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I'm just coming back into the game after an 8+ year break. Playing on the Classic World and with player protection ending soon I just want to know how the most efficient way of farming is. There used to scripts when I Used to play, but I can't seem to find any on the approved scripts section. Happy to pay for the loot assistant but it seems to be only barbs, is there a way to add player bases to this.

Thanks, and apologies if this is the wrong section.



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Lovely to have you back! :)

As far as I'm aware there has been an effort to limit haul-scripts in general, probably in an effort to "push" the haul assistant.
This means that the haul assistant is by far the most effective farming tool.

Now as you pointed out this does not work on player villages. This means that by enlarge you need to manually farm these. This is time consuming, and I believe that is part of the point, in an attempt to make TW more beginner-friendly.