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Discussion in 'World 30' started by cshipley, May 31, 2011.

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  1. Bullmastiff

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    So why don't you inform him then, rather than just bash him?

    bah -- why not just get obnoxious about it? Tommy couldn't noble his way to the front with bnkermike so he had the choice (by the pleasure of mass-recruiting tactics) of an account with frontline territory. Must be nice, eh? Or maybe he didn't want to recap all those barbs. Or maybe he was embarrassed for the reason behind all the barbs. Maybe I'm just being an ass now too? Being obnoxious? :D

    I wouldn't flame noobaxes just because he assumes that a player is admirably born and dies by his account and his account alone. Just like I shouldn't assume tommy sucks b/c it would seem he couldn't fight his way to the front. All things considered, I would have put him into that account too.
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    Thanks noob :icon_wink:
  3. baddestmfalive

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    Jan 13, 2011
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    There is still a way of checking. If you go to the TW stats overview of the old RAM and the old Drift, you can see how many caps each of them had against Phoenix, and how many Phoenx had against them. I wanted to see what the all time scores were, because I knew it was close before the disbandment, with Phoenix having a slight lead of no more that a couple hundred caps, and that if anybody's up at this point, it's still not more than a few hundred caps, and it's still some-what even. Heres what I found:

    Old Ram had 1,116 caps from Phoenix, and Phoenix capped 1,129 from them.

    Old Drift had 219 caps from Phoenix and Phoenix capped 264 villages from them.

    This shows Phoenix with a slight lead of 58 villages before each tribes' respective disbandment. Coupled with the Forever stats that Shipley so graciously posted for us, we can now clearly see that RAM has an all-time lead over Phoenx. The actual, completely unadulterated all time stats of Phoenx vs. RAM prove that RAM are ahead by a margin of 310 villages.

    Go find something else to cry about Noobaxes. You're pouting has gone on long enough and for a while it was fun to watch you rage, but now it's just annoying. Trying toning it down to a mild idiocy.
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    I am amazed by the stats war you all are waging nowadays. RAM is there. PHOENX is there as well. No profound lead to me. I might just have to add that anti RAM predictions have failed the past 6 months, despite the big talk by many (myself included probably). Those who still play, better focus ingame and try to make the significant difference, that is nowhere to be seen as of yet imo.
  5. cshipley

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    Bullmastiff, I've spoken with you before and I know you are not a fool. You know exactly what Noobaxes was doing here. I'm not flaming Noobaxes purely because of his mistake, I'm doing so because he was trying to make (yet another) cheap shot at RAM or a RAM player. If you don't know all the facts that is fine, but shouting your mouth off trying to insult somebody when not knowing all the facts and getting everything wrong, it's not only humiliating, but it deserves to get shot down.

    I wasn't aware of the exact statistics but I now see another poster has pointed them out. However, I posted stats for all the timeframes, the majority of which were after RAM got disbanded. If I post stats for the past week or past 24hours, they aren't really affected by RAM disbanding many months ago.
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    Well as I said before my RL is extremely busy atm but when I am free I'll post my version of the stats and people could discuss it
  7. KarmaX

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    Sep 18, 2008
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    The thing is we're still here despite the odds. Despite the treacherous movement, despite the world hatred, despite the Almighty's prediction . :p
  8. Tommy Gummy

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    The only reason I left bnkr was because killbow was upto 80 days of sitting and the original killbow had put in more time into that account than I had put into mine. Since I had also found 2 others for bnkr, I left to play killbow. We don't need to inform noobaxes, if he doesn't inform us of what account he plays. It is his fault to say that I am a barb nobler, when it is obvious those were villages lost because the account got banned...
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    What a waste of forum space.
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    you posting made it worse :lol: