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The Great 1One1

So, just kind of saw Morthy's post in the announcements thread that W24 is done. Even though I haven't played W24 really for about 15 months, it does kinda feel weird and, somewhat, sad to me. But then again, I've always kinda been a sentimental person. W24 was a huge part of my life for about two years, even though I very much had an active RL for the first year of that, I still enjoyed coming onto onto my PC before/after lectures/work/nights out/etc. to chat/snipe/flame and so on. For the second of those years, Tw, and everything that went with it, became my life, mainly because I had one or two problems IRL which kinda encouraged me to return late 2009.

I reckon I played my own part in how the world shaped up, even if it were more through rants in the forums and Skype than in-game play. It's up to others to decide how good I was, but I do believe that I did end up a decent player, even if my early proclamations of being the best player in W24 were purely to wind others up.

If you ask the majority of players in TW, in any world, they will tell you that it is the people that keep them in the game. I personally grew tired of the sniping/timing/faking/etc that had to be done every single day, but the people I were playing with kept me motivated just by spamming Skype with them. I ended up leaving shortly after the merge into Deus due to personal issues with a couple people which kinda affected me IRL, as more than a few of the people were my IRL for a little while.

I had a lot of fun here. I always thought I was above resorting to the internet to make friends, but I did. And even though I have barely spoken to any of you for the last year, and not spoken at all to most, I still remember my time in this world fondly and the relationships I created....even those who I remained in constant flame wars with :icon_wink:

The name "The Great 1One1", despite only having that name for about six months in W24 (some of you may remember I was called cgopie1 before the mods allowed me to change it, and then I deleted my account shortly before I returned in Jan 2010, to play a new account), has become my default internet alias for practically everything since, even my Facebook domain name (though I usually leave out the spaces).

I don't often have time to log onto Skype any more, but you ever see me online there and fancy saying hello, then by all means go for it. For those that don't have me added, I'm christian.gopie.

For those who ended up having problems with me; if you ever decide to change your mind, then my door is always open for you. Always. It'd mean the world to me if you ever decided to walk through.

Take care all, both IRL and in future worlds.

Knight Saber

Sounds like someone is fishing for hugs. ;)


It’s always sad when the world lost a good soul

Please forgive me

Peace by everyone

I will be missed by the world and everyone
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