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Come at once! Our scouts have uncovered peculiar anvil, larger than any we have ever seen. It bears engravings that belonged to a Mercenary King who hailed from the badlands in a previous age.

If our smiths are correct, it can withstand extreme temperatures and produce wares of untold power. Bring crafting materials so we may unlock its potential!

Dear players,
welcome to our new event! In "The Anvil of the Mercenary King" you will gather and combine metals to craft powerful items. But to make it a little bit challenging you will not know which combination of materials will result in which item!

To lend you a hand in this task we have provided a recipe book to you, which will automatically log all recipes you uncover during the event. For some more tips on how to succeed, please read the instructions below:

The base resource for this event are seven different event-specific materials:
  • Lead
  • Tin
  • Copper
  • Steel
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
Lead, tin, copper and steel are fairly common, while bronze, silver and gold are slightly rarer to find.
While there are several ways to get new materials, but the main way is by performing at least on of the following actions:
  • Recruit troops
  • Construct or upgrade buildings
  • Mint coins
  • Accept trade offers
  • Attack villages
  • Defend villages
Each action has a chance to give you one free, random material. This way you can receive up to eight materials per day.
On the event screen you will see an overview on how many of the free materials you have already received.
Additional ways to receive materials are to complete the event quests and partake in the daily rankings.

The Anvil
To craft an item, simply place three materials on the anvil and craft them. The crafted item will be places into your inventory and the recipe added to your recipe book.
Please note that every recipe will craft an item, there are no recipes which do not yield a result. This means that there are a few items, which may have more than one recipe to craft them.
Also, the required recipes are different for each player! But it will always be that case that using rarer materials (bronze, silver and gold) will result in more valuable items.
Your recipe book will also allow you to filter for specific materials and, if you have all required materials, craft the desired item directly from the recipe book.

Event Details
The event will start on April 10, 2019 at 14:00 and will run until April 24, 2019 14:00. Please note that it might take a few minutes until the event shows up for every player. The event will not be active on HP, Speed and world 100.

Once the event has ended the event itself, all recipes and all left-over materials will be removed; they do not carry over into the next time the event is running. All items which you have crafted during the event and not used will of course remain in your inventory.

We hope you enjoy our new event! Since it is a brand new event we are very much looking forward to your feedback, which you can provide in this thread. Thank you!

- The Tribal Wars Team

Michael Corleone.

safe to say nobody gives a shite about these events and game anymore.



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Looks like an interesting way to kill time between farming runs and idle clicking. I'd probably appreciate the events slightly more if they weren't so easily overused by spamming thousands of PP, but I do like the variety.


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The event was accidentally activated early and then removed. What will happen now?

Do those who profited from the event keep their items or have them removed and pp refunded?


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The event was accidentally activated early and then removed. What will happen now?

Do those who profited from the event keep their items or have them removed and pp refunded?

Long time no see, Marmite^^
From the looks of it, we get to keep the inventory items and the PP got refunded already ;-)

Shinko to Kuma

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It’s too easy to abuse, sure let recipes be buyable but the way it is right now, you can just buy some of the best items in the game for not even 200 pp 14 days in a row. Especially on a newer world, this breaks the flow of the game entirely. Either make it shorter, or make buying bars way more expensive/not possible


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Its also pretty boring. I get all the materials in less than 5 minutes then just do nothing for the next 24hours. Legit forget all about it until i get 10x report spam at 1400 then i just press a couple of buttons and thats it until the next day


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What I believe to be a severe disadvantage with this event is the difference in recipe for items such as the 30% res pack.

Consider the following scenario:

Account A has a recipe of Gold-Silver-Bronze.

Account B has a recipe of Gold-Gold-Gold.

Account A can spend 240PP once a day to get a 30% pack, meanwhile Account B must spend 480PP for the same reward (this just being the first purchased set of bars, not going to get into if one would purchase multiple sets each day).

I would understand if for instance Account B's recipe of Gold-Silver-Bronze was something of "equivalent" value, but when the recipe yields Privilege (which definitely has benefits), in comparison to a 30% res pack is nowhere near as valuable at any state of the game.

This difference, paired with the fact that the event is 2 weeks long, makes the game quite unstable. Assuming the 2 accounts were to buy one pack per day (ignoring whatever free materials are earned), Account B must pay 6720PP to keep pace with Account A, which pays 3360PP (again this is merely first pack of the day, not taking into consideration how Account B's recipe becomes exponentially more expensive with each additional pack per day).


As Jon pointed out the RNG on the recipe for the 30% res packs has an extreme impact on possible growth for an account.
I will break down just how broken this event is for different players in this lengthy post with some math in hopes Inno will be able to think ahead in the future with simular models and fix this event for future uses with mine.

I will refer to Bronze as B, to Silver as S and to Gold as G

So there are three levels of expensive for the recipe:
1: Cheap: BSG.
2: Medium: BBS, BBG, SSB, SSG, GGB, GGS.
3: Expensive: BBB, SSS, GGG.

If we assume the odds of getting a certain recipe are random we could conclude 10% of the player base gets the cheap recipe (as there are 10 recipes total), 60% the medium and 30% the expensive recipe.
Inno does not disclose any odds in this event so we can assume the odds are equal or the regulations of the Apple app store are broken which requires games to disclose odds of loot boxes and likewise items.

The amount of pp required to buy a recipe of these three tiers can be put into formulas, x stands for the number of times the recipe is bought per day, so if x equals 5 this means 5 30% res packets in one day.
Cheap: 3(80((1+x)/2)*x)
Medium: (80((1+x)/2)*x) + (80((1+2x)/2)*2x)
Expensive: (80((1+3x)/2)*3x)

Let me showcase these formulas in a plot for 1 package:

Cheap: 240pp
Medium: 320pp
Expensive: 480pp

As this event runs 14 days, one player needs to spend 14 * (480-240) = 3360pp extra to keep up with someone with some other players who had lucky RNG.
Besides, 3360pp for 420% warehouse boost is insane, no event has ever come close to this ratio of pp per warehouse resource boost.

When we increase the number of packages per day, the difference becomes a lot larger:
Packages on x-axis, pp required on y-axis.

3 packages:
Cheap: 1440pp
Medium: 2160pp
Expensive: 3600pp

So say I have some pp to spend this event, 14 * 1440 = 20160pp
This would equate to 14*3=42 30% res packages for 20k pp which is absolutely broken in my mind, especially as players already spend more than that amount in startup.
Using the daily free materials over a course of 14 days this player could certainly get 3 flag boosters and decrees as well.

Say the player next to me had bad RNG, he drew the expensive recipe while I drew the cheap recipe and he wants to keep up with me.
14 * 3600 = 50400pp
We'd both have a total of 1260% resource warehouse boost (broken) while this player has to spend 50400-20160 = 30240pp more for the same.
That is a total of 300 euros worth of pp just for having bad RNG.

Imagine if I come onto 107 with 1000 euros to spend, the difference in RNG makes it worth my time to make 10 different accounts to find the one with the cheap recipe on it, that is just how unbalanced spending pp is on this event for different players.
When spending more, the difference only gets bigger.

Since there are 10 different combinations to choose from, some players will find the correct recipe 5 days (or more) later than others, which also makes a pretty big difference for competing players spending only a little to no pp.

All in all, the event is way too long, the amount of warehouse boost available for the amount of pp required is completely out of line with other events and the price per recipe per player is greatly unbalanced.
I don't know if this event was even playtested or thought through for more than a coffee break, it certainly doesn't look like it.
Anyone who wants to join 107 and missed this event has no chance to compete just because of how busted this event is.

There is no easy way to fix this event since shortening it dramatically would create problems finding the recipes you want before the event even ends, yet not shortening it is imo not an option.
Even though the number of items in the recipe book is cool at first glance, it doesn't add much value.
A fix would be shortening the event to 4 days but also dramatically decreasing the number of recipes overall.

A fix for the RNG per recipe would be to calculate the cost of a material as a class instead of the individual.
So any rare material starts at 100pp and increases with 30pp per purchase, so 1 bronze, silver and gold would cost 390pp while 3 gold would cost 390pp as well.
Possibly even increase numbers here to bring it in line with other events but more calculations should be done to find an appropriate price

Not directly related to this event but the meta in general:
The Meta created in which flagboosters, decrees and res packs are the only viable items to choose from is not fun.
Sitting for 48 hours straight behind my computer screen to pull resources to one village and mint is not fun, yet necessary to keep up with the top accounts.
Inno as a whole does not support coplaying yet allows it to happen, this meta you have created makes having a competitive account without coplayers impossible because there is no way I can weekly sit 48 hours straight behind my computer to mint solo, an account needs coplayers to actually have a life and play at a top level.
By introducing the watchtower Inno seemed to have a philosophy where they wanted to give solo accounts more of a chance, yet this meta you created does the absolute opposite.
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A fix for the RNG per recipe would be to calculate the cost of a material as a class instead of the individual.
So any rare material starts at 100pp and increases with 30pp per purchase, so 1 bronze, silver and gold would cost 390pp while 3 gold would cost 390pp as well.
Possibly even increase numbers here to bring it in line with other events but more calculations should be done to find an appropriate price
This is the main point that should be improved upon, in my opinion. While still allowing there to be a random factor in recipes, it will reduce the amount that players can be outscaled simply for being "unlucky".

All in all, it has been an interesting experience and we have seen quite some innovation in the rim continents from an efficiency standpoint. It's just a shame that luck in a minigame can have such an enormous effect on the actual long term game.


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The event is pretty fun, I like you your can get a lot of items the most out of all the event, I really like how it runs for 14 days and it only take a short time each day to do it, also I like how the metals you need are different for each person. One thing I do not like is it is a big disadvantage to people that do not spend thousands of pp points on buying stuff so it puts people behind as it is for me(actually this would be for all events) but I guess Tribal wars has earn money some how.
overall I would defiantly run it again so +1 from me

also Thanks you TW's for all the time you invested into making a new event and making TW's even funner.



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completly broken on new worlds if you get lucky. thank you innogames BlessRNG in the chat.

-a rich man

Seems fine if on a world where premium exhcnage is full. (though maybe this is how all events are?)