feels like a turtle world.


It's not about losing nobles , it's about losing the village if the enemy knows how to split.
Which is why i said it feels like a turtle world, later on when you have split noble nukes from different villages incoming your only saviour will be defence.

+ support at LC speed with the paladin only supports turtles luckily there is no bonfire otherwise no one would win this world.


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Pp for resources is a MUST pre bp for anyone wanting to make a real go at the game.

1 Overkill ~DK~ 292 1 292
2 Cherube .V. 288 1 288
3 ChapStick .V. 279 1 279
4 donkyho ~DK~ 272 1 272
5 Twilight .V. 262 1 262

I'd consider that a "real go". Muldie and I were first to stable, first to have lc, (though not by much due to others buying res). We did lose rank 1 for a while while mass-producing lc, but only for a few days and were back at rank 1 before 1,000 points again:

1 Overkill Pandas 852 1 852
2 Zentrum der Welt TitanA 736 1 736
3 searching for a life Pandas 733 1 733
4 Twilight SELF 676 1 676
5 LakeWind VV 675 1 675

Ill have 50-100 LC when my BP ends, which is fine by me, id rather not cheat using P2W.
Not to say 50-100 lc is terrible, it isn't, but you can certainly get far more w/o using premium. I'd truly expect a good co-played account (me and muldie or similar) to get upwards of 250 lc on this world before BP ended.
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Nobles N Nukes

I was about 150 lc maybe 200 when BP ended, no premium, no night co. But playing no the rim.