[External Mail API] Circular mail with external tools


The rules say that we can't send PERSONALIZED circular mails with external tools. However it says nothing about regular circular mails:

§6) Mass mailing
The circular mail system is meant to reduce the effort when sending larger amounts of similar messages. It may not be used for distributing spam messages, advertisements or any other mail that violates our Game Rules. Phishing attempts using mass mails will be punished with a global game ban. This feature should be used appropriately. Abuse of this feature may result in disciplinary action being taken against your account.
It is allowed to send automated circular mails with current tribal news.
It is not allowed to send personalized circular mails using outside tools/scripts.
So I was wondering...

1) Am I allowed to send circular mails with external tools as long as it is the same message every time?
2) If so, how? Simply changing "to=user1" to "to=user1;user2" doesn't seem to work. It says invalid recipient.



As far as I'm aware (and if I remember correctly, this was confirmed by a friend via a support ticket), the term personalized circular mails refers to circular mails for which the content changes across the mails to be sent.

That is to say, mails with identical content sent to more than one recipient were deemed legal.
Mails with personalized content, sent once per use of the tool were deemed legal.
Mails with personalized content sent to each user per use of the tool were deemed illegal.

I sent in a service request quite some time ago asking about personalized circular mails generated all at once, but sent individually (manually):

Dec 31,2008 00:47
§7) Mass mailing
# It is not allowed to send personalized circular mails using outside tools/scripts.

Does this rule mean that it is forbidden to send more than one mail using an external tool per use of said external tool?

If so, it is legal to have a tool that will generate mails to be sent externally on the condition that the mails are sent manually (by clicking on a link containing the mail info)?

Servy Dec 31,2008 16:05
Hello witheringxuponxlove,

Yes and yes.


Senior Game Moderator


I don't see why it would be against the rules if you are sending the same exact message using the external tools...

I created a claim system for my tribe and all I want to do is use the external mail to send the release to everyone in my tribe and the other three tribes allowed, obviously this would take a long time to do copying/pasting and cutting into 3 users when I could just pull them all from the database and loop through them.