At approx 200 vills I decided to change to a same point build and have never looked back.. it did take me a week and half to change all my vills though, killing off troops etc which was a complete pain as I couldn't mass recruit for that period of time. Take my advice, you will come to realise a same points build is so much more efficient, don't leave it as long as I did :p

Yep, the benefits of a same points build far outweigh the benefits of a differing points build for me. Don't worry, I started doing this points thing nice and early :D


Oh goddamn it. Now I've got to spend a ridiculous amount of hours figuring that out now rather than later.
I'm going to miss my mixed up points! But now I'm going to look like all neat :D


don't waste your time, we'll knock your walls down and mess up that points build sooner rather then later