due to the mess up in settings and moved to W30. You know, I have mixed feelings about this tribe. Day in day out I speak with their members on Skype. The good old Sexy Lisa, Horse Sean/Trycon, Spank Me =SK= Momma, Innocent guy SK Ridz, and several more. They are not only great people but players too. A tight knit of friends and the only thing keeping them together is that itself. Their bonds with one another despite SK Ravens such idiotic actions.

Using the Tribal Goat alias, creating several threads on every world forum creating hype for W30 knowing his tribe would be 1st from the start due to a large pre-made, making W28 seem dead after his tribe had left bringing more self-created hype towards them. Flaming me endlessly under several aliases trying to make it seem the entire community was against me, calling me a shitty leader and whatnot making it seem everybody thought that almost creating a flaming bandwagon for others to start simply because he had been out-argued and couldn't take the facts.

Making threads under the tribal goat alias then the other one making it seem there's no way SK would associate themselves with such people, which even Jay/TicTocBoom had fallen for and said it out aloud.

On new years day wishing people a happy new year trying to get his and SK's popularity up even more then it had already been due to the self created hype. I mean, think about it, the "great SK raven, W30's best leader", would he do such a thing? Obviously he wouldn't. Until proven that he would.

I hope the tribe does fail, but I doubt they will. Not for a while anyway. Despite it being a very stupid move, it could have been a very strategic and beneficial move for them providing we didn't have such great and ex-FBI members such as Vpar :icon_eek:

Recruitment: Nightmare is now in-charge of recruitment. A pretty good player. I expect it to be pretty strict still with high expectations.

Opponents Defeated Attacker/Defender

ODA: 373.340 Rank 2nd
ODD: 51.148 Rank 1st
ODA Average Per Member: 7777
ODD Average Per Member: 1065

Probably the most interesting statistic. They are 2nd in ODA. Most was gained i'm pretty sure with some of the clearings on the HAM!!! members whilst the rest/other lot was through clearing of 7x7's. Or could it be ODA whoring? I dont know. Their ODD however, is the highest. Are they being cleared/retaliated upon by HAM!!! or other tribes? Again, I dont know.

Tribe Members:

=SK= Nightmares
=SK= Ace
=SK= Raven

Again, a pretty good lin-up. Most are under aliases so it would be pretty much impossible to tell how good they are other then doing some thorugh research in-regards to Tw tamer, work out their village builds, find out aliases through Skype searches, Scout them, Jump to a conclusion based on the way they present themselves via the forums etc.

Positioning: Now let's take a look at Sk's positioning;

As you can see, again via the yellow boxes, an large amount of clusters, the question is, are they capable of co-ordinating and communicating effectively? I know quiete alot of them have Skype and as they are a pre-made from W28, they are obviously a tight knit of friends so based on that, the answer is yes although one can never be to sure.

Positive Aspects:
  • A very tight knit of friends.
  • Dominance in K54 is growing.
  • Pretty good positioning.
Negative Aspects:
  • Leader has caused them an increasing amount of hatred and negative image
  • Having/had conflict with Ham!!! slowed down their growth.
  • Will have to either go to war with Ham!!! or work out some form of diplomatic relation otherwise their growth will be prohibited far too much.
Overall Conclusion: Really...time will tell. There has been alot of talk about them. However, I think 1 major factor will decide their fate. Their ending agreement with Ham!!!. If they go to war with ham, and lose, they'll fail. If they come out victorius, they'll do great. War is inevitable between the two sooner or later.

Success Rate: A mysterious 80%?

That's all for part 1! Hope you enjoyed. If you did, part two will include(confirmed):


For now,

Goodbye and happy gaming!


i stopped half way, still mate great interpretation


I did read it all.
I guess tribe ranked 10 DUSK is not worth to be in your list.
I will wait your review of LeGeND.
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Wow, just skimming for now, but it is a quite impressive read so far.

Excellent work as always.

I did read it all.
You forgot LeGeND.
Exploring 5 Anticipated/Attention centered Tribes Part 1

That's all for part 1! Hope you enjoyed. If you did, part two will include(confirmed):


For now,

Goodbye and happy gaming!

I did read it all.
I guess tribe ranked 10 DUSK is not worth to be in your list.
I will wait your review of LeGeND.
Is that sarcasm?

DUSK is *on* this thread's list.
It is #3.
"3) Tribe: Twilight Empire aka DUSK"

Come on people.

If you aren't going to make an effort, don't post.

Finished reading, quite insightful.

I will make a point of saying that while members might be isolated on the rim, if they are dominating their area, no harm in that at all.
I don't mind people having a dominant player being smart with who to target and aggressive otherwise. If BD has the ties that i think they hold from previous worlds i don't see a problem with spacing.
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Great post, very informative and puts things into perspective.

Note: I was paid to say that :icon_rolleyes:

Ridz 13

I LOVE IT. I know i already told you on skype but its true :p Tis a great thread, you obviously puta alot of time and effort into it, and it paid off! PS. 'Innocent Guy'- I like it ;)


Finally someone made a good topic and good work.There are lots of trash topics everywhere.
TOP 20 ODA,TOP 20 ODD,TOP 10,TOP 40 ETC ETC PFFFF they are really boring but this is really good.İ appreciate you...

Michael Corleone.

I liked the analysis, very in-depth. It was a nice read, better then the Top 20 Analysis.

Good job.



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Obviously very opinionated and subjective, and not too sure what the success rate is on about, but still a very nice read and look forward to part two :)


Good thread, I like how you have looking to these tribe.

Can't wait till the next one, a lot of opinions on those tribes.


read the full post...
u changed ur post while i was replying :p
I really read it before I posted. I just added 2nd and 3rd strings of my message.

Is that sarcasm?

DUSK is *on* this thread's list.
It is #3.
"3) Tribe: Twilight Empire aka DUSK"

Come on people.

If you aren't going to make an effort, don't post.

10 DUSK 65,422 82,307 58 1,419 58 1,419

What do you mean?
I said DUSK is not worth to be in kebabe's list of tribes which deserved an attention.:)

You can ask why I think so.
Because it is my opinion. Sorry if you do not like it.
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Great thread, only downside is i'm not on the DUSK list :icon_eek:



An exceptionally worthwhile read. I thoroughly enjoyed enjoyed the learning curve I got from this. Great work man! Keep it up!


liked it. very long though but i kinda expected it to be this long.


Great, gives good general knowledge about top tribes and is actually interesting to read.
Thank you for this.:)