Final Fight

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the recent events while dramatically changing the world i feel really did not set a tone for it to end as the final fight. according to everyone here if these events are to result in the end of the world then a tribe of no more then 60 under the tag of TATS is going to noble every other player not in their tribe. so lets roll with that idea for a min. They have 60 members to noble the whole world so that would require how many nobles. Well even if they were to nuke and scare off lets be generous and say half the world that would still take months just by the numbers. If TATS has allies (i have no idea if they do) this process might speed up to an extent of the skill and numbers of the allies.

So on the opposite side of the ball if TATS fails to take over the world either alone or with allies (really doesnt matter) we come to a part of the game where several smaller branches of decent to good players have been formed of the big main tribes. For reference that the tribes of Fox, Dad, ect...and pretty much involves any tribe like that.

This i find to be very interesting because it has become more of a PA guy next door backs you up kinda situation where now that these players have experienced a great deal of freedom and have targets right on the doorstep they are more inclined to noble and have some fun doing so. While thats great and all the territorial aspect of the game has just been downsized to tribes with maybe at best 10 K's in the overall world as dominance.

Conversely if some of the bigger tribes like exile or axe or really any tribe with more then 30 members can hold it together through the war time they can have a real advantage against these smaller newly formed groups and could possibly bully their way to a win in the world.

So recap...

1)This really isnt the final battle of world 15 as its unclear if TATS will be able to take on (with or without allies that they may have) the numerous enemies that they face (even with the elite heavy in there)
2)Smaller close together active tribes will play a huge role throughout the up coming wars and could provide one side the extra little firepower to win.
3)The downfall of lager tribes (any 30+ member tribes) will cause the world to go backwards in dominance of territory.
4)This is my opinion and solely my opinion of how the world has yet a ways to go.
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