FORK's fatal error.

Discussion in 'World 58' started by KillerKommando, Jan 17, 2012.

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  1. faaaaark

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    I didn't know that I challenged you in the first place chump. Tbh, I really couldn't give a forg's fat ass about how many accounts or worlds you have played.

    You have three large tribes, all with good players who have the latest scripts etc and a trenchwar happening. Today alone, I sent a perfect train only to watch it get sniped. In previous worlds, a 1 second train would have ensured you got the village. The game has changed.

    The 100ms rule changed a lot of things. Just for a moment, think about how many trains you have had sniped in this world. Then think about shutting your so called experienced mouth. If trains are sniped regularly,the village can be supported and you start all over again, thus slowing down the wars.


    As for other worlds, try playing a single speed world with a SLOOOOOW troop speed, where the barbs are 116 pointers. Farming does not happen, hence no extra nobles. 2 nobles a day could be built and that's only if you are not building troops. You want to know about slow... then try a world like that.

    Ultimately, who gives a shit? If it's too slow for you...then stop complaining and find another world.
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  2. faaaaark

    faaaaark Guest

    Can someone get Spanner a halter and lead please? He wants to drag the dead horse out of the stable and beat it again...

    How is the 20th of February AFTER the 18th of March??

    Can someone teach Spanner about calendars please.
  3. musological

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    Jun 9, 2010
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    Haha! revealed you in yet another of you little lies Faaaark ;-)

    So, since your quote was meant to put in into context:

    Then a month later your Duke made his deal with the devil, it doesn't take a genius to figure out what your plan for the end game that you refer to in your quote finally turned out to be: shaft our own tribe and give the world to honor lol.

    The funny thing is that I think it's clear to see form your anger and denial that you really are ashamed to be playing this way — giving up on your tribe to be a basher for the #1 tribe just doesn't suit you tbh mate. You are good on the battlefield and work hard; you should be fighting for your tribe, you should be fighting for the win.

    Again more admissions, this time in the form of mitigations and excuses for the cowardice ;-) I guess the lies and denials didn't hold up dude? I don't know about River, don't know the guy, and was never in Manic — I'm from Beyond mate. Yet even I can see the massive difference between: on the one hand — if what you claim is in fact true — River starting an E vs. W war and both sides to some extent making the best use of the player pools on their side of the world; contrasted on the other hand with manipulating your own tribe in being a bitc, I mean, basher tribe for the #1 tribe just to try and help them to an easier victory.

    That prickly hot feeling rising up the back of your neck right about now? Is that anger? Or is it shame? If it's not shame then you really should be ashamed lol :D
  4. Hawk.Eye

    Hawk.Eye Guest

    sad that you dont give a flying frog ass about other worlds i play... i was trying to impress you.
    my post there wasn't really well-written , actually i would delete it if i didn't had a connection failure.

    but now that i am pushed to this sad argument let me explain the point of my post..., you seems like talking of a manner of high experience usually , i can find quotes of you bragging about your successful pasts a lot. somebody have to remind you , you are not the only one with tw history here. when i said about counting bunny a dead tribe you answered it with this
    yeah i also seen scenarios of tribe #1 and #2 set alliance and remove rank 3. but i also been a part of scenarios rank 3 putting up a good fight and turn the war over time.

    thats great that you count us as good players. it dosen't sounds like the usual faaark.

    your trains get sniped becuz Bunny. is capable of doing it. and maybe becuz you keep sending trains and never change the plan. pick yourself.

    stop blaming the settings for this slow war please. this war is slow becuz bunny is putting up a fight. and doing not a bad job in defending. churches 100ms gap none of these stop you from conquering bunny. we do recaps we do snipes thats our quality. not a problem of setting , your tribe do not time support your tribe do not time nukes and split trains properly this is your weakness.

    you have the respect of a good enemy of my side faark , it just your forum posts that annoy me. you keep the sad hatred toward bunny. and underestimate the tribe right and left. not so good.
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  5. channman20

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    Hawk.Eye understand 1 thing now Faaaaaark is better then you are, and will be nuff said
  6. Evilspinner

    Evilspinner Guest

    You are a noob, nuff said.
  7. Rawr Mode

    Rawr Mode Guest

    talk about kicking it old school. get off my block kid, you are unworthy to step to this. :lol:

    anyways back on topic, Bunny sucks. though i think that has been established on several occassions.
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  8. Dno1983

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    That is rich coming from you. We suck so bad it takes the 2 top tribes to war with us in order to rim us... and even then you guys struggle.

    Normally in a world, the #1 and #2 tribe fight it out, but you guys are a bunch of wimps and would rather pick on the smaller ( but not inferior ) tribe, because it would seem easier for both tribes to fight a smaller tribe, than to fight each other.... that sir, is pathetic.

    Now, in my honest opinion Bunny will eventually fall, but that could take months, but with both top tribes continously hammering us its inevitable, but don't think for a second we are going to make it easy for you.

    Excuse the spelling but i ain't had my coffee fix yet :)
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  9. Rawr Mode

    Rawr Mode Guest

    yeah you must be really slow this morning.

    firstly MANIC/Bunny 'tried' to gangbang FORK, trust me i was in leadership i knew what the plan was from the get go. reason you guys made so many back door deals regarding diplomacy, i mean at one time you guys had 12 alliances. 12 ALLIANCES!!!!! made sure i bolded it for you.

    but now that the tables are turned and the cards have been shown, you want to QQ about us #1 & #2 tribe gangbanging you guys? seriously? get real...

    asfar as you making it easy, would rather have it 'no' other way.. don't like everything to be easy for you. i enjoy playing with my food.
  10. Dno1983

    Dno1983 Guest

    So you are slagging off the leadership before, because we had 12 alliances, and yet you just said you were in the leadership... double fail much?
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  11. Rawr Mode

    Rawr Mode Guest

    yeah i admit, i had my own mistakes :ie 'trusting you guys' but hell who doesn't make mistakes. what makes us human afterall but trying to justify them by making excuses does nothing but make you look like and idiot which you guys do really well for some reason :icon_confused:

    needless to say partially one of the reasons i got kicked or didn't you hear i got sick of having nobody to attack and having my neighbors grow in my back yard, hence you should know better then anybody. i was stomping your ass 'solo' and you QQ to me saying you was quitting blah blah blah but yet your still here, lie much? don't make me embrass you.

    you caught a break and did some seirous ass kissing lol
  12. Dno1983

    Dno1983 Guest

    Haha yea stomping my ass..... your villages were stacked, i was like a tenth of your size at the time, and i was a big noob. I didn;t know how to snipe, or t-train or anything, however now i know how to do all these things.

    I didn't lie, circumstances changed and i was offered a new position with better pay. From my memory you quit and you were gonna get a job in mcdonalds or burker king, something like that and you were going to mvoe out of your parents apartment. i will need to check our convos as im not sure on the details, however you are now on the opposite side playing someone else's account.

    I never kissed anyones ass, and FYI nowenls and Random Havoc both stacked my villages for me, so if it wasn't for you quitting you would have seen my villages with more defense.

    Like i said before, its funny how things work out.

    Love and hugs :)
  13. Evilspinner

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  14. Rawr Mode

    Rawr Mode Guest

    as i said cupcake you caught a break.

    RH is a noob such as yourself that can't send a proper T-Train and Paula already knows she is lol. so that's irrevelent but best becareful who you tell that to, you know that's the reason i got burned right for supporting agaisn't and alliance. :lol:

    would love to see what they do when you support agaisn't your tribe :lol:

    Edit: forgot cops aka pigs was snitchs :lol:

    you ass kissed ALL the big players in K35 for protection. make sure i bold it for you.
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  15. Dno1983

    Dno1983 Guest

    Like who? Got any proof of this ass kissing?

    I always forget when you started playing this game you were pro from the word go.......

    I was told you were quitting, you even said so yourself and yet you are still here playing for the other team slagging us off.... your a petty BOY who tries to belittle people and make them bite, but all you do is give us laughs and giggles.

    I actually feel for ya dude, its like walking pass a homeless guy and feeling really guilty... that kind of guilt?

    Least you have your dog to cheer you up right? :icon_wink:
  16. Rawr Mode

    Rawr Mode Guest

    yeah actually i do have proof of you ass kissing but seeing as i can only play one account on this world, would hate to give you guys the chance to ban me.

    obviously i don't get mad at the forums, infact i laugh and giggle myself. so seems like a win/win for both of us :lol:

    i have more then a dog but she is lovely company, i actually have a woman who makes me happy. you jealous? :lol:

    so in the end less take a moment to reflect on the situation and see who won in the end...shall we

    you guys burn me and lose a good friend, somebody who had been loyal from the get go. you guys lost 200-250 nukes on a inactive account and didn't gain nothing from it because it was your villages to start with, i went to LTSSB and have killed countless nukes and have denied entry but yet eradicated a few players from K34, had a hand in MANIC overall downfall and literally drove deb crazy with my infamous hatemail, not to mention the fact i met a crazy beautiful girl over in FORK who i've met and have been talking to for a few months and things are headed down a good road for us.

    so all in all you guys didn't GAIN shit, but i GAINED everything! :icon_redface:

    I FEEL FOR YAH TO DUDE. :icon_cool:

    so could you tell me what i lost? anything? nada, nil, zilch.
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  17. Dno1983

    Dno1983 Guest

    Im confused, which is easily done, however you say above you have a girl and are happy, but then later on you say you also met a girl in Fork and are happy with, is that 2 women you have or are you a Playa?

    Im not jealous, im actually married with kids and very happy, but thanks for asking.

    I don't know if you know this or not but nukes are created to be killed and to kill, its part of the game.

    I don't care about the politics of what happened between you and Manic, that is in the past.

    I can't believe you take pride in making someone quit the game with hate mail, you need to grow up BOY.

    In regards to your claim about me kissing ass, you always have an excuse for NOT producing proof, you lie alot man.
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  18. Rawr Mode

    Rawr Mode Guest

    yeah clearly you are still waking up, i've clearly met them as she flew out here two weeks ago and i intend to fly back soon and stay a week :icon_wink:

    as i said mate, i've lost not a damn thing. :icon_twisted:

    you ain't got shit on me, the only thing you took from me was my account if that but i pretty much gave it to you.

    but believe what you want lol, like i said your words don't mean shit, we all know you kissed Glenmex, Aunt Bessie, NowenLS and Random Havoc's ass, hell i think that was pretty much all the big players in k35 except me and i was kicking your ass. come again kid? do i need to draw you a picture... obviously i can't log into Rawr because i'm on LTSSB, perhaps you should learn to read the rules better.

    so why don't you go brown nose somebody else kid.

    and yeah i take pride and laugh about making her life miserable. shouldn't screw people over, bad shit happens to you then. karma is a evil twisted b***h

    [spoil][4/23/2012 5:13:50 AM] Warstiner: deb's a looser
    [4/23/2012 5:13:57 AM] Warstiner: partly for my vanishing
    [4/23/2012 5:14:03 AM] PomPom/Elmo: yep she ran manic into the ground lol
    [4/23/2012 5:14:03 AM] Warstiner: the whole lot of them
    [4/23/2012 5:14:07 AM] Warstiner: complate fuked up iddiots

    [4/23/2012 5:14:29 AM] Warstiner: anna is all beliveing deb not on my side so meh to both :)

    fuck beyond
    [4/23/2012 5:34:01 AM] Warstiner: deb
    [4/23/2012 5:34:04 AM] Warstiner: case clsoed
    [4/23/2012 5:34:05 AM] PomPom/Elmo: lol

    [4/23/2012 5:37:14 AM] Warstiner: pifft
    [4/23/2012 5:37:16 AM] Warstiner: nubs
    [4/23/2012 5:37:20 AM] Warstiner: deb sucks period
    [4/23/2012 5:37:25 AM] Warstiner: cant say it any clearer
    [4/23/2012 5:37:26 AM] PomPom/Elmo: lol couldve told you that
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    Almost as entertaining as a Facebook argument.
  20. Rawr Mode

    Rawr Mode Guest

    yeah they've already attacked me on fb lucky for me i can say what i really wanna say there :lol:

    you know they love me when they stalk my fb page <3

    what's up Adie lol