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if you guys were on the official discord you would know that w116 will be a world for the more experienced players, aka higher speed, harder settings and that little extra spice, confirmed by the high overlord mega god , creator of worlds, JawJaw himself. but this world will be nice for pp farming non-regardless

Ok I should probably get in there because w116 is the one I plan to win for my primary account...Hey one last shot speaking.. lol
That's why, although I see why it's an unpopular setting for some, I think it is a good thing.

Go back 5 years and wars would often have tribes sending 20,000 + fakes at players in a bid to get them to quit or walk away through spamming. That's not strategy - just knowledge of how to use scripts and mindlessly spam attacks out - and is quite a lazy way of winning wars.

The fake limit prevents that and in my opinion it actually keeps people more interested in the game, as it restricts the number of attacks you can send for that purpose.
When you removed the mid tier and low tier players(noob friendly settings complaint) this allowed different variety to hide your fakes which would now be defeated on wt worlds anyway. I do agree drop 2-40k incoming on a player that is not of good size to deal with it, strong fortitude or a meager bit of skill or good tribemates and they would just walk away from the game. That world or altogether, the extremeness of the fake limits imo is a serious issue as it limits the use of your troops.
I also prefer the fake limit. I do wish it could be set a little bit lower like 0.5% or something, though.
Much lower imo would be tired of just burning troops on not set up villages yet.


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the last fake limit worlds i effectively played was w110 and w104 and in both of those people would have over 10k incs on them if they are being opped by the tribes during endgame war which is still massive


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Im going to speak for a few players ive spoken to..putting the fake limits aside,the Game speed is a bit to slow along with the plalin system being removed will definitely effect this world in a negitive way