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instead of crying about villages being taken or given or whatever how about you take them back, prove that you are superior players.

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What you guys in TEA fighting ANTZ is comparable to cleaning the toilet job. You guys done well so far in hitting nubs.


hmmm compare to kirk and toilet ? this new view for me hak hak hak

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I know the story... I also know you wouldn't have been able to hold those 100+ villages inside NAM.
Since you say story, singular. I'm sure you don't know everything. It's history now anyways, and it's to late for me now to write that blog I said I'd write.
But hey, good luck Trex. I'm sure pissing everyone off outside of your tribe will result in some good competition for TEA down the line ^^ Anf isn't that what we all like? A good war? ... Ah no wait, guess not.


I haven't been around for a while and it looks like some posts have been deleted or edited - maybe I've missed something.

Did TEA actually recruit this Ginge fellow onto one of their accounts?


Some Entertaining and lively Read here on External, and looks this world is playing really well and HUG is too far from W90.

Also Shame that some really awkward and unnecessary language have been used, at any condition it is not acceptable.


Some one said "Everything is Fair in Love and WAR"

A Lot has been Said here and on other relevant threads regarding TW and Real WAR and comparison etc. has been Also done, Backstabbing, Spies, psychological war, Giving and taking or likewise things.
I agree that all these are part of TW and in Real War; it was there and all these always be there in future too
But Still In every world we talk about this and Discourage.


If we agree to accept all the above as i saw that few people post such like that or they meant to say that why the cry on all these issues as it happens

I would like to ask Is Any WAR Real or WAR GAME has been ever Fought without Saying " Mo****f**k*r" to enemy ?

Hats off to Lord Arblaster for accepting his fault on open forum, a tough and gutty ..Nice Mate :)

TEA Keep Playing underhand you rock in such Game no one can Beat you
if it was BSB, WET or WAR Against ANTZ
Advance Congratulation for trickery and Lowhand Game
I am Proud of You
Well Played