Famous last words

Audience of One

(Yes I know I'm not famous, but I suppose everyone whos been around in W43 for a longer time will know who I am. The title is just because I love that song).

AoO - Behind the blow
Well, as you probably figured out by the title, yes, it is time for me to say goodbye. I am very well aware of that Scott, James, and the rest of the FRST-flamecrew till celebrate all night long but it's not like I care.

My journey in this world has been a good one, and this was were my twcareer began. No, this was not my first world, this was the first world I played properly in, actively till I quit. As a few of you will know, I was on the Audience of One account till the end of February, where I took over Rabid Squarrel. I really hate switching accounts, but I didn't know that by then. My activity went downhill; Like BORED! in the FRST-war. Just let me say this one thing. BORED! and NUTS are NOT the same Tribe. NUTS is way better, with fewer members and better coordination. BORED! was by no means a bad Tribe, but NUTS is better.

Anyways, I kept playing, barely doing anything until some other guy who wanted to play w43 so he could spam Eles forums properly came around and wanted to coplay. I went active again, but just for a week or so. I rimmed a player pretty much alone (my coplayer didn't help, he sent out maybe 1 train) and that was pretty much it. My coplayer and I got in an argument and he quit. This had nothing to do with my ego, he ran off when I pointed out he didnt do anything.

Truth to be told, I have been thinking of quitting this world since then, but I couldn't, thanks to all the people I met, all the experience I gathered and all the flamewars I had.
I'd like to deliever my special thanks to a few people;

- Lukey1881 - You formed the original Gore and was one of the best leaders I have ever had. I know you had your problems IRL, but you were always as cheerful as possible and never in a bad mood. Hell, you even laughed when you told me of for flaming another Tribemember. You are one of the best friends I have gotten during my time at Tribal Wars.

- St Ecstaticus, Webby911, Total1235, Kronyx, and the rest of Gore - You guys were always active in the Skypechat, and even though we were only around 10 people I always had over 1000 messages when I came home from school. You were always nice to me even though I was acting like a **** to you when I was in a bad mood. I apologize for that.

- Sasuke.., Marelica, Hades99, Odvar, Shrike and the rest of the Silent/NwN team - I originally joined w43 with Silent, but I had to quit shortly after cause my computer broke. You guys got me both to join - and rejoin w43. Had many good conversations with you guys, especially Marelica, Shrike and Hades. Heck, Hades even taught me how to order pizza :icon_redface:

- Slingo, .mrm and the rest of NUTS - It's a shame I never got to know you all as good as I wanted to, with the exception of Fadar, who I got to know quite well through our habits of watching a certain moviegenre. You guys are the reason I stayed so long in W43

- Lastly - Elemenohpi - You are a great mod, except the fact that you do not accept bribes. You are, in my opinion, the best mod, and fun to talk to. When I finally got to know you better it was too late, and I weren't active in these forums anymore.

With these words, I am checkin' out of the W43 section, atleast for now. I will probably be back to spam/flame some more in the near future.

F you all,
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I didn't realize you were still here, i thought you silently left. :icon_razz:

Good luck wherever you go, the flame wars were fun. :icon_razz:


Bye Bye, maybe see you around the forums sometime :icon_wink:


It was good to have you around. You will be missed.

Much like many before and many more after, W43 will miss another great character.

AoO, thanks for the good experience.