Frost is going through divorce

Discussion in 'World 43' started by homelessjane, Mar 22, 2010.

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  1. homelessjane

    homelessjane Guest

    Yes ladies & Gentlemen its happening, FRST is havign a civil dispute. As it would turn out, Quite a number of them have been cheating on their partners & after reading text messages & washing G-Strings that werent theirs...... They only assumed something was up, & we were forced to hire the best Private Detective.


    After a long & hard search.... and many thousands of packets. The top notch P.I has provided us with the information they needed. The dirty dirty ex-dog members have been cheating on Ex-Gantz lovers with the new K54 boy toys, Leaving our poor K55 lads to cry & wonder what to do with the kids...... Its a Civil Dispute people.... Mommy & Daddy are gettiing divorsed :icon_cry:
  2. fincky

    fincky Guest

    chocolate bear has handled our recent wars terribly, I want a new leader, got no probs with anyone else in the tribe though.

    Maybe have a problem with homeless jane but I dont know who you are in game :icon_evil:
  3. Hyper Hypo

    Hyper Hypo Non-stop Poster

    Feb 24, 2010
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    Since when does mistakingly adding a few of your villages to our war claims list define poor handling of a war?

    The plans were properly made..

    You were already on your way out the door....

    These are all minor problems. The truth is everyone will need to choose sides and the civil war will begin :icon_twisted:
  4. fincky

    fincky Guest

    Well everyone loves me so im sure it will be my side.

    Enough chit chat on the public forums, im letting my troops do the talking.

    Fincky out.
  5. Natoe

    Natoe Guest

    Wait, what does parge have to do with any of this?

    Goodluck someone...
  6. HorseSoldier

    HorseSoldier Still Going Strong

    Aug 30, 2009
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    yeh why hire parge to investigate? I mean, sure he seems to be having a good hair day, but still...
  7. REPRi

    REPRi Guest

    Good luck on your investigation Parge, do me proud *Thumbs Up*
  8. Technology

    Technology Guest

    Im as confused as a cow on astro turf :icon_redface:
  9. Natoe

    Natoe Guest

    Allow me to clarify...


    Their PI:
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  10. Technology

    Technology Guest

    Still though.
    Let me clarify :p
  11. fincky

    fincky Guest

    Time will reveal all secrets.
  12. -Vodkaiser-

    -Vodkaiser- Guest

    I thought your out :icon_biggrin:

    On topic: parge deserve this ;)
  13. parge73

    parge73 Guest

    Imagine my surpise when I log on via my phone to find out my "private investigating" has suddenly become public.

    That being said: to those of you know my involvement I hope you keep it hush and to those of you who have no clue, you are in the same boat as me.

    @vod what do you mean I deserve this?
  14. bobble611

    bobble611 Guest

    I feel very caught in the middle of all this as I have joint custody of kids with nearly half the tribe now - I'm not easy, just vulnerable :(
  15. I would support Hypo, simply cause his awesome and your not.
  16. -Vodkaiser-

    -Vodkaiser- Guest

    Nah, ignore my post :icon_biggrin:
  17. Your villages will soon all be mine :icon_eek:
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  18. stedan11

    stedan11 Guest

    Crap, I wish I would have seen this before. I guess this would explain the 175 incomings I have.
  19. fincky

    fincky Guest

    mmmmm boobies :icon_razz:

    Maybe I should clarify whats going on? this thread might have been a little early, its not quite april yet so ill say march fools :lol:
  20. Technology

    Technology Guest

    Yeah please do fincky :icon_biggrin: