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So far when using the farm assistant, there have been some extra ways that I wished to have in order to organize the list of villages I can attack.

-only show reports of villages located (less than/more than) (selectable/fillable number) squares away

-only show reports of villages with wall levels being (less than/more than) (selection of 1~20)

Currently, I'm farming only villages less than 12 squares away from my region, but I have already scouted an area up to 20 squares surrounding me.

I could simply delete the extra reports if I don't wish to see them, but I would like to not have to do that, as I will soon conquer more villages and get more LCs to farm with, so that would be a huge waste of my time having to scout each village again.

The wall level selection is to make it easier to check wich villages have raised their walls, as most people who use the farm assistant have already gotten used to automatically clicking the C option and might not see that the walls of villages are increasing past a level they want(personally I prefer destroying barb walls as soon as they reach lvl2 to not become more troublesome later).

Thanks for reading my suggestion. :)