First War thoughts


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hey guys just something to add to the forums a bit. post here who you think is the most likely to go to war with another large tribe and why be it over space, relations, or any such reason. it needn't be based on in game intel, though i certainly wont turn it down ;). could just be an analysis of the map or knowledge that such and such from tribe a has a bone to pick with so and so from tribe b

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JEDI family vs WET family for k44.

Currently have diplomacy but I cant see lasting too long. I predict a WET backstab as JEDI look east.


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We started it. Kinda. Well, we op'd first by a day. We both wanted to fight. Been a ton of fun so far.
Since you are the only large tribe in your K, defending the other top tribes is right. You wont be pushing into K55 anytime soon and I cant see Jedi letting you in either.