Farewell TW Friends


I wanted to wish all my TW friends goodbye for the next 2 years or more.

Will be going for Desert Training on April 28th, then I will be getting shipped for a long vacation with no Internet to the middle east to spend some time doing the job I signed up for. It is crazy how much a game can change you but I learned quite a bit from this game and met some great friends along the way. I will for sure come back and play one day. It may not be for a couple years but I will be back to continue nobling you noobs. Keep on keeping on my friends.....


Hooray my friends

Your Friend
~ The Scientist


I thought you quit a while ago... Best of luck to you anyways :)

One Last Shot...

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I did but I got asked to come back and co-play an account here on W73 by a good friend and couldn't turn it down :)

I was honoured to be able to get to play with you on yet another world. I believe this is the 6th world that we have now played alongside each other on, and each world has outshone the last!

Losing my best TW friend for a couple of years sucks, but I'm very proud of you for the career path you have chosen, representing your country.

I'll miss you brother. Make sure to keep in touch :)


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All the best Jimmy. Hope to see you in the future sometime again :)
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