Favorite W46 Moments


Not on TW stats... give us a link so we can know who pwned us all :icon_smile:


wasnt your favourite w46 moment stealing our OP intel and passing it to our enemy?


1. Lucky enough to get into the #1 tribe on my first world; even though the journey with REBZ before that was a fun one. :)

2. Being able to learn a lot so early, from friend and foe.

Tribal: being apart of kick-ass TSL Ops. (Although I'm sure it would have been fun on either side.)

World: When NellyKnuckles and the rest of A.D.D. were finally kicked out. XD I thought I'd try to get something older out there for people to remember. ;)
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Fav personal:Joining Skill? and jumping straight into the war against 3dx at the time. Taking out the thaddeus04 account with the help of mates.

Fav tribal:Skill? v Anarky War.

Fav world:Watching the world go gray.
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Fav personal: Clearing out K61 and becoming the top continental player (Now led by my bud OddiK)

Fav tribal: Transitioning the 4 tribe world into a 3 tribe world with the help of OddiK and joining TSL.

Fav world: Rejoining the world to fight the TSL-Twist! War!


Fav personal: (sitting margarine to help) Trying to defend in vain when tsl launched operation kill margarine, was the most intense 3 days ive spent on any world, and we were only a few hundred def villas from pulling it off :lol:
joynbooks put it well, "it was like the 300 spartans when the sky went black with arrows".

Fav tribal: Being in -ZH- with margarine and babbic, holding k52 with just 3 players until margarine died.

Fav world: Tearing 3dx away from skyark and forming TSB with Moo and S.Q.
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Fave Personal: Currently happening, watching venge getting internalled knowing the world is now a better place

Fave Tribal: Well for TSL, i'd say joining them in general
:icon_twisted: There alot more fun :D
However for favourite ever tribal moment, it would still be in 500 fighting in k50 from the constant TSL onslaught! :p

Fave World:
:icon_rolleyes: Difficult choice, i'd have to just say re-joining in general. I just can't stay away from w46 :p



Fav personal: Probs my oda, im proud of the oda gained on the eiknx account. wasnt all me by no means..amy did a lot before i joined...i just made it better :)

Fav Tribal: i dont really have one tbh...probs the massive push we made in k25 and k14..showed team work and strength..the ops have gone a bit over the place in recent times but look to be coming back on track

Fav world: joining 46 just in time for the tsl v twist war..even tho it has now got pretty boring...i enjoyed the first few months :)


Kaner keep dreaming mate your a bum, will always be a bum and no you got nothing to be proud of yet and thats a fact, well my opinion but still a fact:icon_razz:
As for me i defo had alot of fun and moments to remember on w46 but as for favourite will get back to ya all the real fun has not even started yet but will keep you updated so you can internal everyone that runs and hides.
You still have a good few and you know it and if not stop using multi accounts it's boring ya:icon_wink:


Guess I'll update mine.

Favorite Personal Moment : I guess expansion through internals really. When put up against a whole wall of stacked front-line villas, it's hard to grow as a 3m point player. In order to grow quickly through barbs, you would need to noble a couple hundred over a month, and that just wasn't appealing. Glad that I'm able to do more, send more nukes, provide more def, etc.

Favorite Tribal : Seeing the southern TSL players flourish after some tough times. Was worried for a little bit about whether or not they would persevere through the inactives that plagued the southern front-lines, but they have come back stronger than ever, and have been doing some pretty impressive things down there.

Favorite World : Watching Pete get replaced with Venge on the Fireyflame account takes the icing on the cake. Twist! might have been better off inter-nobling the account :lol:. Then again, they needed those nobles to conquer isolated barb villages 3 K's deep in TSL territory. Guess y'all have more than enough defense if you guys can spare 400 DV's to protect 4-5 1.5k barbs.



Favorite personal moment
Everytime Dmoron opens his mouth and talks outta his ****

Favorite tribal
Watching as every decent tsl player scrambles down south to try to save the real poor squad they have down there.

Favorite world
Hearing time and time again how good you lot are and how poor we are keep it going it really wouldn't be as enjoyable without your boasts and fantasys

D taking vill's behind lines ain't a bad tactic you are basically slagging off a few of your own tribemates with that statement.

I have done it a few times on this world and first time it broke the whole tribe and most joined us,
2nd time was against you muppets while sitting my bud rumbaki,
Played ya like a load of mugs in k54 with 3 vill's wiped out what 5 full def of yours and 15 off in 2 week's of fun,
Ya main man jabba got pretty pissed and open wasn't happy either all down to 2 off and 1 def lol
You got so much to learn ohhhhhh mouthy one,
Keep growing with those barbs and 1 day you may be, nah your always gonna be a nub sorry bud enjoy
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I don't understand why you are so obsessed with me lol.

I promise you that no TSL player is taking 1.5k barbs 3 K's deep in twist! territory and sacrificing 100 D villas to keep it. It's an awful waste of defense to support a village that will do absolutely no damage to us. Yes, a few players have 1-2 9k point villas that they have had since the war began, and have them stacked since you guys continue wasting hundreds of nukes on them.

And for some reason I doubt you taking a few barbs behind enemy lines made them crumble and mass join your tribe. Haha...


I think i have the deapest village in twist lines apart from 1 vndhl village. The acc has had the village since it was in 3dx. That is only just over 1 K behind enemy lines :icon_rolleyes: so we all do it eh itchy :D


Favorite Personal moment:

Taking over Cdale, getting called a traitor and a thief in his stead (as well as a cheater) (for the ones concerned, I looked over the logs and gave everyone back what they were whining about - from my own account)

Favorite Tribe:

Founding BAM! and starting the war on BARBS! Them annoying uncivilized people!

Favorite World:

I HATE THEM BARBS! Seriously, favorite for me is sending out circulars about errors and just generally receiving messages from certain people *cough*Larry*cough* that the programming is awful. No seriously, I like the world for some reason.
There's lots of drama, the PnP is rather boring if you don't know everyone that well (face it dmoron-itchy-opty-sharkey-whoever else reads and posts here, you guys like each other :p (if not for that war thingy going on)) but its usually a fun read anyway :p


I like most teh people who post :icon_rolleyes: Even some of twist :icon_cool: