Feedback World 119


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Please deactivate watchtowers. That's the only big negative I see. Three tier research as well :(.


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Or how about not? You had 4 worlds in a row where you could have played without wt. Finally its back, good to see. And good to see different tech ad well. Finally a world where you need to think a bit and not just do your regular buy the event offer and steamroll. With these settings someone with skill can actually play against the cheaters and whales.


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Three tier tech activated with no harm activated? Three tier tech is alot more fun when there is tribe harm!


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I think I would like to play this world, I would like the night bonus to be included because it pushes you to think about how and when to set up attacks and I would like the paladin too

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clearly i havent done startup in a while. totally screwed myself over as i missed the warning which came up.

as soon as my bp disappeared and i had 72 hrs left im under attack by someone who has pp'd themselves up within the area.

i remember now why i dont bother playing new worlds/


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i dont know i think im just using this world for pp, take next world seriously , sick of competing, might as well join in.