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Welcome ladies & gentlemen to the much awaited and long delayed follow up to the one & only Fleezzers News ! Now this edition is very special because none of it would be possible without the diligence, hardwork and immense help of @King Jeffery who is an absolute legend <3 Together we have amassed countless interviews from nearly every top tribe which we will dissect for you below to give you the best picture of where we stand currently in w110 since the last update !


The Big Dogs


As w110 firmly enters midgame, a solid 3 favourites and several underdogs have emerged for the world to keep pace with. In the far North, third ranked Design look to have built the TW equivalent of Helm's Deep and with their roster it looks like it will take a true Uruk-hai army of some number to breach their dense ranks. In the North East, AMG is firmly locked in a cold war with AMG while they extensively push south and central. Centrally locked OUT seem to be slowly being pushed out of the west but appear to be regrouping behind AMG lines. In the west, first placed Ruckus look to secure the rim while simultaneously pushing in rimwards.... meanwhile the SE remains anyone's territory with .M. haven emerged as the dominant tribe in the region, however TRD, SGC, SARCOW, Ruckus and AMG all respectively look to make their claims in the region. The SE currently reminds me of the European scramble for Africa, with vast riches at stake, will our tribes simulate real life and divide the region diplomatically - or will there be war?

Now let's get into the interviews with the top 5! We did our best to get an interview from both a duke and a general member to give you the best insight into how these top tribes operate and stay motivated.


Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 8:46 AM
So hello Elmas ! You are the coduke of Ruckus we didn't get to interview last time so nows your chance to shine Now if you don't mind me asking what conflicts is your tribe currently engaged in & how did they begin?

a.k.a elmoo Yesterday at 8:59 AM
Hey Fleez, glad to have a chance to speak now
We are almost done with couple of rim wars, including one with Omni [O]. They had some very good OG players, and fought tough, but we had the numbers, so their chances were slim.
Also, we are fighting couple of core wars. Actually, lets call it one war against coallition tribes (first SnD, then Out, Psy...). Eventually, Psy guys merged into AMG, SnD into Out tribe, and now we have Out+AMG against us. Its not official, since we are still taking villages from Psy refugees, but I guess original AMG players will put more resistance and make these core battles interesting

Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 9:06 AM
Very interesting ! So you are more or less unofficially warring AMG over Psy refugees ? Has AMG leadership been contacted about this or not yet ? And quickly back to Ruckus, do you feel your positioning on the map has given you advantages in the conflicts you are currently fighting or has it been down purely to size & skill of Ruckus?

a.k.a elmoo Yesterday at 9:32 AM
Well, they jumped into AMG while we had our OP on Psy (small OP, 5 of our players to be precise, nothing serious). But support from AMG was not enough. Refugees lacked skill, free time, troops, or all of the above (I think only Marx gave some decent fight). My coduke, Hybris, is doing all diplo stuff, while my focus is more on tactical spreading and OPs. So far, we havent recieved any word from AMG council regarding this (or I missed something, sorry Niko if I did, but Im like 90% sure).
Ruckus is a tribe made of players who fought on worlds before, and we knew who was worth premade invite. Fast growth has never been questioned, skill neither. Therefore, we gained pretty good position for this game phase. Rim is almost secured, players are still hungry for more blood, and I think we have a great position for these conflicts.

Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 9:48 AM
Well I won't prod more into the AMG issue as that seems something that is a bit precarious currently but I'm glad you are happy with your tribe! Now do you feel any past worlds have helped prepare you for this one or has W110 been a new experiance for you ? Also may I ask what has been your hardest decision as a leader thus far? And did you regret the decision you made ?

a.k.a elmoo Yesterday at 10:11 AM
We kinda had "trial world" before w110. I came on w105, with couple of players from croatian server. Together with some new guys we met, we took control over the SW. On the SE, there was PTV tribe, led by Hybris (and some other people, will just mention him, so we dont go much off topic). Naturally, our two tribes started a huge war, for the control of the south. That war was some kind of filter for w110. Players who are playing in Ruckus now, are mostly the best soldiers from that war, on both sides. Together with some other people from w105, and our friends from the past worlds, we came well prepared on w110.

Initially, we had no intention of recruiting new players, but we accepted couple of enthusiastic applications. Some guys are still with us, giving their best, but some of them, we had to internal, due to disobedience and not playing by the rules. I dont like doing that, but sometimes, its necessary, so I have no regrets regarding that(edited)

Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 10:17 AM
Fair enough that does happen - is the nature of TW when you want to win not everyone can cut it so to speak. May I ask what you think the greatest strength of Ruckus is? And conversely what do you see as your greatest obstacle moving forward?

a.k.a elmoo Yesterday at 10:28 AM
I think, our greatest strength is team spirit and atmosphere. Hopefully, in dark hours, it will remain the same and encourage us not to give up. Also, we have a lot of good individuals, capable of smashing toughest opponents

As obstacle, maybe the fact that most of the players are fresh .net players (but still very experienced, on some other servers). We might have less contacts than players who have been playing here for years. I hope, our strength will keep us ahead of obstacles

Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 10:31 AM
Awesome thank you for that ! Now if you could recruit any player from anywhere in the world to Ruckus- who would it be & why? And other than winning the world does Ruckus have any other goals they want to achieve this world ?

a.k.a elmoo Yesterday at 10:45 AM
Ruckus already achieved what Niko and I planned some time ago, to create strong tribe, where players will respect each other, share game and RL experience, laugh, compete...We are all different personalities, from various corners of the World, and our goal of uniting us was one of my proudest moments in tw history.

There are a lot of good players on w110, but I always like those not loud, but effective. Spoke several times with Cranberry Sprite on this world (randomly met him on w110, didnt know him from before) and saw his nature would fit in Ruckus easily. Also, he has nice ODA, ODS and solid rank. From my perspective, looks like team player, always ready to cheer up

Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 10:48 AM
Well I'm glad to hear that - sounds like you are happy with your setup ! I'd like to thank you so much for your time today & give you the chance to say any final comments or thoughts to the community?

a.k.a elmoo Yesterday at 10:56 AM
Thank you for the opportunity to talk, and your free time to make externals entertaining.
I want to say, this is just the game we all adore, and spending great piece of time playing it. Lets respect each other, not much of us left. Try to help new players, we were all newbies long time ago. Peace out

Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 10:57 AM
Thank you elmas !

Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 4:31 AM
So Simon ! You are part of the Bippe boys on Ruckus correct ? How do you like being a member of Ruckus so far overall ?

Bippe Stankelbein Yesterday at 4:32 AM
It's been pretty good so far. Everyone in the tribe is really nice (except for Niko and Brage ofc)

Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 4:33 AM
Well that's good ! How did you end up deciding to play with Ruckus?

Bippe Stankelbein Yesterday at 4:33 AM
Well, unlike most of Ruckus, we were not invited to the premade
but we started in their area
and recognized a lot of the members from w105
including Saint Laurent (where I played on w105)
so we asked them to join

Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 4:35 AM

Ah so have you played with most of Ruckus before or is it a good mix of old friends and new ? How does playing in Ruckus compare to playing in other tribes such as your one on w105?

Bippe Stankelbein Yesterday at 4:36 AM
I don't think I knew anyone in Ruckus before w105 (except for my own cos), so not really that good of friends
As for the tribe, it is a lot better than PTV! (105 tribe)
almost everyone is very active and skilled here
can't say the same for PTV
it is definitely on of the best tribes I've ever been in, although that doesn't really take a lot
also, please notice how I wrote definitely correctly on the first try

Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 4:39 AM
Well I'm really glad to hear that tribe wise things have been going well for you! Now may I ask what has been the most satisfying moment for you personally (as an account) over the course of this world?

Bippe Stankelbein Yesterday at 4:40 AM
we haven't really had a lot of satisfying moments really, as we haven't had a lot of tough matchups so far
It was nice seeing Squad fall as quickly as they did
and it's also nice finally reaching the end of Prince Jeffrey and the rest of O

Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 4:43 AM
Fair enough ! [O] did have quite a good looking roster do you feel they lived up to their reputations or not so much? Moreover do before I forget do you have any personal goals/objectives for your account before the end of the world ?

Bippe Stankelbein Yesterday at 4:43 AM
Honestly, they were super disappointing
I realized they were a lot smaller than us at the start of the world

Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 4:48 AM
Fair enough ! What about any personal goals for your account ? No rank 1 dreams? 100 looters? 100 AOTDs? :kissing_heart: Also if you were given Duke privileges for a day and could invite 1 player from anywhere in the world to join Ruckus, who would it be and why?

Bippe Stankelbein Yesterday at 5:07 AM
but except for King Jeffrey they basically didn't put up much of a fight at all
We don't really have any account goals atm, but we have talked some about trying to finish in the top 10
as for inviting someone, I would probably go for TreX
from what I've heard he is very skilled
and he already borders us, so it would be doable to hold his villages

Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 5:11 AM
Fair enough quite a pragmatic choice I dig it :grin: maybe Niko should make you duke for real hehe ! now down to our final questions - pretending Ruckus didn't exist & any tribe would accept you, what other tribe on W110 would you play in? In all your years of playing who has been the most interesting player to play against or with? And finally do you have any final comments for the world about anything at all ?

Bippe Stankelbein Yesterday at 5:12 AM
I'd probably chose Design (Shoot me an inv Babin :kissing_heart: ), they seem good, and unlike AMG they aren't totally delusional
Most interesting player to play with/against has to be Tore from .no
he's a big clown and I don't know if he ever won
but at least he made the worlds interesting
lots of propaganda
and really stupid tactical decisions
so yeah, Tore/Bobil from .no
and final comment is that Mitch/Superdog does not need to have so much attitude in our PMs

Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 5:15 AM
Awesome! well thank you for your time today Simon you've give us great insight into what it's like in Ruckus ! We look forward to seeing how the future unfolds!


*NOTE* Huge thank you to Ragnar of AMG for interviewing afterall! The following is a transcript between King Jeffrey (bold) and Ragnar (normal)
Can you tell me a little more about your tribe?

“AMG consists of Odin and Ragnar, they met and fell in love and that was Odin‘s first world. Both Odin and Ragnar were in the last month of world 90, and both deleted to leave on their own print on this game, this journey started in world 94 with the theme of Valhalla, and fellow vikings and warriors and shield maidens have been joining our cause for 16 worlds now. Maybe this world will be to note the biggest battles. I don’t know what the other tribes are doing, but our OD shows that our Valhalla legacy is still tact.” - Freyja

AMG was first under WUS governed by Ryan a player on ‘A Noble Symphony’ -> then Ryan moved to ‘Supergood at TW’ -> then to ‘Bigfella’.

Ryan and his crew were in bed with design and had plans to attack and kill Odin, so Odin and Freyja lead a rebellion to overthrow him which caused the split in WUS and have now hunted Bigfella through the tribes he has escaped to. Recently he has now been rimmed.

What conflicts if any are you currently involved in? Why are you in them?

TRD, SGC, Design. SGC is the last tribe Bigfella ran to so that sparked the war there. Trex from Design and Odin have old issues from 104 where they fought previously.

How does your location on the map affect the way you’re conducting current conflicts?

Front with Design, Front with TRD, Front with SGC, Allied with OUT, New recruits from Psycho are buffer with Ruckus. We’re focusing on our BL in order to build that out for the wars to come.

How have your successes and failures on previous worlds prepared you for this one?

We’ve learned to better secure our backline, keeping to morals and principles, and never merging.

What has been the hardest decision you’ve had to make as a leader this world, have you come to regret that decision in the time since?

Hardest decision would have been to attack Bigfella, he was one of my closest (Friends). He had decided to listen to Ryan too much and that lead to events ending in our conflict.

Who makes up the core group of AMG?

Odin, Freyja, Tesla Zack, Goddess Bestla, Bill on Seven Devils have been part of our core group for several worlds now, and we have a new friend Mythologicals, who we’ve trained up on this world and have enjoyed as an addition

In general what would you say is your tribes greatest strength?

We don’t sell out. A lot of the best players sell out, we fight to the death. And keep to our code.

Switching gears from strengths, what would you say would be the greatest obstacle (other than other tribes) that your group has to overcome?

Activity, Real life, when you’re an aggressive tribe you have to manage time, which is always a challenge

Other than of course winning the world, is there another objective that would be ideal for your group to achieve by world end?

We try to find that diamond in the rough every world, build stronger unity, and as a group grow.

I know as leaders you often have to sacrifice personal goals for the sake of the tribe, do you have a personal goal that you would like to achieve by worlds end?

My personal goal would be to see a long fair fight, I’m sick of merging. People say they’re “the world’s best leader.” But really that’s not true, they’re the world’s best mergers.

Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 8:50 AM
So Teh Gow you are also known as Seven Devils in game correct? You are a member of AMG currently yes ? Overall how has your experiance as a member been?

Teh Gow Yesterday at 8:53 AM
Yes, that is correct. As i expected it to be, painful and chaotic with plenty of enemies everywhere.. But it's all in good fun with daily adventures. Brings something extra to the Game & found plenty of good people in AMG to play with.

Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 8:54 AM
That's awesome to hear ! Now how did you end up in AMG? were you recruited this world or prior to it? And How does AMG compare to tribes you've been part of in the past ?

Teh Gow Yesterday at 8:59 AM
I met Ragnar & Baker in W90 where we forged a bond, we worked very well together with our diffrent play styles and we compliment eachother Very good. We fought Norwegians on that world as well, and trex n his crew actually. We lost, big time. But the norwegians recruited us to not lose to trex n his crew lol, so its all good. I was called for by ragnar and i answered his call, loyal to the last drop. AMG is very noobfriendly i'd say, yeah you hear alot of shit that we internal alot, and it's true, but those who are willing to learn and play have nothing to fear, we have some great teachers in this tribe. Skillwise, it is abit lacking for sure, but as we recruit we also find gems hidden away. It is, one of the hardest worlds i have played though, good opposition as well.

Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 9:05 AM
Awesome bro I really appreciate your honesty there that was a very intriguing answer ! Now as a player do you have any personal objectives/goals you'd like to achieve this world ? Moreover what has been the most satisfying moment IG for you as a player thus far?

Teh Gow Yesterday at 9:10 AM
My goals are always to win, if it is possible to win this world i don't know, it does not look like it would be easy. That is sort of why i am here though, to make it a challenge for once. I believe finishing the boosts on the barbs i took... 2 months but i held in..

Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 9:13 AM

Very interesting! Well I wish you the best of luck in achieving that - hypothetically however if AMG didn't exist... what other W110 tribe would you join assuming any would accept you?

Teh Gow Yesterday at 9:16 AM
Would not be playing w110 if AMG wasn't here

Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 9:18 AM
I respect that a lot ! Now just out of curiosity, if you were made duke for the day of AMG and could recruit 1 player off W110 to your tribe.... from anywhere in the world ... who would it be and why? And finally do you have any final thoughts or comments you'd like to share with the community ?

Teh Gow Yesterday at 9:23 AM
I am very amazed by Snyltarn so it would have to be him, i am sure there are alot more worthy players out there but, this would be my first draft for sure. Top 5 Defender and supporter, holding off Ruckus, do i need to say more? Pretty sure Ruckus would want to recruit him as well. Final words, keep honest and loyal, .net seem to lack these qualities. We be seeing you all soon

Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 9:25 AM
Thank you candidly for your time today


Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 4:28 AM
Hey Babin thank you for speaking with us today ! For those who do not know Babin is Weird Flex but Ok, duke of Design. Now if you wouldn't mind telling us how do you feel your tribe is doing so far this world since we last spoke ?

Babin Yesterday at 4:39 AM
Its going alright, we're just chilling pretty much.

Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 4:40 AM
Now we know there is a long time fued with AMG - Are you able to update us at all on what's been happening on that front or have you been focused on other objectives in the meantime?

Babin Yesterday at 4:44 AM
We've pretty much just turned a blind eye towards one another right now, we weren't gaining anything from yeeting cats at one another daily and losing countless of our tribes nukes over and over. We started this world 2 weeks later than all the other tribes around, so we are obviously technically behind everyone 2 weeks, granted it might not seem like a lot but this game is all about exponential growth; so we figured that we were just hindering ourselves even more not focusing on things that needed focused on rather than having a pissing contest with AMG.

Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 4:47 AM
Much respect for that ! With AMG on hold are you able to tell us who the current unlucky victims are ? But back to your positioning you seem kinda wedged in a bit of a tough position up in the north; has this positioning affected your strategy majorly or have you been more or less unsurprised by what's happened so far this world ?

Babin Yesterday at 4:51 AM
We just finished Winter/Rebels, so we're just chilling and rebuilding for now seeing what happens this rebuild week pretty muhc. And yeah this positioning isn't the best, honestly haven't ever really had to worry about being stuck between two big tribes, typically we try to kill them before they breed kinda thing. But ODIN and SL decided that they wanted to do a weird flex, but okay and spent hella prem to landlock us up north. We've just resulted in overcompensating with lack of targets with more barbs. And "surprised" about what? Its part of the game now to unload prem. Doesn't really affect me.

Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 4:53 AM
Yeah fair enough you are kinda stuck between a rock & a hard place but I'm sure you have confidence in your lads to pull through? I guess I meant were you suprised to see two tribes gunning for you ? do you feel previous worlds have helped prepare you for your current situation ? Furthermore, so far on W110 what has been the hardest decision you've had to make as duke & did you come to regret it ?

Babin Yesterday at 5:00 AM
Well, we kinda were the ones that "gunned" for AMG, rather than them gunning for us. Ruckus on the other hand probably made decisions that they made to swallow the cluster of barbs on our frontline more or less to have a pissing contest with us. I don't think Ruckus are "gunning" for us either in my opinion. They know that they've had huge spenders that allowed them to be in an amazing position this world and have used it to their benefit in an amazing way. I guess hardest decision to make was that border agreement with Ruckus, but meh kept our bois alive for awhile don't regret it. We've milked this world of what fun we could have this world honestly.

Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 5:02 AM
Fair enough I respect that ! You are very much a leader with his head screwed on. Now if you dont mind me asking what would you say the greatest strength of your tribe is ? And conversely, what obstacle do you see as the most important to overcoming to win this world ?

Babin Yesterday at 5:09 AM
I guess our greatest strength is our meme content; we just keep ourselves entertained this world rather its just trolling randoms in the discord or trolling ourselves. Makes the entertainment and time wasted on this world worth it. And to answer your question about "obstacle most important to winning" honestly, haven't put to much time or effort into thinking about it. More or less started 2weeks late just to troll odin setting ourselves back smashing odin and his bois setting us back, half our lineup dedicated to other worlds, spies joining our tribe, and or even being drug in from retirement. We never came to this world with intent of pulling the W out. If we did we wouldn't have started where we did; we would've started in South East where its just still uncontested land due to sarcow not being able to secure their K still yet lol.

Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 5:13 AM
Well thank you for your candid answer ! Now down to our final questions for the day - if you could recruit one account anywhere in the world to your tribe, who would it be and why? And finally do you have any final thoughts or comments for the community?

Babin Yesterday at 5:15 AM
I'd recruit Niko, so we could make Ruckus our academy tribe that'd be lit. I guess final comments for the community is that Design is currently recruiting and we're looking for new academy tribes if anyone want to apply? (Maybe sarcow)

Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 5:16 AM
Oof power move right there :rofl: well as always thank you for your time today Babin & we look forward to seeing what the future has in store !

Babin Yesterday at 5:19 AM
Yeah sounds good

Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 9:22 AM
Ok so Ryan you play on Cranberry Sprite in design correct? How did you come to be apart of the Design crew ?

Ryan Yesterday at 9:25 AM
I've been playing with Babin since early 109 when I merged my tribe into his He offered some illicit pics and I couldn't refuse

Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 9:28 AM
Yeah fair enough Babin is a good looking bloke idk who could resist so how do you like playing in Design & how does it compare to playing in previous tribes - including toxic !

Ryan Yesterday at 9:34 AM
Impossible to resist, so just give in ya know? Design is a very organized tribe and like any other top tier tribe, it has it's checks and balances. Not just one man running the show, all opinions are brought into the mix and create the direction that the tribe goes. I like playing in Design a lot because everyone here is very nice! Very cliché, but its the truth, we're all equally toxic and everyone makes sure to shit on each other Design when compared to Toxic is a well oiled machine, a few models newer too! (I'll try not to suck Babin too much) but he was pretty much the sole leadership in 109 and he nailed it, it was tough for him to do everything, run ops and get back to everyone. Where as on 110, there are a ton of peeps in leadership to talk to. Everyone is always updated and things are always smooth and fair. Internals are distributed to those who contribute the most, so if you want your ish, you got to earn your keep kind of thing. I love Design

Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 9:45 AM
Fair enough thank you for that ! I'm glad to hear you are enjoying design & sounds like a really tight knit unit you are building Now that we know how you feel about your tribe; would you mind telling us a bit about the objectives or goals for your account not related to your tribe? Maybe Rank 1 ? 100 looters ? 100 AOTDs? what's the cranberry man after this world ?

Ryan Yesterday at 9:48 AM
Goal would prob be to end the world top 10. Anything above that would be overambitious. There are some monsters in this world hahaha, I'm in it for the long haul. I am a huge turtle so I'm honestly just looking forward to getting down and dirty warring. Defending is my absolute favorite thing to do. On all of 109 I prob only sniped 5 or 6 trains We were that dominate. So if I could snag a dozen or two Defenders of the day or even most ODD in the world. I'd prob reach climax

Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 9:59 AM
So a bit more defense minded this world ? I guess this makes sense given your position ! Now hypothetically if you were duke of design & could recruit any 1 player in the world ... who would it be & why?

Ryan Yesterday at 10:02 AM
Given this is hypothetical, and given this is a perfect world... I'd love Odin if he could be controlled. Dude is a monster and a fellow turtle Man is relentless and one of the most dedicated players in this world. The time he puts into 110 is insane, would love to have him on our side.

Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 10:06 AM
Fair enough I respect that a lot ! I wonder how babin & odin would fare in the same tribe together well Ryan thank you so much for your time today - do you have any final thoughts or comments for the community you'd like to share ?

Ryan Yesterday at 10:09 AM
lmao they'd be like oil and water. Not sure it would last longer than a few hours. Take 104 for example hahaha. A final comment would be a question What should I change my ign to, I'm getting bored of Cranberry lololol. Prob gonna change it to something to do with Dads tbh Listen to Mac's new album
-Still h8 Jirki Free Cranberry 2020

Fleezus Christ Yesterday at 10:10 AM
Awesome cheers man thank you for your time today

Part 1/2 Continued Below...
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Fleezus Clyde

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DesertBlitz = Regulus G
King_Jeffery Yesterday at 9:57 AM
Awesome, Can you tell me a little bit more about .M. ?

DesertBlitz Yesterday at 10:01 AM
We are not a premade (although that is obvious to most). Its more just a collection of guys and gals who have found each other by coincidence.
Some of us know each other from past worlds, others are new to .net
In recent days, we have started to become closer friends bonding over nuking things around us

King_Jeffery Yesterday at 10:10 AM
Awesome, And how did .M. get started?

DesertBlitz Yesterday at 10:41 AM
Started out with just 5 guys in the K56 rim. Our initial intention was just to bide our time and look for a bigger tribe. We recruited a a few players as time went on and momentum started building up until we were confident of going forward as a unit.

King_Jeffery Yesterday at 10:43 AM
Ok so more just kinda fell in together and said "Hey lets give this tribe a go?"
What conflicts if any are you currently involved in? Why are you in them?

DesertBlitz Yesterday at 10:46 AM
only fighting a minor tribe IYI right now.

King_Jeffery Yesterday at 10:50 AM
Ok and How does your location on the map affect the way you’re conducting current conflicts?
Has your location made you make any NAP's or ALiiances?

DesertBlitz Yesterday at 10:52 AM
IYI started out as a family tribe with another called MSKR who declared on us.
We started out pretty agressive but as the world has matured now we are focusing more on consolidation.
As far as the second question goes, that is something we prefer not discussing at this moment

King_Jeffery Yesterday at 10:54 AM
ok no worries, How have your successes and failures on previous worlds prepared you for this one?

DesertBlitz Yesterday at 11:07 AM
Speaking broadly for the group, most of us have been through the grinder at one time or the other. Some worlds we won, others we lost. Whatever challenges lie ahead, we'll look to have fun together and continue treating everyone we come across on the game with respect.
On a bit of a personal side, many of us have been around since the single digit worlds and have seen map shrink continually. I sincerely hope whoever we come across, we make actual friends not enemies irrespective of whether they are marked red or blue on the map this world (edited)

King_Jeffery Yesterday at 11:44 AM
Thats awesome, gotta love the commitment to the TW Community
What has been the hardest decision you’ve had to make as a leader this world, have you come to regret that decision in the time since?

DesertBlitz Yesterday at 12:09 PM
hmm not really. I don't think we have really needed to make hard calls yet. From our perspective and location, we have just recently come out of the start up/early mid game stage - things are malleable and we need to roll with it.

King_Jeffery Yesterday at 12:12 PM
Ok, In general what would you say is your tribe's greatest strength?

DesertBlitz Yesterday at 12:22 PM
Very forgiving to our own, not so much to our enemies.
Although many would probably claim the same for their own tribes
Another is the fact that we don't run with a solo leader model and encourage everyone to participate in the decision making process.
Between those, its probably the 2nd of those which is more important

King_Jeffery Yesterday at 12:24 PM
Thats cool, a very democratic approach then
Switching gears from strengths, what would you say would be the greatest obstacle (other than other tribes) that your group has to overcome?

DesertBlitz Yesterday at 12:29 PM
Primarily administrative. Since we aren't a premade and haven't worked with this exact roster before, getting everyone on the same page regarding some of the more mundane issues is a bit of a grind.

King_Jeffery Yesterday at 12:35 PM
Other than of course winning the world, is there another objective that would be ideal for your group to achieve by world end?

DesertBlitz Yesterday at 12:37 PM
put on a good show/ing

King_Jeffery Yesterday at 12:41 PM
I know as leaders you often have to sacrifice personal goals for the sake of the tribe, do you have a personal goal that you would like to achieve by worlds end?

DesertBlitz Yesterday at 12:46 PM
get into the top 30 on oda/pts/res farmed. And yep, focusing on the tribe does prevent us from focusing on the account.

King_Jeffery Yesterday at 12:47 PM
Yeah I feel that, My last question is: If there was one player (not already in your tribe) that you would want to join you, who would it be?

DesertBlitz Yesterday at 12:49 PM
hehe that is a loaded question. But just for fun, tudadar!(edited)
oh wait he quit
unless that is an acceptable selection

King_Jeffery Yesterday at 1:00 PM
That works! Any reason why?

DesertBlitz Yesterday at 1:03 PM
just want to see how he works his pp fountain close up


King_Jeffery Last Thursday at 10:54 AM
Awesome, So I was hoping you could tell me a little more about your tribe. How did Out get its start?

focushor Last Thursday at 10:56 AM
we started after Efes disbanded when the best of them jumped to Design - there were 2 groups in Efes: northeastern and center-to-northeastern. in the beggining, we were only 11 and we tried to keep it that way. OUT was made with the intention to take over the center cluster, not to win the world, and I think I did a pretty good job at that

King_Jeffery Last Thursday at 10:57 AM
yeah i'd say you guys have done a good job holding the core
Can you give an overview of the conflicts/wars you guys are currently in? and how they came about?

focushor Last Thursday at 11:01 AM
obviously, the war with Ruckus has become a huge problem for OUT - it started because they wanted to expand in the center cluster. The thing with this war is we would actually stand a chance if people stopped giving up, because now we're spending more time internalling people rather than nuking and/or trying to conquer Ruckus villages. I can proudly say we only lost 2 villages that we knew we were going to lose. The only time OUT was not present on the map was when we fully merged with Squad, which turned out to be one of the worst decisions I took. After they completely wiped out Squad, they declared on us, which was expected

King_Jeffery Last Thursday at 11:05 AM
Ok that's a good segue into one of my other questions: What has been the hardest decision you’ve had to make as a leader this world, have you come to regret that decision in the time since?

focushor Last Thursday at 11:08 AM
The decision of merging with Squad was just poor, not hard. The hardest decision I had to take this world was deciding if we should merge with SND or not. That decision was taken by myself and the tribe's council. I do regret it, we should have internalled every inactive player simultaneously. I came to understand those merciless leaders who're internalling players that "still play" - yeah, they might still play, but they're dead weight. they're open doors for enemies. We should've took in only the best of SND and internalled the rest. I do feel like a hypocrite now because I condemned Ruckus's leaders for taking in the best of Monkey, but now I understand that this is how things must be.. it's sad, but true.

King_Jeffery Last Thursday at 11:10 AM
Yeah TW can be harsh at times, tough decisions to be made constantly
How does your location on the map impact the way you’re conducting current conflicts?

focushor Last Thursday at 11:11 AM
my location on the map is straight-up garbage, it definitely does impact how I handle conflicts. diplomacy has proven itself to be really tough, especially when you're in our position

King_Jeffery Last Thursday at 11:12 AM
Yeah the core can be tough with no BL
What would you say is OUTs greatest strength at the moment?

focushor Last Thursday at 11:13 AM
at this point I would only say we can be unpredictable - at least the ones who're still trying

King_Jeffery Last Thursday at 11:14 AM
Always good to have a few tricks up your sleeve, I like it.
What would you say would be the greatest obstacle (other than other tribes) that your group has to overcome?

focushor Last Thursday at 11:15 AM
our own tribe - as I said, inactive people are the biggest hassle other than enemy tribes

King_Jeffery Last Thursday at 11:16 AM
yeah the inactivity worm is especially tough when new worlds open I find.
How have your successes and failures on previous worlds prepared you for this one?

focushor Last Thursday at 11:17 AM
to be fair, I am used to playing on the Romanian server, where there are the same 5-6 tribes every world and these tribes have 4-5 sister tribes. so I was not prepared for this world at all.

King_Jeffery Last Thursday at 11:23 AM
ok, is there anything at all from past worlds thats been helpful with this one?

focushor Last Thursday at 11:25 AM
probably just the basic TW skills such as sniping, cancel sniping etc. - because diplomacy-wise or conflict-wise, nothing from prevs worlds has been useful

King_Jeffery Last Thursday at 11:27 AM
Other than of course winning the world, is there another objective that would be ideal for your group to achieve by world end?

focushor Last Thursday at 11:27 AM
going out with a bang

King_Jeffery Last Thursday at 11:30 AM
I know as leaders you often have to sacrifice personal goals for the sake of the tribe, coming into this world did you have a personal goal that you would like to achieve by worlds end?

focushor Last Thursday at 11:31 AM
making it to top 100 after months of gameplay was my goal, and I made it, so I am pleased with that

King_Jeffery Last Thursday at 11:34 AM
Awesome, one more question: if you could pick one player on the world regardless of location to join your tribe, which player would you like to invite and why?

focushor Last Thursday at 11:36 AM
Kublaj-kan definitely, he's up in our shit for good lol and he's also 24/7 on, so it's very hard to pull some sneaky on him

King_Jeffery Last Thursday at 12:50 PM
So you play in OUT currently, How do you like it overall?

Snyltarn Last Thursday at 12:50 PM
yeah i play i OUT,
all good , we try keep an way fight in the best way we can even if it looks dark

King_Jeffery Last Thursday at 12:52 PM
Thats good, Why did you end up joining OUT??

Snyltarn Last Thursday at 12:53 PM
in the end was the only way for us , and me and dougie234 did some op as an team .
we needed them they needed us or few atleast

King_Jeffery Last Thursday at 12:53 PM
How does playing with this group compare to previous worlds?

Snyltarn Last Thursday at 12:54 PM
also 1 factor was that i was never meant to lead any tribe from start at all
less talking for sure , some are more passive then iam . but havent been in out long also they are some from me so i still do moste whit few that was loyal and is in my area
but good guys i feel
My name still new in TW so they dont know alot about me . so they had thier consierns before i guess

King_Jeffery Last Thursday at 12:56 PM
What has been the most satisfying moment for you personally as a player so far this world?

Snyltarn Last Thursday at 12:58 PM
when all world tell me i wont stand an chance , and iam still here i guess is the best .

King_Jeffery Last Thursday at 12:59 PM
That's awesome

Snyltarn Last Thursday at 1:13 PM
was anything more?

King_Jeffery Last Thursday at 1:14 PM
Besides tribal objectives, do you have a personal goal or milestone you want to hit before
worlds end?

Snyltarn Last Thursday at 1:16 PM
no i dont . many had quit long long time ago . when its over in frontline i keep expanding in rim and take an new fight in few months insted
messing around whit pepole its the best thing and have no problem spend 5k pp very week just to do it

King_Jeffery Last Thursday at 1:17 PM
If you were given Duke privs for the day, and could invite anyone to your tribe regardless of
location, who is one player you would invite and why?

Snyltarn Last Thursday at 1:19 PM
dont know at all , me not so connected in tw , have both enemys and teammates/allys i respekt high even if not on same side
like Niko/hybris i dont mind at all but , need to keep my personallty and keep my word to the players i play whit now even if that can mean my time here is ended soon

King_Jeffery Last Thursday at 1:22 PM
Yeah thats fair, If Niko were to express interest in joining your tribe would you want to recruit him?

Snyltarn Last Thursday at 1:23 PM
woulde be only conflicts whit others so cant say that will benifit tribe at all

King_Jeffery Last Thursday at 1:23 PM

If your tribe did not exist on w110, what other tribe would you join and why? (Assuming they
would accept you)

Snyltarn Last Thursday at 1:24 PM
reson is the only choice i see

King_Jeffery Last Thursday at 1:25 PM

whys that?

Snyltarn Last Thursday at 1:28 PM
for it will be only 3 set up s in the end design , ruckus and amg i belive . and i take my pick on amg this round , can be right or wrong time will show . also i like too be underdog . not just join the moste easy

King_Jeffery Last Thursday at 1:29 PM
Thats fair, In all your years playing this game who has been the most interesting player you have played
against or with and why?

Snyltarn Last Thursday at 1:30 PM
all your years lol , played this game for 1,5 year
but will say Finzone /conny sweden player
1 of my mentors .

King_Jeffery Last Thursday at 1:32 PM
nice, what makes them the most interesting?

Snyltarn Last Thursday at 1:34 PM
combo , keep the farming up , planing ,connections and so on . also iknow they never use bot or simular . i had hard time keep up even spending 10k pp /week
also spending alot time learn me up and that have show work out good in so short time

The Rim War Mention of The Week: SGC vs. AMG

Stats from perspective of SGC:


SGC Interview

Papa Pangwang Yesterday at 2:32 PM

Yeah I remember Chip mentioned that
So, as the interviewee I guess I need to let you take the lead on this

King_Jeffery Yesterday at 2:44 PM
hahaha no worries
Can you share some more on the war between SGC and AMG?

Papa Pangwang Yesterday at 2:48 PM
Yeah sure, it's a rather broad topic ofc, where would you like to start?

King_Jeffery Yesterday at 2:54 PM
Just some background how did this war begin?

Papa Pangwang Yesterday at 3:00 PM
I don't know the exact details of the initial source of the dispute. Traces back to GeeGee having some issues with Odin & co, getting kicked out Fresh (after) WuS and forming LHR.(edited)
Basically everyone you see in this discord chat was an initial SGC member (which Lunatic formed from very early on). We bounced around quite a bit but effectively kept our identity as a unit (if that makes sense?). Some of the guys have played against Odin in previous worlds, and they didn't really respect his style of game play. We joined LHR with intention of 'joining the fight', but there were too many loose holes in that tribe which ultimately was it's demise. Bigfella and the initial SGC crew decided to revert back to just keeping things tight and reforming as SGC. Odin seems to have a personal vendetta towards Bigfella, which brought us to where we are now(edited)

King_Jeffery Yesterday at 3:17 PM
ah ok
Who have been the biggest player in the war?
Is there anyone in particular (on your side or theirs) who deserves some recognition?

Papa Pangwang Yesterday at 3:24 PM
I'll have to kick the ball over to @Kieron - UItimate Bot

Kieron - UItimate Bot Yesterday at 3:36 PM
It's hard to say, really. Without the answer being 300 words long, we all basically decided to quit the world once the new one was announced. The majority of us are now playing TW around our own lives, rather than making space in our diaries to actually defend to the best of our abilities. On our side I'd only be inclined to say myself because I've been willing to push things aside to actively dodge and snipe while others have been relaxing. At the beginning of the war, it was a completely different story. On AMG's side, Freyja has been pretty relentless in recent days and should definitely be given credit for it. Odin's fangs have been fairly devastating but as a whole, they seem to be fairly disorganised. I wouldn't say any other player in their tribe has stood out to me so far.

King_Jeffery Yesterday at 3:39 PM
Ok, my next question was going to be “What’s next for this war?”

Papa Pangwang Yesterday at 3:52 PM
I guess not much, ultimately we'd be outgunned.

King_Jeffery Yesterday at 4:00 PM
Yeah I just looked at the Tribe OD rankings and saw you guys as high as you are and thought "Man I really want to know whats gone on over there"

Papa Pangwang Yesterday at 4:02 PM
Haha yeah, we took a good ol' beating

King_Jeffery Yesterday at 4:02 PM
Good for you guys though sticking with it

Papa Pangwang Yesterday at 4:04 PM
Well, in fairness, we could have kept trying to stick through. But as Kieron said, after the announcement we did let things slide. Kieron deserves a lot of credit for actually aggressively sticking through haha

King_Jeffery Yesterday at 4:04 PM
Will we be seeing you on w112?

Papa Pangwang Yesterday at 4:04 PM
You shall

King_Jeffery Yesterday at 4:04 PM
Nice! as SGC or something else?

Papa Pangwang Yesterday at 4:05 PM
Haha, same brand but different taste

King_Jeffery Yesterday at 4:05 PM
Same players or no?

Papa Pangwang Yesterday at 4:05 PM
or rather, different brand same taste
Yeah a lot of the SGC guys, as well as some other friends of the gang

Lunatic! Yesterday at 4:35 PM
Hey Jeff, just got online, nice to meet you

Lunatic! Yesterday at 4:43 PM
I read the convo, a few little additions if I may. The war was a result of Odin doing his usual game style of causing disruption and spreading lies to pull Wus apart, and form his own tribe. Our little core group of 6 were actually invited into Wus before that happened after fending off an attack by them with some nice timings. They were impressed enough. Wus collapsed, our group went into Fresh, which also collapsed. Then we joined up with LRH. Which then also collapsed. The area was a vacuum for a solid tribe. So we reformed SGC with Bigfella. Just a local tribe. Having BigFella with us caused the war essentially. A propaganda war was in full swing between Ryan (co-player on Bigfella) and Odin. Though as I have fought Odin before (and beaten him) on w99, I know exactly what he is like. They declared, but we were never going to be at peace with them regardless. The early stages of the war were fairly simple. They would attack (badly) and we repelled easily. We knew of MR tribes they had cosied up to for easy support, so we were concentrating on them to kick their support away. Though AMG kept recruiting into the area, then broke Lions by recruiting those that wanted to be safe, and left us really outgunned. We beat back a big op just before the Xmas break, but the numbers really took their toll, and now they have broken though. We are fighting on fumes lol
And big Kudos to Kieron, he has been the most active during the end stages of the fighting, still sniping away.

King_Jeffery Yesterday at 4:46 PM
As a Leader what has been the biggest challenge that this war has brought forth?

Lunatic! Yesterday at 4:54 PM
The core group have been awesome. I have won 2 worlds, and never had the levels of trust I have with this team before. The 6 were all very active, timed well. Each of us put the tribe before anyone else. We have all made sacrifices for each other. It was a real pleasure to 'lead'. They made it very easy. In truth, we all led really. We made each decision as a team, and majority rule. I perhaps was just the face of the leadership, even if I did the majority of the offensive ops in the early days. The biggest challenge was external to the tribe itself. Lots of bad players who play out of fear, and not honor. Bend the knee to join AMG. Other tribes just collapsed, which left us extremely isolated with not any other local resistance in sight. Fair play to Odin. He knows psychology very well, and used it. He is also tirelessly relentless, I will give him that. Maybe not the most skillful, but certainly has tons of perseverance.

King_Jeffery Yesterday at 4:55 PM
Thats awesome, What would you say was the real "turning point" of the war?

Lunatic! Yesterday at 4:59 PM
2 things really. I would say the first time I was worried was when SARCOW split. Nothing official had been set up, but discussion happen, as you know. Once they split, any chance of collaboration really evaporated. It didn't change the war per sa, but the belief we could actually win diminished. The major incident was the collapse of Lions. A ton of them joined AMG and joined an academy tribe. Up until that point, we had a solid front they couldn't break. Overnight the front grew massively. That was the main game changer.

King_Jeffery Yesterday at 5:00 PM
Ok, so the tide turned and you became faced with seemingly insurmountable odds at that point. How did that change tribal strategy?

Lunatic! Yesterday at 5:08 PM
We were always up against it anyways, but wouldn't have played it any other way. Many of our members were offered spots with AMG. They all refused (even though we were only 7 lol) still, shows the guys character, and how tight we are. We were running on selective stacking with most defense being mobile for quick responses. They attacked that badly, the strategy worked really well. We knew their front was stacked, and with such small numbers on our side, offensive ops were always going to be a struggle. Though I think we were 13-2 up for a good while through pure opportunitism. The mobile defense plan wasn't effective at all once they recruited locally and formed their academy. Their attack style change, and started attacking as a tribe, how it should be. So we stacked best we could until those broke, then went on to sniping/recapping etc. Fair play to them, once they had the numbers, they used them effectively. Perhaps not as skilled as other tribes would have taken a small tribe out, but brute force. We just didn't have the numbers.


Given SGC taking a beating early on and their tough position - they face a mountainous task ahead of them to maintain their territory and hopefully expand south into the rim before they find themselves surrounded. Another key tribe to watch in the region will be SARCOW!

Ruttsack was kind enough to sit down and interview with us and I have that for you now !

Fleezus Christ Last Friday at 9:39 AM
Hello Rutt! So you are the duke of SARCOW yes?

Ruttsack Last Friday at 9:45 AM
Hello mate! Correct, I lead the glorious herd

Fleezus Christ Last Friday at 9:53 AM
Good to hear glad to have you aboard with us tonight! Now I know we have spoken already but for the newcomers would you mind quickly filling us in on what SARCOW is about & if you could, who in addition to AMG are ya fighting?

Ruttsack Last Friday at 10:02 AM
Thankmoo for having me! Of course! SARCOW is a small herd, originating from top 5 tribes in the early stages of the world. We were dismissed and outcasted by our leaders for offering advice, guidance and telling them about their absence of leadership. So alas, I founded SARCOW and brought these beautiful heffas (apart from kung, he’s ugly af) with me. We’ve not formed to be a serious tribe, running for world win, we are here to stampede our surroundings and have fun, and though only being a tribe of 5, we sit with an average of 4M OD per player with an average size of 680,000, so we are obviously doing something right, or w110 is full of moobs. Well, we declared war on AMG, DMG, DMGW, Daddy and IYI. Ya’know, to try and balance it a little bit and give the enemy a chance. :grin:

Fleezus Christ Last Friday at 10:04 AM
I see ! So you got quite the war itinerary coming up ! How are things going against AMG/DMG and the like thus far? Do you feel your positioning on the map has effected the way in which you conduct war ?

Ruttsack Last Friday at 10:13 AM
To be honest, I expected much better. We had a very small front with them in the north and a gap of AMG/DMG separating a couple of us from Duck, so we used this war as a meaning of closing that gap. despite them being notorious (lol) for tribe(s) of war, we’ve conquered 46 villages and lost 8 (recaps) through a few skirmishes and one OP. Design should really take note :man_shrugging_tone1::grin:

Fleezus Christ Last Friday at 10:18 AM
WOW! That is really quite impressive progress against such a "notorious" side ! With such few members coordination must be a breeze ! Are you pleased with your tribes effort/teamwork so far ? Would you say past worlds have prepared you well for this one or is it a new experience?

Ruttsack Last Friday at 10:24 AM
Oh it’s absolutely brilliant, cause there’s only 5 of us, who are all 24/7, we have very little room for slack or laziness, so everyone pulls their weight and competes with one another, so in times of conflict I can most definitely rely on these cows to do what I have asked of them. I also think because there are so few of us, we’ve managed to bond very well together, our tribal forums are dead, but comms in other means are constant. Well, this is my first world back since W19, things have changed a lot since then, and as for the others, I don’t think they’ve taken a world seriously since the 80’s. Given the changes, and the ever shrinking population of the game, I don’t think we are prepared for this, like I said before, we’re here to war and have fun ^^

Fleezus Christ Last Friday at 10:36 AM
Awesome that is great to hear ! Now besides the communication what would you say is your tribes greatest strength? And following that up; what do you feel your greatest challenge forthcoming will be?

Ruttsack Last Friday at 10:45 AM
Hahaha, well, Pitmax. The dude is wild and unpredictable, has strats that he or I can’t explain, but manages to pull it off. He’s the old bull of this herd, and we don’t question his wisdom. You can always bet when you scout the map that you will see random attacks being sent out, in our first war, I caught him launching fakes at our ally. Thankfully they understood that pit is pit. :rofl: will he launch 1000 fakes and no nukes? Will he launch 40 nukes and no fakes? Are his nukes just axes? Archers with HC? Who knows, all we know is, if you get any incoming from him, it can be anything, but he gets results.
Our greatest challenge will be when we’ve finished AMG and design and we have to fight ruckus. But I accept the loss, because I will rim Elmo before our death.

Fleezus Christ Last Friday at 10:57 AM
Well I look forward to seeing it! Now besides winning the world does you tribe have any side goals the world should know about? Also as a leader do you have any personal goals this world ? And finally do you have any final words or thoughts for the community today?

Ruttsack Last Friday at 11:00 AM
Most definitely! As a tribe we’d love to dominate the SE as the small numbers we are. As a leader my only goal is to give my herd the most enjoyable experience and do what is required of me for them. Oh yes, after we inevitably push north, if we ever neighbour design, we will rim the noobs.

Thank you for your time fleez, up the SARCOW

We did our best to more or less stick to a template of questions for each interview and as a result we would like the interviews to mostly speak for themselves without need for further dissection however we will be happy to answer any question we can and we encourage discussion below!

Team of The Week 1:

Now before we end this week's edition I have been working on a TOTW for the world of the best performers in this world this week! Unfortunately I apparently don't know how to count past ten and I'm faaar to exhausted to make another image right now so this weeks TOTW will only have 10 players, where as most will have 11.


*nation cannot be removed so was selected for the LOLs

For those interested this is how the ratings are broken down, but please do not read into them too much... they are still more accurate than FIFA probably but still quite far from accurate xD

W110 Team of the Week 1

*The reasoning for the selection will be posted shortly; it's on my other PC and I'm taking a quick break xD

We really hope you enjoyed this edition of Fleezzers <3 Stay tuned for more soon and again HUGE thanks to @King Jeffery !
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Looking for a mention of my name in the SGC vs AMG war