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Why do we have back to back uber settings? That is RIDICULOUS...that and no simple research settings are my only complaints...I don't know enough about strongholds


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Thank you for the feedback @valtheran88

I am open to negotiate about the Uber setting. :)

What do the others think? :)


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Nah... not my kind of settings.

If do ALL Premium features then set scavenging.
And need night-mode activated!
The Uber* yep that is a good thing that only tribe members can support each other. It at least is a sligt light on the -By Mods friendies- alowed multy accounts created to make 3 tribes under control of 1 player, etc...
TW, a game so long existing, at the start real competitive play where enemies still had fun talks and the game was a game, but nowadays more a sell-out of players to players. Sad... :(


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Love the speed, the decreased unit speed pairs well with no scavs. I'm not a fan of no fake limits, but it's been a while since we had such a world so it's fine i guess.

I do think that the "uber" setting has a place in TW, just feel like it's been a couple of recent worlds with restricted support so i feel like it's been too often.

When it comes to pairing uber with the other world settings, i'm not sure.

Also would love if the world had a 15 tech system and archers, it adds an extra element of strategy/management to the game.


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I honestly thought the suggested world settings I gave you were fair enough.

All I know already, this world is gonna be ridiculously hard.

No nightmode, 50ms gap, no wt on 2.0 speed with uber support so you are getting recapped almost on every village you noble lategame. This world screams for account sharing.

I also highly dislike early game without scavenging. You already don't farm any resources the first few days because pit levels of barbs start at 0.

And 1 barb spawn per every 4.2 players won't cut it. It is like 3.8 additional barbs for every 100 players that join.

I personally don't care so much about uber support, but not being able to farm early game simply sucks. By that I mean mostly the first 2 weeks, which in my opinion is the most crucial part for a new player experience.

I don't think 1 barb per 3 players would be out off the possibilities for worlds that do not have scavenging enabled.

That atleast would help compensate for the loss of scavenging hauls.

Just my personal Feedback.
The rest of the world is fine.
Thanks for 10 tech, 2.0 speed and strongholds
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No scavenging... cmon, it is so boring without it. I also dont understand the reason behind no nightmode. Everything else is pretty good.
Definitely not going to be a noob friendly world.


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Why tech 10? I thought troops were supposed to be the last "sacred" thing in this game that you couldn't just buy with pp. Now during start up players who abuse pp will not only have a ton more villages that are better than yours, they will also in essence be able to buy troops as they buy res to research much higher level techs then everyone else. Was really excited for the world, but what's the point playing a world were someone can start up near you, buy and academy and buy troops right away if they have the pp/money to spend?
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No scavenging, limited barbs for farming, and premium exchange activated? *acts surprised*

Gotta make sure people spend dat money on pp lol

and people actually thought this was gonna be decent world lol


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General Settings:

- Building speed: 2 (200%) - Okay
- Unit Speed: 0.5 (100%) - Okay


- Archers: Deactivated - Personal pref - bad
- Paladin / Statue: Activated, with Skills - Standard
- Strongholds : Activated - Awful, no meaningful skill expression just added unnecessary fluff
- Bonus Villages: Activated - Standard
- Barbarian Villages: Grow and shrink to 2,000 points - okay
- Church and Belief: Deactivated - good
- Watchtower: Deactivated - good
- Militia: Activated - standard
- Morale: Activated, points and unlimited time based - standard
- Achievements: Activated - standard
- Noble production: Coins - standard
- Technologies: 10-Level - garbage - waste of time - pointless in the lategame - unfun in the early game - Aretas is correct with his analysis. Awful design structure and intent. Literally the worst idea to be resurrented or 'reinvented' for several years. Idk why tw community was screeching for weeks about the stupid map changes but not really picking up on this sleeper cancer
- Beginners protection: 4 days - okay
- Beginners protection ratio: Deactivated - okay


- Nightmode: Deactivated - okay
- Choose starting direction: Activated - standard
- Attack timing: Milliseconds (50) - personal pref - good
- Fake limit: Deactivated - good
- Limit Noble man walking distance: 100 fields - personal pref - boring
- Scavenging: Deactivated - 50/50

Extra :

- Victory conditions: Dominance (a tribe needs to hold 70% of the villages in this world for 14 days) - good
- Tribe limit: 25 - good
- Flags: Activated - good
- Limited haul: Deactivated - good
- Support outside Tribe: Über (*) - plz stop with this. I understand what behaviour its intending to stop or prevent but it doesnt really do much in reality. Another 'band-aid' fix over an underlying open wound.
- Harm: Deactivated - da fuck is this

Wont play it, gl hf those who do


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Uber settings suck ass. Also, with all the people that cheat with bots, pay to win, etc... this game is turning people away in droves. You need to get rid of Premium Point crap all together. It takes all the skill out of the game. Some DBag with money to burn can just run away with things in early game. I remember when this game used to be fun. Now its like a game on your phone that is pay to win. Really sad, but that is what Tribal Wars has become...and by the looks of the next world stats, the Devs arent going to change it any time soon.

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When 115 started I found the uber settings to be interesting. However I already found out its a pain. You cannot time support behind your nobles. Its so painful. It would be better if you could actually send support to people outside your tribe, but that it gets recalled immediately if the target is still outside of your tribe.