FRST Vs Nuts!: The motion picture

Discussion in 'World 43' started by harbinger297, Mar 5, 2011.

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  1. harbinger297

    harbinger297 Guest

    FRST Vs Nuts!: The motion picture

    A video I made regarding the FRST/Nuts! war. This is the first part, if people find it entertaining I will continue it.

    Just for a bit of fun, let me know what you think :)
  2. That was pretty sexy, looking forward to part 2 :icon_razz:
  3. roudle

    roudle Guest

    Very creative!
  4. harbinger297

    harbinger297 Guest

    I bet it wasn't water you had in your bottle :icon_wink:

    Thanks :)
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  5. ThorBolt

    ThorBolt Well-Known Member

    Dec 29, 2007
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    Harb thats great work brother WOW ,,, Nice lolololol
  6. wee jock

    wee jock Guest

    Good stuff Harb.

    Looking forward to part 2.

    Can Bob and I get in on a bar scene please. Better make me the one who gets the girl :icon_razz:

    If you have to make it in a restaurant any pasta place will do with a big fat guy behind the counter doing nothing but serving pasta. (who could play that then )
  7. bobble611

    bobble611 Guest

    Skerlie: You can be my wing man anytime

    Bobble: Bullshit! You can be mine
  8. wee jock

    wee jock Guest

    Just cannot believe he had Del that master of the sea waves puking in a boat.

    All those Libyans he is rescuing might want a refund
  9. bobble611

    bobble611 Guest

    If I know Del, he'll have had it written into the contract that there's no refunds
  10. harbinger297

    harbinger297 Guest

    I have the 2nd part made, however YouTube won't let me upload it as it violates copyright. :icon_rolleyes:

    /Goes to illegally download everything with a WMG music brand and distribute it amongst 10,000,000 people.

    In all seriousness though, any suggestions on where else I can host it that wont have that problem would be nice.
  11. harbinger297

    harbinger297 Guest

    Part 2

    Low quality, funny polish ad first, hard to read the subs but it could be worse. Enjoy.
  12. battle hymns

    battle hymns Well-Known Member

    Feb 1, 2009
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    nice work, harby :icon_cool:
  13. roudle

    roudle Guest

    had a really hard time with part II...horrible lag...but still love the idea.
  14. harbinger297

    harbinger297 Guest

    Yeah, I couldn't figure out how to upload it in high def (seeing as it was all in polish), but you can get the general idea of it at least.

    If i can find somewhere to host it, I may do a feature length movie :icon_eek:
  15. logitect

    logitect Guest

    the first one doesn't work cuz of copyright
  16. delborgo

    delborgo Member

    May 23, 2010
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  17. bobble611

    bobble611 Guest

    works fine in the UK :icon_wink:
  18. harbinger297

    harbinger297 Guest

    I'll try and find somewhere to upload them, in better quality and without copyright issues.
  19. stedan11

    stedan11 Guest

    Nice work Harb! Very entertaining. I only wish I was an active enough player to get in one of them, lol.
  20. defendernick

    defendernick Guest

    I hoped I would be in aswell, I'm active enough tho :)