Family Tribes aka Brother/Sister Tribes

Discussion in 'W58 General discussion:' started by Rawr Mode, Oct 7, 2011.

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  1. Rawr Mode

    Rawr Mode Guest

    difference between brother tribe and sister tribe? never understood the difference :icon_rolleyes:
  2. Tuzain

    Tuzain Contributing Poster

    Jul 4, 2011
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    Or Mother/Father tribe.

    Also, if your tribe has a "father/mother" tribe, wouldn't that make your tribe the "Daughter/Son" tribe. Never seen one of them on here before yet I have seen mother/father tribes. :D
  3. kolak666

    kolak666 Guest

    I really don't think there is a diference, people just have different preferances as to what to call them. Either way I dont like family tribes (And is one reason to look forward to W59) haha.
  4. Rawr Mode

    Rawr Mode Guest

    i know right :p

    was just curious lol never understood what the hell the difference was.
  5. Sterile Mess

    Sterile Mess Guest

    Sister tribe is weaker than the brother tribe.
  6. Rawr Mode

    Rawr Mode Guest

    but i've seen girls fight better then some men lol so understatement :p
  7. Sterile Mess

    Sterile Mess Guest

    And i've seen husbands beat wives, your argument is invalid.
  8. kolak666

    kolak666 Guest

    I agree with this

    Even though I am male I do find this statement some what sexist.

    Basing a tribes place on its fighting skill and is no way to run a "family". I hate family tribes. If you want to run a family you should run it as an equal, and not have one tribe calling all the shots. Thats a dictatorship, not a family. And is my main reason behind my hatred for them.

    I feel that if you want to be a family you should stick together through everything and not kick people because they are not upto your standards. would you dis-own your own children because they aren't living up to the expectations of what you want from them. Or teach them where they are going wrong and be there for them.

    People use families to try to organise the noobs from the "leet" players and noble the runts. This is a war free way of securing your K and is kinda pathetic. If you want your K earn it the hard way. Everyday I see more and more hugging in this game and tribes are afraid of going to war. Only a few that don't take families and allies are ones notable for being a good tribe despite their possible eventual fall.
  9. netjakdim

    netjakdim Contributing Poster

    Dec 14, 2008
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    I don't care for the whole Family thing myself but they are no worse than strong alliances.
    I do however kind of like academy tribes if they are run properly as I use to help run one of
    them. We had all of our skilled players in the main and a few in the academy with a bunch
    that needed to work. I know it might sound stupid to some but the academy would have
    ops planned using one of our own villages just to get the new guys use to timing nukes. As
    well when we had villages to internal we would use those as chances to get them to understand
    the timing of trains and seeing if they were ready for front lines. Many of our members that
    I remember pointing out different things to and working with are now some of the top members
    not only in our world but some of their others.
  10. Akira-Sun

    Akira-Sun Guest

    Family tribes get a bad rep because they offer too many shadow for the noobs to hide in, thus prolonging their lives
  11. -Zabimaru-

    -Zabimaru- Guest

    And don't forget early-Core hugging! Thats the single-most reason I find for such a nasty rep. Because, its an option anyone can take and disagree with, but families are hating to such an extreme I think you need to view the practical applications of what family tribes become rather than the paragon example.
  12. =starkiller=

    =starkiller= Guest

    Best case scenario's
    Family tribe- group of noobs that try to outnumber their opponent
    Alliance- group of amateurs/pro's that dominant their common enemy
  13. kolak666

    kolak666 Guest

    Disclaimer *at the time of writing this post I am some what inebriated so spelling mistakes and grammatical errors may occur as well as slightly slanderous remarks, all apologies made here in advance*

    Familiies IMHO promote the following things.

    Shelter for noobs and inexperianced players, which is a bad thing because they will never learn to play this game properly, (because lets face it when was the last time anyone took time out their day to teach a new player how to play TW the way it should be played?)

    A cramped space for most of the members on the "family" due to the amount of members players will find themselves either cramped with no room for expansion, sharing farms thus stunting growth all round and a slower expansion/conquer rate of the family as a whole.

    In most cases a severe lack of communication, there have been many a time where i have seen an almost complete breakdown of inter-tribal communication where one tribe will think one thing and another tribe will be thinknig something else.

    Along with many other things these I feel are the three main problems with leading what people call a "family" (yes i "" the word family because a lot of the time as said before it's more a dictatorship than anything else.) its these three characteristics that ruin and inevitably cause the down fall of most families.

    It takes a great leader a lot of work to run a decent single tribe, it takes an even greater leader a lot more time and a hell of a lot more effort to run a family. If you wish to run a family, try running a single tribe and see how you fair during a proper war, if it goes tits up and you find it too stressful, dont even think about a family you will lose...

    please comment I look forward to hearing your views. everyone is entitled to an opinion, this is mine.

  14. =starkiller=

    =starkiller= Guest

    I entitle myself to agree with your aggressive statement pertaining to Hug tribes.
  15. IluvSimCity

    IluvSimCity Guest

    family tribes is all about quantity over quality.

    Brother/sister or mother/father tribes etc usually have one dominant tribe with the other being like a feeder or academy tribe for players with lower points or more inexperienced players.

    Of late most family tribes have failed horribly with some exceptions, early on the family tribes seemed to work better and was more orientated towards helping the younger players that were just starting out in the game.

    Now when people see family tribes they just look at them with hatred and just want to remove them as fast as possible, and the leaders of most family tribes struggle to lead period.
  16. -Zabimaru-

    -Zabimaru- Guest

    since opinions on noob family tribes are widely universal here, lets discuss something not commonly visited.

    Instead of why a family will fail, I challenge us all to use our amazing TW talent (lol) to devise a method where a family tribe would work!
  17. kolak666

    kolak666 Guest

    What would be needed to make this work properly. I re-type this for the 2nd time having pressed the wrong key and deleted the lot haha.

    1st off you need at least one decent tribe leader per tribe then having at least the same player co-playing each account (which in turn can lead to multi accounting and thus bannable) meaning you would need some dort of instant form of communication *phone/text/msn/skype/etc*, to get a point across

    Then you need a semi decent/amateur pro group of players the take time out of their day to teach the newbies* how to play properly. (And TBH most of the player at that level of EXP have been recruited by the top end tribe and are nobling the playerd they could be teaching.) *I use newbies purely for the fact we were all new to this game at one point in our time here and some of us excelled, whilst others never grasped how to do even the simplist things and found a history of being rimmed.

    Then you have the activity factor. in which great amounts of time are needed to teach new player how to play this game properly in order to make future worlds more competitive and not full of the same people all the time. (in all fairness that kind of activity come late game during the world wars in the biggest tribes and at that point most players dont ideally have the time to teach other as they are too busy supporting and fighting wars and most of the newbies are long gone or on the rim and no longer members of the "family".

    So in retro spect and to summerize my post unless you had a tribe willing to actually want to teach newbies how to play this game properly and not be in it i for personal glory you will be hard pushed to make this work.

    sorry to piss on the perverbiale chips
  18. netjakdim

    netjakdim Contributing Poster

    Dec 14, 2008
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    I think that a decent leader is a must for any tribe regardless of whether they are going it alone or want a family. ;)
    If you have a family tribe or academy tribe you should have a leader for each that is not the overall leader for the family.
    Then you need to delegate things like diplomacy and operations. These should probably be people in the main tribe and they can feed all mails to the leader of the academy. Then of course you need a couple of people to monitor the forums and all forums should be shared with an exception for an operations forum for leaders.
    You should have a leader and a co-leader for the academy that have the basic responsibilities to Invite players, check activity and desseminate mails from the main.
    Find a couple of players that are willing to sit and watch to evaluate members of the academies during mock operations.
    Set up mock attacks as often as possible if you have peace time so that they get use to labeling incomings and timing attacks on enemies. Set them on some nobling assignments and have an experienced player to snipe dodge recap different strategies to give the new guy some practical experience.
    The main tribe should be willing to allow academy players to noble a few barb villages close to front lines so that they can help provide support in times when the main is at war.

    A decent forums is probably the most important thing though to teach a newbie as many will understand walkthroughs more then mails. You will need someone that can write in noob friendly text to explain how to use scripts for farming attacking and resources. There they will be able to ask their questions and allow the rest of us to scratch our heads without truly embarassing them or frustrating ourselves.

    Then to end it you really need tribe members that are willing to sacrifice to get a tribemate going. Alot of players will not give up villages or support people they seem to think the rest the tribe is there to supply them with defensive troops. If you have some players that are on the front lines that are willing to give up small clusters of like 6-7 villages a few hours off the front it will allow academy members to feel like them can contribute to main wars as they will have clusters to noble from and as they are usually smaller anyway the morale will be beneficial when trying to maintain capped villages.
    I know this last part is the most difficult for players to accept as on a previous world that was my main responsibility was taking inactive villages and barbs and developing clusters for players to move into better range of the fronts.
  19. Toxification

    Toxification Guest

    Family tribes can be good if they have only 2 tribes and are run by the best and best only. In all else they fail. Like the 9 tribe family APOC in W....56 I think, they will fail.
    I'm currently in a family tribe and its the best tribe ever. So much better than the others. The leaders and co ordination at the Black knight family is better even than what I could squeeze out of a tribe.
  20. xBloodxThiirstyx-

    xBloodxThiirstyx- Contributing Poster

    Sep 5, 2010
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    APOC family was actually here, in w58, during start up, but you're right, they failed miserably.

    Good for you though, to be in an organized family tribe. I think people look down on family tribes because they think they recruit in numbers to cover up their lack of skill as players. Not every family tribe is a mass recruiting quality-less tribe though. :)

    It's definitely possible to have family tribes that not only have quantity, but quality as well. For example, Axte & DSBAND from W51. (not a biased opinion, I swear. lol)