FORK's fatal error.

Discussion in 'World 58' started by KillerKommando, Jan 17, 2012.

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  1. Rawr Mode

    Rawr Mode Guest

    nope, he was around longer on this world then you have been for the past week, he has paid his dues and probably has more room to talk then you do giving he knows what actually has happened on this world up till recently, where you on the other hand talk about shit you dont know period, infact i dont think he has mentioned anything in regards to what the happenings are in 58 or perhaps maybe he just had to tell you how full of it you really are.

    @bolded, never said i was single handly responsible for turning the war in our favor did i? you love to twist words around to something they arent', but before i joined MANIC was winning the war. i wonder oh that's right i was the one planning the OP's on FORK. needless to say that shit went down the drain as soon as i left because i have yet to see a successful OP

    and no 14 cap's at this stage of the game is not a successful OP :icon_rolleyes:

    yeah i hear lots of things, even behind enemy lines, i trust this person and i dont trust many. so yeah i dont think they would lie to me :icon_wink:
  2. u6s5l.

    u6s5l. Guest

    You don't know how long I was on the world before this, therefore how can you say that?

    And I've done what he did; post stats and interpret them. You're just repeating yourself, and it doesn't make it any more correct.

    I'm just saying what you made it seem like.

    We didn't take 14 caps as a successful op, thanks.

    Good job, you hear things. Again, you're not exactly getting information from a reliable source if that's what you hear :).
  3. Rawr Mode

    Rawr Mode Guest


    so either your a liar and have been here or you got rimmed which proves my point your all talk to begin with.. so which is it :lol:

    just going by your words.

    edit. yeah ill give you a few to think of something 'smart' to say instead of more excuses blah blah blah
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  4. u6s5l.

    u6s5l. Guest

    I'm not allowed to leave the world and come back on a new account, without being rimmed?

    Jeez, my bad. I didn't know it was impossible. Thank you for enlightening me.
  5. Rawr Mode

    Rawr Mode Guest

    yeah im sure, what was your old account? :icon_rolleyes:
  6. u6s5l.

    u6s5l. Guest

    King Geldwolf.

    Don't he and I make the loveliest coplaying team?
  7. Rawr Mode

    Rawr Mode Guest

    rofl such a liar mate.

    it was never co/played account because he was constantly getting nobled by some 'noobs' and blamed it on the fact he had to work that or the fact you actually suck :icon_rolleyes:

    anyways enjoy spewing lies :lol:

    gave me a nice chuckle. anyways i gots farming to do, you know noble's arent cheap :lol:

    chow for now.
  8. Evilspinner

    Evilspinner Guest

    Sounds like yourself.
  9. u6s5l.

    u6s5l. Guest

    Oh my god, he believed that I was saying it seriously.

    I don't know what to do with you Rawr Mode. You're oblivious.
  10. Rawr Mode

    Rawr Mode Guest

    right, i just put a perspective on things. nothing more. though its funny you cant prove anything that i have ever lied about, until then your just making a fool of yourself.

    yeah right, play the sarcasm card all you like. get called out for being a liar, now all of a sudden you was being sarcastic.

    dude this is the internet, i can not read your emotions thru a computer. captain obvious :icon_rolleyes:
  11. u6s5l.

    u6s5l. Guest

    I meant I couldn't believe you thought I was serious about it being King Geldwolf.

    I don't think anyone on this forum makes more of a fool of themselves than you, sorry.
  12. Yeah Rawr, you are forum monster, tell me to get out :lol:

    Doesn't really matter if I don't play this world anymore. I can read twstats and they say ... well the tea leaves aren't looking good for anyone with bigears really :icon_cool:

    And if your argument has fallen to the point of picking apart who plays this world and who said they played who when you really are scraping the bottom of the barrel mate

    As I said before, noble more Fork villas, then you may be taken more seriously :) And to the rest of the posters, I have ALWAYS quoted my ingame name when it doesn't match my forum name, you really can't be considered as a real player unless you do :icon_rolleyes:
  13. Evilspinner

    Evilspinner Guest

    I value your opinion greatly

    -No one
  14. u6s5l.

    u6s5l. Guest

    I can read it too, but he tells me to get out. Hence the hypocrisy.

    I'm sorry I don't fit your definition of a real player. I assure you, my tribe doesn't think I'm a fake player :).
  15. KillerKommando

    KillerKommando Contributing Poster

    Nov 15, 2008
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    Guess I'm not a real player. :icon_cry:
  16. Rawr Mode

    Rawr Mode Guest

    Get out of my forums Pilot. now he can't complain :lol:

    ah we done figured out there spineless cowards, who loves to hide behind alias :lol:

    least Rawr has something they dont, balls!!!!!!!!! ahahahaha :icon_redface:

    doubt theirs have even dropped yet :lol:
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  17. Hawk.Eye

    Hawk.Eye Guest

    someone with no account in w58 ask us to noble villages to be taken seriously or else we are fake players. madness of this place.
  18. Rawr Mode

    Rawr Mode Guest

    dont ask such a strong request pilot, they may have a stroke and bust a brain cell with asking them to do the unpossible :lol:

    you have been denied entry in K34 :lol:
  19. SethCovey

    SethCovey Guest

    Ok guys my Alias is Khite Tzu.. I didnt wanna tell anyone but you pushed me towards it..
  20. Evilspinner

    Evilspinner Guest

    I still see two bunny players in there.

    That you there rawr? :D
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