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I just wanted mass decomissioning nobles in the new update as it seems not much work to implement... the code should be here already.

Aswell as the new diamond tier of achievements... they have been in progress for quite some time now z.z


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I just wanted mass decomissioning nobles in the new update as it seems not much work to implement... the code should be here already.

Aswell as the new diamond tier of achievements... they have been in progress for quite some time now z.z
Maybe they are working on a button to spend 140000 resources for 1 grey flag.


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Wow I can’t believe Inno rolled over on this one. Great job @all, you ruined the best feature to come to TW in over 4 years.

@JawJaw I’m so pissed rn I’ll never play TW again.
you only play no hauls tho so you are not their targeted audience. dont think they´ll listen o_O


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now that this situation is resolved can we get a final verdict: is mcdaddy mentally handicapped? or is he the greatest sh*tposter of all time?
I think he was just trolling, if not there is still hope for him and others who liked the update as I’m sure it was not the end of delayed time support idea and it will come back to us in some form. Hopefully they will roll it not as a permanent feature but as an option for very few selected worlds like we have with churches.

As for now it was great to see so many of dinosaurs coming out of the closet to speak up against the update. It was very entertaining, a nice example of community engagement. Hats down to Inno for taking our opinions into considerations. They made the decision very quickly in our favour. Hopefully they will start valuing player feedback more and any new features will be discussed prior to implementation.

Forum activity is another matter. The forums haven’t been in the best shape for some time , but instead of blaming players Inno should be more proactive and bring some old ideas back. 2 years ago some forum personalities were engaged to discuss revival of forums. There were plenty of great ideas like TW Vlogs, blogs, community news, interviews, fan art etc. what happened to that? You left it to the players to do, cmon we need some support here. You could use forum as a promotion for the game on Facebook so there is value for Inno to put some resources into the forums.
Just some ideas that cake to me with the 2nd morning coffee.

Cheers JawJaw


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How is this the best feature in 4 years? This is even worse then watchtower imo.
Because it helps cater to the crowds that:

1. Play from mobile app
2. Have poor internet
3. Do not know what a snipe is or how to snipe
4. Are not able to stare a screen for every second of the day to send snipes out at the exact second that they need to be sent.

This feature was brilliant, it helped the 90% of the people that play who have actual lives. The other 10% came here to moan and cry about not being able to get their jollies off attacking players who don’t know how to snipe.

@JawJaw don’t listen to this lot, half of them are trash players anyways. Makes sense though, if I was a trash player I’d be furious about losing my advantages too.

The forums are only a small percentage of the players. #bringitback

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Farmville and Tribalhugs have been memes on since the beginning of these forums.
Even back then we joked that people wanted to make this game less difficult and more beginner friendly. But the majority has been against that since back then as well.

So seeing updates such as these being presented, to me, is hilarious. The last few years we've seen more like these slowly creep in. Sometimes they were big enough to make some fuss over, often they were just small things that got ignored, though those piled up as well.
Now they came with this huge influential thing that they, judging from JawJaw's responses, didn't think would change things that much.

Which is, AGAIN, hilarious! Because it just shows how far off Innogames is from what their customerbase wants. This has never been an easy game, not in 2006 and not now. Stop trying to make it easier... There is nothing wrong with a game targeting a more niche group of players. Not every game needs to be for the whole family or mobile friendly. Sure a lot of people were happy to be able to play TW on their phone, and it has become unavoidable now. But there are plenty of developers out there who target a small portion of players, such as Paradox with games like Hearts of Iron, you don't need to turn Tribalwars into Clash of Clans or whatever is popular these days. Innogames was popular before these came along, once you guys were frontrunners making a game more challenging than your competition like Travian...

Rather than turning this game into a friendly game, instead you should spend time developing the community with guides or videos teaching people, or hopefully attracting new ones. Rather than making a small little video about an update that would change this game immesnly... That Inno still doesn't get this is just ridiculous.
Do the whales really make up that large of a cut that you can ignore the smaller spenders? I guess so.

Regardless, thanks for the laughs in this thread everyone. It made me check out the forum again at least. And man, this game has been dying for a long time but it certainly isn't the player's fault. Hah. I could rant on because honestly over the years there has been some frustration growing within me... But really I no longer care not play anymore. So whatever.

- Jasper