Farewell - Life Calls


Hello w43. I know I've been a bit quiet lately.

I'm in the process of handing my account over to a new player as I have been accepted into a pretty challenging doctorate program. There is no way that I'll have time to do that properly as well as play here.

It's been a lot of fun.

In game, my most exciting time was around February before I ever joined FRST, and I peaked at having several hundred, but less than 1000, attacks incoming at once. All of the theories about sniping, backtiming, stacking, pre-nobling, over-nobling and faking were put to the test. I think I lost my first village in anger at this time, around February, and I nobled it back pretty quickly in a deliberate pre-nobling and over-nobling combination.

I recommend to anyone that the greatest skill you can have when under attack is to remain calm. Calm in yourself - you make better decisions - and calm when you deal with your tribe - a panicked circular mail or internal forum post does nothing for the confidence of your tribe or their willingness to help someone who is panicking. If you lose a village, its just a village, its just a game. I known some people are VERY competitive and get wrapped up in the game, but even so, a calm decision about over-nobling or attacking somewhere that is least expected can be very satisfying even if you do lose a village.

I executed my own version of a St. Valentine's Day massacre and I think rimmed a player on that day (I certainly took a stack of villages) because he had scouted me a few days before. Thats were I understood that not everyone stays calm when they have lots of deliberately timed incomings and it causes them to make mistakes.

I am certainly not the best player by a VERY long way. (I know some of you have told me this :icon_smile:) In fact, this is the first world that I have actually really played. I was introduced to this game way back in w18 by a relative, my brother-in-law. Sometimes I'd help him out - tagging incomings, launching attacks and the bit that I found most interesting - analysing the movement of players and tribes and all of the strategic positioning (or lack of it).

I helped him out from time to time on different worlds and learned a few things from him.

Anyway, my brother-in-law died of cancer. At the time he was baron of the leading tribe on another world. At then end I was trying to keep his account going, but with the funeral and all of the things that happen to a family in bereavement, I stopped. After time I started on w43 as a memorial to him, to all the things he taught me and about the fun you could have meeting people from all around the world through this game. I think I did OK. I never made Top 10 (but I didn't even think I'd make Top 50) so I'm happy and I guess that's the only opinion that counts for this purpose.

On the forums it has been lots of fun. Some really interesting characters. Some *STRANGE* ones, some who seemed to let the pressure of a game get to them, some who were exasperating and some who seem to know EXACTLY what they are doing even when they seem to be stressed. As a study in social anthrpology this is a a really interesting laboratory. I've generally tried to play fair on the forums. I did use the forums in warfare at one stage to break down the morale of my opponents, but generally I have tried to stick with factual and interesting analysis or comments.

Too the many people who provided information, I don't think I revealed any sources. I hope none of you felt used or betrayed. Those of you who accidentally revealed a weakness to me, I don't think I ever exploited it (but be careful with what you say, as the next guy/girl may not be so nice) and those of you who tried to feed me mis-informaton: Shame on you!!!! Mostly you got found out pretty easily and .... well, lets just say that most of them are not playing this world any more.

I'll probably try to keep in contact with this world a bit and maybe lurk and post the occassional forum comment, but I'm going to be very seriously busy with my studies.


A nice wall of text is quite a fitting goodbye from you imo :icon_smile:

But yeah, one more person from the cool group of people (only judging from the short skype chat and your forum posts) leaving TW.
Real life is sweet without it, though with all the studying you'll be doing maybe its a case of being stuck between a rock and a hard place :icon_wink:

Good luck in life and hope things turn out well for you =]


w43 lose very much with your leaving, i can sense u are good person and good persons and always good player no matter where they are on TW rank ladder,
i will miss your common sense and good judgment,
but i understand you
rl is more important.

I wish u all best Capa.


It's a shame to see you go buddy, you were a better poster than I could ever hope to be. We'll miss you, you better be making lot's of money out there! :)


Sorry for the wall technology. I should have used some spoilers and maybe pictures.

Thanks PrimeAbuse. Its been good chatting here and exchanging the occassional mail.

I think you have the crown as the favorite poster Harb. I did get a question about the International just recently. I assume that all of the remaining money is still secure in your numbered account in a tax haven jurisdiction that will remain nameless? :)


I spent it all on hookers and cocaine :icon_redface: The International is now a front for an international drug ring a book publishing company. :icon_wink:

I got fired and replaced by robotic arms some time ago. I'm hoping to get hired as the guy who fixes the things that took my job. Sounds like a great story, no wait... I think it's been done... Oh well, i own the copyrights to copyrighting anyway.

/ends drunken ramble.


The lack of posts in here by FRST members is not down to ingratitude for what you have done for ur tribe since joining but instead down to the fact that we are all posting in the tribe forums. On behalf of all FRST members, thank you and good luck with the next step in your life :)


There goes one of the most interesting and intelligent players of W43. Good luck with your endeavors capacitor.


Did you just call us strange? :icon_rolleyes:

The great thing about TW is that we'll all be here right where you left us when RL allows you to play again. All the best for you in your studies.

wee jock

Thank Goodness we are going to be having a Doctor round about here (even if only occasionally):lol:

From what I understood due to your time in the tribe it is alcoholism and hangover cures you are away to study. :icon_eek:

All the best and I am sure you shall do well.



You've talked with me in great length since the beginning. I really wish you the best, and hope ou'll stay in touch, throughout your doctorate program. Heck, I may even be facing the same thing later on...

Even still, the worst thing about Tribal Wars is losing friends like this. W43 won't be the same without you, but as all of us knows, it is just how it works.

Cap, you were an outstanding individual, and an unbiased poster/instigator. Godspeed.