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Dear players,

even though you leveled their castles to the ground your enemies have rebuild their strongholds to return in full force! It's time to send out your mercenaries again to show them that their defensive structures are no match for your armies! The Castle Assault event is making its grand return! For this iteration we implemented some smaller changes and improvements, which will be explained in this announcement.

The assault launches: October 9, 2018, 2pm
All attacks must cease by: October 23, 2018, 2pm
Participating worlds: All except high performance and World 100

To Battle!
You can join the assault via the village overview or the burning castle icon in the top right corner.

In this event you will be grouped up with 49 other players from your world. On the event screen you will see the castle that is currently under attack and the armies besieging it. Your job will be to use the mercenaries at your command t reinforce the besieging troops and help them bring the castle down. Your available bands of mercenaries are displayed on the event screen. New mercenaries will be recruited to join your army every 30 minutes, to a maximum of 16. Every time you decide to reinforce one branch of the besieging army one group of mercenaries will be sent from your pool and increase the progress bar by four points. Once enough Mercenaries have been allocated the specific branch of your army will fulfill their duties and bring support or attack the castle.

There are three kinds of armies to reinforce:
  • Assault: Knights, footmen and other soldiers. The main attacking forces. When the progress bar is full, 1 to 5 damage (plus bombardment bonus) will be dealt to the castle.
  • Naval Supply: Ships to support the other armies with supplies. When the progress bar is full, it adds 50% of completion to the Assault and Bombardment bar.
  • Bombardment: Catapults and trebuchets used to softening up the strong defensive walls of the castle. When the progress bar is full, it deals 1 point of damage to the castle and raise the damage dealt by Assault by 3 points

Castle Assault
Once the castle reaches zero health points (HP) it is destroyed. The medals contained inside the castle are distributed equally among all participating players and your army moves on to the next castle. Which will hold even more medals inside! Medals are also awarded depending on your position in the individual rankings. The more you contribute to the branches of the besieging army, the more medals you will be awarded with when the respective army is executing the command.
When a castle is below 10 HP, you also have the possibility to raid it. This will deal one point of damage to it immediately and grant extra medals. As a new addition to the event every fourth destroyed castle will now yield additional bonus medals for your group.

Tribe Efforts
If you are part of a tribe, each medal that you earn will also be counted toward the general tribe progress. Once the amount of medals gathered by your tribe reaches a defined amount, a bonus for the whole tribe will be activated for 48 hours! For this iteration of the event four improvements were made to this feature:
  1. You can now contribute additional medals as often as you want, but this will come at increasing costs. These costs are reset every day. Keep in mind that donated medals are only added to the tribe gauge and not to your personal total.
  2. The rewards have been slightly changed. The three stages from lowest to highest required amount are now: +10% recruitment speed, -10& coin cost and +10% resource production.
  3. The required amount of medals has been lowered compared to the previous version. The stages are now unlocked at 75.000, 150.000 and 300.000 medals.
  4. When donating medals your tribe you now have a 50% chance to get at least one additional mercenary, up to a maximum of five. With this you are able to go above the mercenary maximum, but cannot purchase additional mercenaries until you have gone below the maximum again.

Power To The Medal

Your hard earned medals can be used in our event shop to gain powerful items. The items exchanged for medals during the event will remain in your inventory when the event ends. So you can keep some for future use.
Once the event ends, you will still have 24 hours to access the event shop and use your medal, via the event screen. After that, the event screen will be inaccessible, the medals removed and the event shop closed. Please note that when you transfer to a casual world your medals will not be transferred!

Now go and bring down that castle! For glory! ... and Medals.

We are looking forward to your feedback, which you can leave in this thread.

The Tribal Wars Team
Please leave any feedback you have for us on this thread.

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idk. what is this?
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Seems extremely unbalanced, on one side you have people who have filled each bar at least once so far and are on their way to the next (Other players in tribe). On another you are one of a few even participating. the "groups" for this event should be tribe based or atleast activity based. Feels like you can get screwed if the "group" you are in are a bunch of inactive 1k players.


Extremely unbalanced, for example i'm in a group where only 7 have atleast reinforced one time. It's really all down to luck who you're getting grouped by


For future, should probably have the tribal buffs roll over. Got filled up far too fast and easily.


Now that the event is nearing its end.

The group was placed with killed 5 castles (Fell last night) where as there are some people who have killed 11, even 13. (Only mentioning confirmed numbers. Who knows, could be even higher)

Now I understand this is all random and thats fine to an extent when we are talking about 1 maybe 2 buff items. But when someone can make 66k medals to my 18k then there is something seriously wrong and some kind of balancing needs to be looked into. Place players in clan groups? Possibly place them based on points even?

With that said, this was one of the more enjoyable events if the above was fixed somehow.


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Setting teams in stone is way to hard. Let's not count if u are lucky to be in the same team as some big pp user u will get a lot more than other layers if u are lucky enough to have active team u will steal get a lot better results. I don't know why there are missions to rank in the top 25 top 15 when for most of the event my team has 8 members contributing. First 24 hours over and some teams have already reached castle Lvl 9 and some are still on 0 or 1 because of no active players. You should make the event to reset every 3 days, for example, it is to unfair that way. Soma guys managed to get more then 10 medals in a day and some just 2k.


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Point 1:
Fixed, but random groups, makes this event heavily luck based. Either the groups need to reset (say every 48 hours), much larger to minimise the spread/anomalies, or fix them but non-randomly, say to your tribe. This would obviously massively benefit players in big/active tribes, but isn't that the main point of this game...teamwork... It seems kind of silly you could be in a group with an enemy and be directly helping them.

Point 2:
Tribe buffs need to be reworked. Think this whole idea is great, but rn big tribes will get all the buffs in the first few days and then they have nothing to aim for: either they should reset or continue up to gain attack buffs/further Perhaps as well if these could be delayed a little (to allow for planning). i.e. coin reduction starts 24 or 48 hours after you hit the required medals, or players can choose when to start it.