Funniest EVER in-game mail


I looked for "Funniest EVER in-game mail", but only found the Funny IG mails section, so I figured I'd help us out with this new thread. Here you go:

Tribe/Experienced said:
Goranov on 23.01. at 16:48
I am wondering if i can join your tribe i am an aggressive member who has led tribes before, but am really wanting to do well in this world. Will also be always active. I do use troops alot and always have a high OD, and i know how to win a war, so i am wondering if i can join your tribe and maybe help out. As this tribe i am in is full of noobs, and it is not for me. I am also very active in the forums.

I don't know if your a leader or anything, but i have no idea who to ask so.

<Hate. Member> on 23.01. at 16:50
Getting into our tribe requires the completion of a multi-part test. Do you think that you're up for the challenge?

Goranov on 23.01. at 16:50
Ok. ;)

<Hate. Member> on 23.01. at 16:50
Okay, I can administer part one, if you pass this part then I will send you on the the person who will give you part two.

Please give me the answer to the following riddle. You have three attempts, if you do not answer correctly within the three guesses you fail and will not be allowed to join the tribe.

A horse travels the same distance every day.

Oddly, two of its legs travel 30 miles each day and the other two legs travel nearly 31 miles.

It would seem that two of the horse's legs must be one mile ahead of the other two legs, but of course this can't be true.

Since the horse is normal, how is this situation possible?

Goranov on 23.01. at 16:52
How long do i have to answer?

Goranov on 23.01. at 16:53
I think i know. Is it the horse is going round in circles?

Goranov on 23.01. at 16:55
Is it right?

<Hate. Member> on 23.01. at 16:56
you are correct....please forward this entire mail to <Hate. Member> who will give you the next portion of the test

Goranov on 23.01. at 16:56
I have applied to join your tribe, i have completed step one and you know step 2?

This message has been forwarded by Goranov.

<Hate. Member> on 23.01. at 16:59
Yes I do.... this is a simple one.

Forward this entire mail to Harlos and include the complete lyrics to "Im a barbie Girl". He will direct you from there

Goranov on 23.01. at 17:00
KK thanks.

Goranov on 23.01. at 17:01
Kind of strange lol

Goranov on 23.01. at 17:01
With the barbie girl lyrics? ;)

Hiya Barbie
Hi Ken
Do you wanna go for a ride?
Sure Ken.
Jump in.

Im a barbie girl, in a barbie world
Life in plastic, its fantastic.
You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere.
Imagination, life is your creation.

Come on Barbie, let's go party!


Im a blond bimbo girl, in a fantasy world,
Dress me up, make it tight, Im your dolly.
You're my doll, rocknroll, feel the glamour in pink,
Kiss me here, touch me there, hanky panky.
You can touch, you can play, if you say: "Im always yours"


Come on Barbie, lets go party!

Come on Barbie, lets go party!

Come on Barbie, lets go party!

Come on Barbie, lets go party!

Make me walk, make me talk, do whatever you please,
I can act like a star, I can beg on my knees.
Come jump in, bimbo friend, let us do it again,
Hit the town, fool around, lets go party

You can touch, you can play, if you say: "Im always yours"
You can touch, you can play, if you say: "Im always yours"

Come on Barbie, lets go party!

Come on Barbie, lets go party!

Come on Barbie, lets go party!

Come on Barbie, lets go party!



Come on Barbie, lets go party!

Come on Barbie, lets go party!

Come on Barbie, lets go party!

Come on Barbie, lets go party!

Oh, Im having so much fun!
Well Barbie, we are just getting started.
Oh, I love you Ken.

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Goranov on 23.01. at 17:08
So what now? i have gone through a riddle :S a lyrics of barbie girl (don't know why?) but what now?

Goranov on 23.01. at 17:20
This tribe im in is acctually getting annoying now, they don't even speak in the forum, i would like to join you (an experienced tribe). I think i have passed the test, and am ready to help out in the tribe.

<Hate. Member> on 23.01. at 17:20
Why do you think you have passed the test

Goranov on 23.01. at 17:21
<Hate. Member> and <Hate. Member> told me.

Goranov on 23.01. at 17:39
Ok i haven't finished the test sorry, so whats the next step?

<Hate. Member> on 23.01. at 17:41
Contact <Hate. Member>

Goranov on 23.01. at 17:42
I have applied to join this tribe, and so far i have done this on the test. So whats the next step?

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<Hate. Member> on 23.01. at 17:51
The final portion of the application is actually rather simple.

1) Do you prefer offenseive builds or Defensive builds?

2) Have you begun to farm yet?

3) If yes please forward a complete copy of your best report to date.

4) What style of village build out are you working?

5) to best answer #4 and for us to fully judge your potential as a player please forward a full report on your village build out and your future plans for expansion.

6) finnally a short account sit is needed after all questions have been answered so that we may check the truthfullness of your answers.

Goranov on 23.01. at 17:56
1. I use a bit of both but for my first village you should usually use defense. But i have all ready axes and i will be attacking and getting an OD tommorow.

2. Of Course. Why not? its the only way to grow.

3. Report being sent.

4. I am working on a troop based village so the buildings will be high in the wall, high in barracks and stable so i can get my troops faster.

5. Sending one.

6. You can account sit me when i have answered the Q's. Ok.

Goranov on 23.01. at 17:57
With the report i have 15 axes.

Goranov on 23.01. at 17:58
Here is my Buildings.

Construction assignment Duration Completion Cancellation
Wall (Level 3) 0:33:44 today at 18:31 cancel

Buildings Requirements Construction time
(hh:mm:ss) Construct
Village Headquarters (Level 5) 286 270 222 2 0:14:37 Resources available today at 19:12
Barracks (Level 1) 252 218 113 1 0:14:06 Resources available today at 19:01
Smithy (Level 2) 349 293 381 4 0:56:25 Resources available today at 19:30
Rally point (Level 1) Building fully constructed
Statue (Level 1) Building fully constructed
Market (Level 1) 126 127 126 3 0:21:09 Resources available today at 18:24
Timber camp (Level 9) 373 534 287 2 0:30:19 Resources available today at 19:38
Clay pit (Level 8) 440 328 224 4 0:25:16 Resources available today at 19:58
Iron mine (Level 6) 289 279 254 4 0:21:03 Resources available today at 19:12
Farm (Level 2) 76 70 50 0:11:17 Resources available today at 18:09
Warehouse (Level 5) 194 165 120 0:16:34 Resources available today at 18:44
Hiding place (Level 1) 63 75 63 0:14:06 Resources available today at 18:05
Wall (Level 2) 100 207 40 1 0:40:37 Resources available today at 18:16

<Hate. Member> on 23.01. at 18:01
Ok, as soon as i can do the account sit i can pass the full reccomendation along to our Cheif Recruiter for his finnal aproval.

Goranov on 23.01. at 18:02
Ok account sitting coming.

<Hate. Member> on 23.01. at 18:06
Ok, I have passed your file to <hidden name> She will make the last bit of the assesment as to any other info we may need before you are given your finnal choices.

Goranov on 23.01. at 18:07
Shall i send account sitting to her, or are you finished

<Hate. Member> on 23.01. at 18:08
No just forward this entire message to her. i have already told her you are on the way.

Goranov on 23.01. at 18:11
Here you go ;)

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<Hate. Member> on 23.01. at 18:21
Hi. I'm running out to grab some rabbit food but will be back a bit later and can review your application at that time. Didn't want you to feel that your mail is being ignored.


Goranov on 23.01. at 18:23
Have a nice meal ;)

Goranov on 23.01. at 18:42
I mean hope your rabbit has a nice meal ;)

Goranov on 23.01. at 22:11
Are you back yet?

<Hate. Member> on 23.01. at 23:19
I am. :)

Our application process can be very lengthy so bear with us here. We need to know that you will be 137% dedicated to our cult of [village]Hate.[/village] In looking through this thread, I don't see that you've been given our standard questionnaire. The recruiter who usually works that division is <Hate. Member>

You will need to forward this mail to him so you can complete that part of the process. Take a towel with you. It can get sticky. Perhaps even a bit wet.

Once he's approved your responses, you will need to forward everything back to me for the next step while I prime the bunnies for the final stage of the process.

<Hate. Member>

Goranov on 23.01. at 23:23
Ok thanks I will mail him in the morning.

<Hate. Member> on 23.01. at 23:25
Excellent. Thanks for your patience! :)

Goranov on 24.01. at 09:10
Here is what I have done so far. What is the next step?

This message has been forwarded by Goranov.

<Hate. Member> on 24.01. at 16:36
Ok so as you have been told this is a lengthy process, if your sure to give 137% of your life to this tribe then you will be considered. On to the next step: You will need to answer a riddle for you to graduate to the next level of the recruitment process. Are you ready? Let's begin, you have 3 guess at this riddle, if you fail you will be sent back to the end of the line...........

Riddle 2809-01

If you paddle your canoe up a waterfall and all 4 wheels fall off, how many goldfish does it take to make snow

you have 3 guess, good luck

Goranov on 24.01. at 17:10
Canoe's don't have wheels, and this has nothing to do with tibal wars? But is the answer canoes don't have wheels?

<Hate. Member> on 24.01. at 17:25
you seem to be a smart cookie, moving on to riddle 2

Riddle 3420-003

The man who invented it doesn't want it. The man who bought it doesn't need it. The man who needs it doesn't know it. What is it?

you have 3 guesses, good luck

Goranov on 24.01. at 17:33
is it a shoe?

Goranov on 24.01. at 17:33
no wait its a coffin!

<Hate. Member> on 24.01. at 17:44

Answer 3420-003 = coffin

on to the third and final riddle for this round

What can run but never walks, has a mouth but never talks,
has a head but never weeps, has a bed but never sleeps?

you have 3 guesses good luck

Goranov on 24.01. at 17:45
How long do i have?

Goranov on 24.01. at 17:46
The sea?

<Hate. Member> on 24.01. at 17:47
answer the sea is INCORRECT

2 remaining guesses

Goranov on 24.01. at 17:47
A river..

<Hate. Member> on 24.01. at 17:50
answer A river is correct


please contact <hidden name> for further instructions, forward this mail to verify you passed this round, thanks for playing

Goranov on 24.01. at 17:54
Here done next step ;) how long does this go on for lol? whats the next bit?

This message has been forwarded by Goranov.

<Hate. Member> on 24.01. at 18:30
Good job on the riddles! Now for the first exam. You seemed to well so far, so good luck to you. Once this is finished you'll need to forward the whole thing over to the lovely [player]*Huntress*[/player]. And good luck because I'm rooting for you the most out of the fifty or so applicants on the list. :)

Okay. We like to ensure that everyone can pretty much get along and that new recruits fit in. All of us have had to go through a somewhat rigorous testing procedure that's almost like a hazing, but once you've passed it (if you pass, that is) you'll agree that it was worth it. Totally worth it.

So, for part one, here are the questions and be aware that spelling counts!

Part 1: General Questions

1. What's your favorite color?
2. Who is the President of the United States of America?
3. Who is the worst President in US history?
4. Do you wear underwear?
5. Can you swim?
6. How do you feel about Harlos?
7. What kind of music do you listen to and who's your favorite band?
8. What size shoe do you wear?
9. How do you feel about homosexuals?
10. Have you ever intentionally killed an animal?
11. Do you smoke pot?
12. What's your favorite alcoholic beverage?
13. Porn: yes, or no?
14. Does God exist? How about Satan?
15. If you had to hide a body, where would you hide it?

Part 2: Calculations

1. What's the square root of 2?
2. If you take all three sides of a triangle and lay them on a flat surface, how many sides will be facing up?
3. Draw a rectangle that is 12x9. Calculate the area of this rectangle, divide the area in two, and color the center of the rectangle purple. Multiply by pi. What is the square of the hypotenuse?

4. A 200-mile trip was driven by a hot chick in a pal pink Mustang Shelby GT500 at two speeds. For the first part of the trip, the average speed was 105 mph. Then the tailwind picked up, and the remainder of the trip was driven at an average speed of 115 mph. For how long did the pink Mustang travel at each speed and why didn't she run out of gas?

Bonus: How much did she spend on gas for this trip?

5. What is Avogadro's Number and why is it important?

Once you've completed this exam, return it to me and we can move on to stage two. Thanks!

Goranov on 24.01. at 18:45
1. Red for war ;)
2. Now Barack Obama.
3. Have no idea im in UK but maybe George Bush
4. Of course...
5. Yes i can swim.
6. Good experienced member from other worlds, would like to work with him.
7. Pop, Kaiser Chiefs.
8. 8.
9. Ermm... well. Pretty strange but i don't know.
10. nope.
11. no.
12. Tequila hehe.
14. don't really know. Probably no.
15. I would bury it somewhere where no one goes. But on tribal wars, i would want everyone to know about it ;)

Part 2:

1. About 1.4
2. all 3.
3. what the. Is this possible?

4. Not the best at these things, but pass?

5. Number: 6.022 141 99 X 1023
Because it is equal to the number of protons in a gram of pure protons.

Goranov on 24.01. at 18:46
Do i forward to <Hate. Member> now?

<Hate. Member> on 24.01. at 18:52
Yes, thank you! When you forward this, include a link to a picture of a jackalope (if you can find one of them mating it's even better.) She likes bunnies. :)

Goranov on 24.01. at 19:09
Here is what i have done so far. Here is the Bunny you like ;)...

This message has been forwarded by Goranov.

<Hate. Member> on 24.01. at 19:57
Oooo, awesome. You did notice that she said "if you can find one of them mating it's even better", right? Did you look for that? I'm just trying to determine whether or not you are a slacker =/

I've reviewed your answers thus far, and you seem to be able to follow directions, which is know how to use the forward button and I LOVE that.

Of course you know I have a couple more questions for you (you're doing great with these, btw...thank you):

I notice that you said you were farming. So what farming troops do you have (what type, how many), how are you splitting them up and how often are you sending?

Do you like chocolate?

Goranov on 24.01. at 20:01
Sorry about the mating thing ;) couldn;t find one. Anyway i will have a look at my farming troops, but at the moment i am working towards stable just got to get my smithy up a level and im there. I will send my troops numbers... I love chocolate especially Galaxy, i made tribe on World 29 called "Galaxy" We were rank 1 in K15 until i got bored of the world.
I started late in that world. So i quit and came here and am fresh and ready to kick some butt in this world ;).

Goranov on 24.01. at 20:02
75 spears, 26 swords, 22 axes, paladin. They are out farming at the moment as i send my troops out all the time, for the resources as i am on virtually all day. So yeah. But i have not been concentrating on troops today, i was too busy getting my stable, but nowthat i will be getting it i will be concentrating on my troops.

<Hate. Member> on 24.01. at 20:04
Ah, a chocolate lover. You are my friend then :)

Do you like to eat chocolate or wear it?

Goranov on 24.01. at 20:06
I eat chocolate but i could wear it... then eat it ;)

Goranov on 24.01. at 20:06
So what do i do now, send another forward to someone else lol?

Goranov on 24.01. at 20:09
Well i got to grab something to eat so see you later..

<Hate. Member> on 24.01. at 20:26
Hmm. Eat chocolate that you are wearing yourself. I hadn't thought of that. You must be flexible?

Goranov on 24.01. at 20:29
Yummmm yes lol anyway what do i do next?

<Hate. Member> on 25.01. at 00:06
Okay. Take a picture of yourself that in some way demonstrates your loyalty to can be a message written on a sheet of paper, you can dress up for us, it doesn't really matter to me...we need a mugshot.

Then, link it in your next mail and forward the entire message to both myself and to <Hate. Member> for further instructions.

Goranov on 25.01. at 11:01
How do you post pictures from "my documents" sorry for the inconvenience

Goranov on 25.01. at 11:10
The only thing i don't know how to do on TW is how to put a picture on messages. How do you do it?

This message has been forwarded by Goranov.

Goranov on 25.01. at 11:24
So what should i do?

<Hate. Member> on 25.01. at 11:26
You upload it here and then give us the link to it. Good luck.

Goranov on 25.01. at 11:59
Okay I will be on it

Goranov on 25.01. at 12:26

Goranov on 25.01. at 12:27
So what is the next step?

<Hate. Member> on 25.01. at 12:41
No.. that`s not the link. You get the link after you upload the pic. It`s not the one from the adressbar. Try again.

Goranov on 25.01. at 13:46
Ok then.

Goranov on 25.01. at 13:54

Goranov on 25.01. at 13:54
I will try again

Goranov on 25.01. at 13:55

Goranov on 25.01. at 13:55
There we go

Goranov on 25.01. at 17:43
So what now?

<Hate. Member> on 25.01. at 17:51
<Hate. Member> today at 00:06
Okay. Take a picture of yourself that in some way demonstrates your loyalty to can be a message written on a sheet of paper, you can dress up for us, it doesn't really matter to me...we need a mugshot.

You only took a picture of you but you didn`t prove in any way your loyalty to Hate.

Try doing what she said and then we`ll move on with your recruiting process. It`s tough, but it must be done accordingly.

Goranov on 25.01. at 17:58
So a picture of writing on paper saying what?

<Hate. Member> on 25.01. at 17:59
Saying something like:

I love to Hate.


I wantz <Hate. Member>`s goats.

<Hate. Member> on 25.01. at 18:00
Preferably both on the same paper.

Goranov on 25.01. at 18:00
But really who would not be loyal to you, i have been loyal to every tribe i have been except hungry... But they have no idea what they are doing. At the moments i have spies set up in there and am feeding the imformation to <Hate. Member>, this is how much loyal i am, im risking it but for your tribe... Its worth it. What really is the point in a picture saying "im Loyal it doesn't show that your loyal.

Goranov on 25.01. at 18:00
anyway i will be on it

Goranov on 25.01. at 18:01
can i make on paint saying it as i have ost my camera and phone at the moment.

<Hate. Member> on 25.01. at 18:05
You can try that too. I`ll wait for it.

Goranov on 25.01. at 18:05
Kk thanks mate.

<Hate. Member> on 25.01. at 18:09
But make sure to give it to <Hate. Member> by forwarding this entire mail to him.

He`ll guide you thru the latest phases. I wish you luck.

Goranov on 25.01. at 18:10
Thanks alot.

Goranov on 25.01. at 18:11
Hey cabana cigara. By the way i wantz your goats ;) Here is the picture. Lost my camera so had to use paint sorry.

This message has been forwarded by Goranov.

Goranov on 25.01. at 18:21
Better One coming...

Goranov on 25.01. at 18:23

<Hate. Member> on 25.01. at 18:27
send [player]<Hate. Member>[/player] a picture dancing gypsy's

Goranov on 25.01. at 18:28
Okie ;)

Goranov on 25.01. at 18:30 heres the gypsies and do i forward to wolverinee?

<Hate. Member> on 25.01. at 18:34
yes the whole mail

Goranov on 25.01. at 18:36
here we go :)

This message has been forwarded by Goranov.

<Hate. Member> on 25.01. at 18:40
It says "Not Found".

Give me a good pic and then forward the mail to <Hate. Member> along with a pic illustrating a bunch of Indian people praying.

Goranov on 25.01. at 18:41
Lol ok

Goranov on 25.01. at 18:42

Goranov on 25.01. at 18:43
Here we go.

This message has been forwarded by Goranov.

Goranov on 25.01. at 18:46
What now? * Huff Puff * ;)

<Hate. Member> on 25.01. at 19:10
Hmm, your perseverance is admirable, but you'll have to keep it up for a bit longer. However, you're closer than anybody else to joining Hate.!

The next step of your application process is to research and explain the Predestination Paradox to me. This is to test your knowledge, critical thinking, and research skills as well as to further test your dedication.

The presentation must be written by yourself and you must provide the source(s) of your research. (Links, books, etc.)

Make sure that it is your own original explanation or you will be instantly rejected! It would be a shame for that to happen when you've come farther than anybody else has to joining Hate.

Good Luck!

Goranov on 25.01. at 19:41
I will be right on it.

Goranov on 25.01. at 19:54
Predestination Paradox

It is also named, a casual loop, or a causuality loop or also a closed time loop. This is a Paradox of time travel used in science fiction. This happens when a time traveller is caught in events that makes them go back in time. This shows what happened in history was meant to happen. They use this in their model as they try to create history but not to change history.

Basically means that they were in the past before.
It can happen at the same time with ontological paradox.

The Predestination Paradox is in ways the opposite to Grandfather Paradox. By killing his own Grandfather. Then when travelling in time, he cancels his own existence.

In some principles it proposes that casual loops can not form. But consitent ones can.

This is highly controversial as it can essentially cause a reverse in religious evolution. Showing that our fates are beyond that we can control.

There are many examples of Predestination Paradox.

One is in the classic Ancient Greek play "Oedipus".

Thanks this took a while and is hope fully good.

Bits of imformation from Wikipedia.

<Hate. Member> on 25.01. at 21:04
That doesn't sound like you wrote it, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. You pass this step.

You're almost done. The next step is to scout an [ally]iP.[/ally] player near you and forward the report to me. This tests your loyalty, trust, competence with scouts, and your ability to follow directions.

Once you have forwarded this report to me, send a picture of a baby seal to [player]<Hate. Member>[/player] so that he knows that I've approved you. He will guide you through the final stages of this trial.

Congratulations, you're nearing the end!

Goranov on 25.01. at 21:33
Scout on the way.

Goranov on 25.01. at 22:06 SEAL.jpg Here we go this what i have done so far... What is next?

This message has been forwarded by Goranov.

Goranov on 25.01. at 22:11
So yes what is next, im online. So we can hopefully finish it here if i am nearing the end.

<Hate. Member> on 25.01. at 22:18
now we come to your loyality to [ally]Hate.[/ally].

write on your forehead with a black marker:


make a pic of it then upload it and forward the link to [player]Harlos[/player].

Goranov on 25.01. at 22:19
I down part of that, is that i have lost my phone and camera. So should i do this on paint by any chance?

Goranov on 25.01. at 22:20
If you read the part when im talking to <Hate. Member> it mentions that.

Goranov on 25.01. at 22:23
Hello? What should i do?

<Hate. Member> on 25.01. at 22:24
then compose a poem about:

"how much you love <Hate. Member> and that you would do him any favour every time!"

and forward it to himself.

Goranov on 25.01. at 22:26
Does it have to rhyme?

Goranov on 25.01. at 22:27
And how long?

<Hate. Member> on 25.01. at 22:27
yup like a rhyme about 100 words.

Goranov on 25.01. at 22:28
Wow its long but i will try...

<Hate. Member> on 25.01. at 22:30
good luck

Goranov on 25.01. at 22:34
Good old <Hate. Member>.
Best leader in the world.

We all love <Hate. Member>.
As he dominates the world.

No one can beat him.
As he/she? is the mighty.
Rimming everyone around him.
As he/she? is the brave.

Good old Hate.
Best tribe in the game.
Im here to join this Hate.
So i can pwn in the game.

Thanks. Poem Of <Hate. Member> as told...

This message has been forwarded by Goranov.

Goranov on 25.01. at 22:54
So what should I do now?

Harlos on 25.01. at 23:05
Contact [player]<Hate. Member>[/player]

And write him a poem.

Goranov on 25.01. at 23:07
what could I put in the poem about him? And how long until the end as I have put so much work into this.

<Hate. Member> on 25.01. at 23:14
Im sure we're getting close.

Goranov on 25.01. at 23:16
What could I write about him? Like yours or what?

<Hate. Member> on 25.01. at 23:23
Like mine, but change it up a little

He's Canadian

He lives with his mom

He likes grass

Goranov on 25.01. at 23:28

Goranov on 26.01. at 17:29
Heres Your Poem:

Good Old mighty <Hate. Member>.
He likes to have a <Hate. Member> rhymes.

He loves his grass.
When he puts on some mass.

Hail the mighty <Hate. Member>.

He's the canadian fellow.
Who likes to bellow.

He lives with his mum.
And likes to chew gum.

Who doesn't want to be <Hate. Member>?

Here you go mate. Hope this succeeds ;)

This message has been forwarded by Goranov.

Goranov on 26.01. at 17:37
So what next?

Goranov on 26.01. at 17:54
Want me to do another?

Goranov on 26.01. at 20:32
<Hate. Member>? Please reply...

<Hate. Member> on 26.01. at 20:36
Oh sorry was smoking another bowl, Then totally forgot. I'd like you to do a rap song about <Hate. Member> raping <Hate. Member>, Turn it into a bit of a rap battle spitting lyrics out that diss <Hate. Member>. Two learning lessons that will help your chances to get into Hate. Hateful lyric battles.

Goranov on 26.01. at 20:44

Goranov on 26.01. at 20:45
Im not good at these things lol but you will probably laugh at how rubbish it is... If its rubbish am i rejected from the tribe over those 140 posts...?

Goranov on 26.01. at 20:48
? But i don't get what more i have to prove from all these poems, questions, account sittings, more questions, rap songs... Haven't i done enough. At least tell me when i will be finishing this whole test.

<Hate. Member> on 26.01. at 20:50
Laughing is all good, Sense of humour is what we like to see. We'll expect some effort, Mainly like to see how you handle yourself in any and every situation presented to you. Looking forward to hearing it :)

Goranov on 26.01. at 21:00
Can't i just write another poem or something i have no idea how to write a rap song. I don't listen to them. I know what they are but just simply can't write a diss song...

Goranov on 26.01. at 21:04
On page 7 Dark Orc says " Congratulations, you're nearing the end!" It doesn't seem like it, it seems your just going to not let me in and just set me task after task after task.

<Hate. Member> on 26.01. at 21:06
Example "<Hate. Member> acts like king crap but can't take a hit for crap I spit...."

Goranov on 26.01. at 21:08
Please answer my question... and how long must the rap be by any chance...

<Hate. Member> on 26.01. at 21:10
Three verses is good. Yeah your coming close we want to make sure you get to meet alot of the tribe before joining in. Process we've all gone through ;)

Goranov on 26.01. at 21:10
How many lines per verse?

<Hate. Member> on 26.01. at 21:12
4-5 per verse, Roughly same length as your poem.

Goranov on 26.01. at 21:28
Here we go *( the worst rap diss song in the world )*

Cmon Harlos, show me what yo got,
you aint got nofin cose your da crap.
you wanna be good at smoking pot.
but you don't even want to come round to sit.

no chopa you got dis wrong mate,
im the one around here who talks the crap.
i like to jump up and down doing the Hate.
so what ya want, your nofin to me.
as your the one who will get the hit.

Lol thats so bad that im laughing at it... ;)

Goranov on 26.01. at 21:45
Are you on?

Goranov on 26.01. at 21:57
Is it crap? ;)

Goranov on 26.01. at 21:59

<Hate. Member> on 26.01. at 22:01
Yes I am, and I've got the last assignment to hand out before your invititation has been sent.

<hidden name> is a very hot and excited chick. Your assignment is to talk dirty to her and get her to cyber back with you. When you've successfully accomplished this forward the mail to me and the invite will be sent. Save the hardest task for last, Good-luck!

Goranov on 26.01. at 22:03
Ok, and how old is she? lol

<Hate. Member> on 26.01. at 22:04

Goranov on 26.01. at 22:32
I'm sorry but I will not be taking this task as it has nothing to do with TW and if I have done all this for nothing,well. Is there a proper task which has something to do with TW.

<Hate. Member> on 26.01. at 22:38
This has something to do with the tribe Hate. and each and every task teaches you something you need to learn to get into the tribe.

Goranov on 26.01. at 22:59
Sorry. My time and effort wasted. For talking to a girl dirty...

Goranov on 26.01. at 23:05
How has this got anything to do with a tribe?

<Hate. Member> on 26.01. at 23:18
Humality, Preserverence are two of the many personality skills that were being addressed in this task. Keep trying man your very close to getting in.

Goranov today at 07:52
What should I say to her then?

<Hate. Member> today at 07:53
Well she's very hot, looks like a barbie tbh.

Goranov today at 07:55
A barbie!Lol

Goranov today at 07:55
so what would you say in this position

<Hate. Member> today at 08:01
I go by getting to know her a little, Talk with her a bit. Then I start to ease things and make things sexual. Chicks like to flirt back too so don't worry from there you work the magic ;)

Goranov today at 17:36
So what would you say when talking to her sexual? ;)

<Hate. Member> today at 17:42
Great idea. Do it.

Or start a dirty talk with <hidden name> and get her excited.

Goranov today at 18:00
I mean what would you say when talking about it sexual ;)

<Hate. Member> today at 18:10
You should do so. Forward then to me.

Goranov today at 21:24
Here we go.

This message has been forwarded by Goranov.

Goranov today at 22:02
So what do you think?

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Brilliant. :)

Although, Not many people would read that, Looking at the intelligence levels of posters in other threads.


Funniest igm ever! o_O I hope Garanov reads public forums.

Gj =P keep more coming


Love it, great riddles, may i please have the test????? ;)


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Long mail, I skipped a lot in the middle (yes, I'm at least honest about this part), when I saw some "dirty talks", I just stopped reading.


None shall EVER overcome that level of epic.

Also, to Goranov since I know you read PnP, do not take this badly please. It has given us all in Hate. many LOL's and we hope that you had fun too. Honestly, your dedication and perseverance are admirable.


that is beyond the funniest mail i have ever read and you guys really deserve a cookie (im not being sarcastic) its actually really funny


Wheres the rest of it? Come on now you cant tell me it ended at that point! Come on!!!!!! It was going so well! There has to be more! At least a "You got rick-rolled" like conclusion?


If you paddle your canoe up a waterfall and all 4 wheels fall off, how many goldfish does it take to make snow

I fell off my chair laughing at that.

This IGM is pure win.


OMG Goranov you have the patience of a saint man, i would have been getting pretty annoyed after hate member number 2. :icon_biggrin:


haha, very good, that guy does deserve a spot in your tribe... lol but seriously amazing, shows that hate has good teamwork as well :D


haha, very good, that guy does deserve a spot in your tribe... lol but seriously amazing, shows that hate has good teamwork as well :D

About the first part, yes. Im actually considering it. Truthfully. :icon_eek:

About the second part, not so much teamwork as it shows the tightness of the community.