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I'm a little spacey rn so I apologize if this post is random/not useful to most I do apologize but I hope some of you can take something away from it.

PP whores.... they're everywhere right? So how do you keep competitive without taking a second mortgage on your house? Hell, How does tudadar pp whore so hard every world without going completely broke? You could spend a few worlds PP farming & then try your luck out as a PP whore or by using this method; you can guarantee yourself a steady supply of premium for the early/midgame parts of the world with no financial investment whatsoever required.

What is this magical formula I speak of? Flipping. The art of buying Resources from the market when rates are high and selling that very same res when or where the rates are lower. This won't be the best flipping guide you'll ever see; and i'm sure there are a few made before mine but I thought I'd share a trick with the community I've picked up that has helped me out a lot and I hope will be helpful to you.

*I also want to say that this method, if done incorrectly, can in fact lose you resources, time, PP or worst of all your village. Do not prioritize flipping over the growth of your account and be mindful if you start to lag behind those around you*

Things you need:
-Initial investment (this can be as low as 1pp or as high as you want; obviously the more the flip; the more PP you make but more work/math is required and on the flip side the less PP you have the more time it will take to make PP) [If you have 0pp see below for the*]
-Time (you need to be outfarming those PP whoring around you in order to make up for your deficit of having resources constantly in transit)
-Excel or a pen/paper (something to write down a lot of numbers)
-A good market level & WH

Ideally you should Rush yourself to:
-100 pp (the more the better)
-level 15 market (gives you 35 merchants) [eventually you want this at level 22]
-level 21 WH (stores 62.305 of each) [eventually you want this at level 30]
-Silver farming awards..... 1m farmed is really not that much...

First off you should have WH as high as possible to use resource packs in all villages, second a market higher than level 22 is completely unnecessary ... this will give you 154 merchants which allows you to move 154.000 resources every 4 hrs from a single village.... if you don't have multiple villages before you get a level 22 market you are doing it wrong & should start turtling as you've likely been identified as a juicy target.

So as we all know - the lowest exchange rate possible is 64 resources for 1 premium point. You will find this rate very often in the first few days of any world and even selling 960 of each resource will garner you 45 premium points total at these rates. So while useless to us now; for future worlds where you have no premium remember that selling about ~2.5k of each resource will give you around ~100 premium points which is more than enough to start with. I recommend rushing your market to level 3 if you are planning on doing this to allow you to sell in batches of 960 and keep your resources relatively even.

*If you have 0pp at this stage you are at a huge disadvantage.... even the outskirt Ks are barely boasting rates better than 200:1 but this doesn't mean you cannot use this method - just it will take you a lot more time. Your first objective should be to sell as few resources for as much premium as you can... if you are in one of the 4 main Ks (K44, K54, K45, K55) selling while rates are under 500:1 is advised :) Otherwise take a day to take notes on how the rates change throughout the day.... while it's not guaranteed to repeat itself by any means; it will give you a good idea of the swing in the premium market economy and how much it fluctuates.

Even once you've established yourself as a seller keep track of the rates throughout the day - does someone shoot the rates up everynight? Is there a time the rates are at an all time low? Find the best times to buy/sell resources and most importantly & buy/sell smartly :p This is where the pen & paper/excel comes into play; everytime you buy resources; you should write down exactly how many resources you are getting and for how much. This is important when it comes time to sell.

We're going to assume you only have like 10pp just to keep it simple & to show you how easy it is. There are two main ways to flip resources.

The first method is standard... you buy resources when rates are high (over 800:1) and sell when the rates drop low (under 400:1); by doing this you more or less (it's actually less due to the rates changing as you sell; shown below) you effectively double your investment. Whether you choose to reinvest these resources in more premium or use them to build your village (or use for a combo of both) is up to you and depends entirely on your currently financial situation in game. This method is really easy to do & can really bolster your growth if you'd got patience.

so here is K54 atm..... obviously the best rates right now are on wood - so I'm going to make a small investment there.

so I got 5468 wood for 6pp or about 911.33 wood per premium point (notice that's less than the 957:1 advertised despite being such a small purchase - and now the market looks like this. If you're asking why I bought 4800 it's for selling purposes which will come up later, but keep in mind that I am getting 5468 wood.

so just buying 5k resources dropped the rate by over 100:1.... now if I were to buy another 5k....

I would only be getting 822.33 wood per PP.... a much worse rate than before. This is why its so important to write down exactly what you are spending so when it comes time to sell you can ensure you are actually making profit. It's also why smaller transactions will generally be more profitable. Now assuming I have only 1 village - I would simply periodically check the rates of the market and sell once someone buys a large bulk of resources to make a profit; example once the rates are under 400:1 I would sell the same ~5k wood for around 12pp. When you only have one village (or villages in 1 K) - patience is a big part of it. Here we are almost 7 hours later and I am able to make profit off my purchase earlier.

In addition to making 10pp profit - I also got 534 wood for free just because I was patient.

To better use the flipping system it's important to expand into multiple Ks so you can take advantage of different rates in different Ks. When one K has extremely high rates; buy as much as you can while keeping track of what you spend and ship those res to a different K with lower rates to sell at. This is why it's so important to have high market/WH levels as it allows you to move more resources & to store more resources (allowing you to be patient while awaiting selling time). Let's look at K54 to K64 right now.



so since I have villages in both these Ks - I can play the rates between them; and obviously it's looking like Clay is king right now. So I will buy 5k in K54 and send it to K64... since I already have some res in reserve in K64 I can sell in advance of my res from K54 arriving and take advantage of the rates right now. It's very important if you are flipping to keep a small reserve of resources in every village for this exact purpose.

So there's a free 2pp and over 1k free clay.... now it may seem like not a lot; but it does add up if you do it often. (again the 4800 is really for selling NOT buying and you may need to manually adjust this to find the most efficient way to use your merchants..... but it's to keep from using 6 merchants for like 5030 res :p ) Notice this method garnered me less PP than the single village but took significantly less time and thus I could repeat it multiple times and make up for the deficit. Also usually the rates are much different over a K border until a lot of people start to play the rates and it will slowly level out.

Now I think I've just about gone over everything....

To conclude:

-Buy resources in small increments & meticulously monitor the rates of your Ks
-Get you WH to 30 & your market to 22 [I typically lower this in the late game to allow more room for troops; but early game it is so useful - especially to ship large amounts of resources to new villages to help grow them, and to mass sell when rates are stupid low]
-When you do buy resources keep track of how much you are spending/making back
-Don't prioritize flipping over your accounts growth; this is a very easy way to lag behind while piling up PP you won't have the chance to use since someone will likely target you; remember to reinvest what you make!
-Get into multiple Ks as quickly as possible to take advantage of the difference in rates

Anyhow - obviously my method isn't perfect; so if you've got suggestions to improve it I'm more than happy to hear them :) Otherwise if flipping is new to you I hope you found this guide useful and you can get yourself competing with the toppers in no time (ily jawris :p )

-FC out.

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as usual a fun read! thank ye Clydiepoo!

can ye help with math o' larger buys n' sells? just to show why a bunch o' smaller increments would be mo' profitable than larger ones. Also what 'bout usin the trader ta balance the res once ye've baught a bulk o' a specific ressie?

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as usual a fun read! thank ye Clydiepoo!

can ye help with math o' larger buys n' sells? just to show why a bunch o' smaller increments would be mo' profitable than larger ones.of Also what 'bout usin the trader ta balance the res once ye've baught a bulk o' a specific ressie?
I will post something more in depth tomorrow but essentially the more resources you buy in bulk - the worse the rate is going to be when you buy it ... notice how when I tried to buy that second 4.8k wood; I was getting less wood for the same price... If I were to buy say 15k - the rates would be drastically altered ultimately affecting your profit; I recommend using big buys to sell over the K border only as it can be risky playing with the rates of one village.

So here's an example of why its better to buy in small increments...... here's K54 trying to buy 5k wood & 25k wood respectively

but that's 551.17 wood per PP when I buy 25k compared to compared to 634.63 wood per PP when I'm only buying 5k.... it's just more profitable to make more frequent, smaller transactions playing on when the rates of the market are the best (obviously I wouldn't be buying 5k wood for 8 pp even; this is just an example... rates are not buying/selling rates atm :p). But I wish I could tell you the exact fomula/algorithm TW uses to adjust the market rates to best calculate exactly when is best to buy what amounts of resources but sadly I do not know it :S

Another great point raised - say one resource is particularly at a much higher rate than the other two.... say 1300:1 for example sake where the other two are significantly lower (or even just one of them; around 500:1) depending on the amount of resources you bought; calculate how much you would get for selling directly as it's original resource and if you are making over 10 PP profit by changing the resource to another type than by all means do it - otherwise I would remind you that even at the shittiest rates shown above you buy resources with that 10pp..... that's still about 6.5k resources even at the worst rates there :p


Aye, I do see the point in buyin less fer a higher res: pp ratio. BUT a test a mate did were to buy a bulk at 1,400 n' then sell back (from reserves) at 200 immediatelt. Hence earnin most o' the spent PP back n' gainin a significant res profit, which later he shipped ta a new K n' sold for PP profit (while savin some res fer spendin as well).

guess the whole PP market game can have several approaches n' benefits, one would need ta write a book on this as't prolly works much like RL stock market.


Good stuff... You should be paid for making quality posts like this.