Family Tribes aka Brother/Sister Tribes

Discussion in 'W58 General discussion:' started by Rawr Mode, Oct 7, 2011.

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  1. zeaho20

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    I have actually spent many hours debating this with friends. I think family tribes don't really stand a chance because there will always be the "whats he up to?" mentality. Plus you will run out of nobeling room which is bad for everyone. The only possible way it could work would be if the leaders were very good friends and experienced players. Noobs make great meat sheilds down the road. The plus to family tribes is the shear size of them allows them to recruit very heavily. If the leaders can do a good enough job of identifying talent and working with them to develop them to pros, the end result would be family tribes with fewer close knit members. Thats would be the only way it could work. But that's an in the box scenario which will never and could never happen.
  2. happiebudda

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    Netjack is that realy you my old friend.. you can tell its me bymy spelling hahaha;)
  3. Toxification

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    lol, guess what. BK failed. Ah well, I've played almost since this game has started and that tribe really stood out.