Exploring 5 Anticipated/Attention centered Tribes; Part 1

Discussion in 'World 30' started by .Optimus Prime., Jan 10, 2009.

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  1. sjward

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    If I wanted the plain facts insted of someone's analysis of the facts (which is always going to be inherently somewhat bias) I would look them up on the in game ranking or stats myself and leave the forums well alone.

    Good post and it will be interesting to come back and see how accurate the predictions turn out to be.
  2. devilvirus

    devilvirus Guest

    Nice post kebab. I will be looking forward to these posts in the future
  3. aizmirstais

    aizmirstais Guest

    Ehee, I see you!:lol:

    Ah, wait, I was supposed to be mad at you because of that disbanding thingy...:icon_confused:
  4. Lisa809

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    Nov 18, 2008
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    A truly educated and informative analysis. Credit to you for the thoroughness and effort that has gone into compiling it.

    I think you've made a great attempt to remain neutral ,despite personal opinion.


    I hope the tribe does fail,
    :icon_cry: didn't float my boat ! re : =sk= ;)

    Its a very interesting read and I'm really impressed by the content ,research , layout and presentation.

    Excellent work A* !! Look forward to the next part.

    Keep it coming Kebabz :icon_wink:
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  5. calmir

    calmir Guest

    But if it fails lis I can steal you. :icon_wink:
  6. llamaswilrulesupreme

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    Jun 22, 2007
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    Aren't you forgetting someone...
  7. Serious question kebabe...

    Title says 5 tribes.. wheres the fifth?? I was enjoying my read and then bam.. 4th ended and that was it :(
  8. devilvirus

    devilvirus Guest

    yea same happened with me . it will be interesting to read the next edition.
    hey sd
  9. ronpaul2008

    ronpaul2008 Guest

    Great Post .Optimus Prime. I can't wait to read part 2
  10. kasponaut

    kasponaut Guest

    looking forward to read more, these kind of threads become more and more of valve to any players out there that have any kind of interest on the world he/she plays in.

    5 stars from me
  11. Willovain

    Willovain Guest

    Surprisingly, it was not a bad read.

    Just a note for future reference though, NEVER, EVER, claim to be posting an unbiased statement, because you'll be called out on it. It is impossible for anyone who actually plays on the world they're commenting on to write something that is "unbiased". Other than that blatant falacy, it was not bad. The bias was light, but it was still there, and thus, making that statement a complete lie.
  12. =SK= Ace

    =SK= Ace Guest

    great job op and also bigbadsanta please just go throw you computer or laptop out your window and destroy it as if you keep going you will just be getting told off more and more and will just look even more stupid when op keeps going after you and also op this is amusing how this guy calls you a noob ect... when he dosent know who you are and that hes just gonna be roasted alive if he keeps going...
  13. tintin82au

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    Dec 20, 2008
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    One of the greatest threads in this forum.

    Only one minor correction for CY: we now declare Drknes and their sister tribes (CMT, MARS) as our enemies, no longer NAP :).
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  14. AK_iceman

    AK_iceman Guest

    Gotta admit, kebabe had one hell of a mixed reputation coming into W30. Some people loved him, others flamed him relentlessly. I've never had the opportunity to play on the same world as him, so I waited awhile and observed his posts so that I could decide for myself.

    He's started several threads now, all of which have had a generous amount of time, effort, and research put into them prior to pushing the "submit" button. He may not always be right, or he may exhibit a slight bias, but I don't think anyone on this forum can post perfectly every time. I think he's done a great job so far in this world, both in leading his very promising tribe, and for keeping up a good forum representation. Kudos to you kebabe, and well done with this topic. As pretty much everyone else said, I look forward to the second installment.
  15. Since when? :O
  16. I know something that does :icon_razz:.... (Think about it for a minute :icon_eek::lol: )

    Decent read kebabe. Keep it up mate.

    EDIT: Oh and I almost forgot, If Tribal Goat/SK raven has been doing that... SK Ally DUSK????
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  17. pyrostrk3

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    Dec 29, 2007
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    I thought it was a really good read, read it all :), with a fair analysis of each tribe and their players, keep it up! Ill be watching out for the next one :icon_wink: O and Badsanta go jump off a bridge.
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  18. I wonder, will you update them as time goes along? That'd be really neat :D
  19. Ridz 13

    Ridz 13 Guest

    Confirmed. By the people on Skype. Shut up badsanta.