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Dear community,

Thursday, January, 16th, world 111 will open its gates around 10 AM. Pre-registrations for this world have started. Gather your teams!
>> Register now!

General Settings:

- Building speed: 1.2 (120%)
- Unit Speed: 0.8 (96%)

- Archers: Deactivated
- Paladin / Statue: Multiple, with Skills
- Strongholds : Deactivated
- Bonus Villages: Activated
- Barbarian Villages: Grow to 2,500 points
- Church and Belief: Deactivated
- Watchtower: Activated
- Militia: Activated
- Morale: Activated, points and unlimited time based
- Achievements: Activated
- Noble production: Coins
- Technologies: Simple
- Beginners protection: 5 days
- Beginners protection ratio: Activated, 1:30 for 30 days


- Nightmode: Deactivated
- Choose starting direction: Activated
- Attack timing: Milliseconds (50)
- Fake limit: Activated (1%)
- Limit Noble man walking distance: 150 fields
- Scavenging: Deactivated

Extra :

- Victory conditions: Dominance (a tribe needs to hold 70% of the villages in this world for 18 days)
- Tribe limit: 20
- Flags: Activated
- Limited haul: Deactivated

Premium Features[/B]
- Premium Account: Activated
- Account Manager: Activated
- Farm-Assistent: Activated
- Building time reduction: Activated
- Finish immediately: Activated
- Building cost reduction: Activated
- +20% Production: Activated
- Trading with the merchant: Activated
- Premium Exchange: Activated

Make sure to let us know if you like the settings in the Feedbacktopic!

Good luck!

Your Tribal Wars Team


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"Make sure to let us know if you like the settings in the Feedbacktopic! "

what do i do if i dont like the settings? cry? CAUSE IM GUNNA


I see no point in restricting the tribe limit to 20 if the past worlds with 30 as a member limit led to leading tribes making sister tribes... Literally no point.


i dont mind the settings but.
1. will never like pay to win
2. not a huge fan of archers or watchtowers
3. would love to see the old paladin system back or no paladins at all (this new system sucks)

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Why fake limit, if they are watchtowers enabled?

Why watchtower if there's fake limit ?

Echoing these posts, I don't see much point in a fake limit on a world where watchtowers are activated. Also find it somewhat strange how after w111 settings were announced, these same complaints were flagged and you removed the fake limit - what has changed in 2 months to make you think the community would suddenly love the idea?

Otherwise I do wish the world would include scavenging and be a touch quicker, but beggars can't be choosers.


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I joined yet another new world to see what they are like.
Same choice near enough every world.
Don;t think you really try very hard to be creative to be honest.

Its always coins is that to get players to spend massive amounts of money?

With scavenging around you could make a world like W16.

Lets have packets for a change might wake up the new breed of player to realise there is more to the game than just building up 32 point barbs.


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Not a fan of watchtowers or fake limits, so watchtower plus fake limit means skip.

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a lot of people are not fan of fake limit. let alone combining it with watchtower. if they remove the fake limit. settings are cool overall :)


Insane how the InnoGames developers etc refuse to bring back no haul worlds. Every world that opens, the comment sections always have people saying to have another no haul world. It must be well over a year since the last one. I wont be playing Tribal Wars until the next no haul world. At the very least, they should give the community at least one world where its not Pay to win...


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Everyone: Can we have a no haul please
Also no watchtower
Also no paladin skills
Also no fake limit

Innogames: here is a hauls works with watchtower fake limit and paladin with full skills again!

on this note- no haul please


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Fake limit should stay!

Hate if you will, but the prospect of 1000 incomings is ridiculous. If you want want to force someone to spend a half hour of their own time to search through the incomings for what might be real. Then you should have to to send more than 1 guy pushing a ram across the country. Should be 2% to be honest.

Watch towers.... Love them honestly, forces a whole new set of in game tactics. However the last world also had watch towers, so i will agree people could use a world without them. Weather their is a fake limit or not should have no baring on watchtowers. I would love to play a world with both activated!

Paladins are awesome, but I can see the annoyance. The last world and 109 had them, so a break in-between world would be nice.

Tribe limit is far to small. You just end up with 2 sister tribes and academy tribes. 30 wasn't bad in 109.
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