Funny Attacks, Defences, & In-game Mails

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Sith Rage today at 16:29
would you guys be interested in a merge with us, your duke maybe a baron in my tribe
Sith Rage today at 16:30
and i feal the right now we are no where near as strong as we could be if we would come together to make one tribe.
right now we are to tribes that are not even in the top 20 but together we could be
Bellerion today at 16:37
You must be joking :O Asking for a merge in the first few hours is... a little silly. Top 20 means nothing without the troops to stay there... somehow i doubt you guys have the stills to make it that far... The top 20 will be vastly diffent to how you see it now in 1 week. So worry about such things then.
Sith Rage today at 16:38
ok then its you lose iam telling you in w28 iam in the top 300 for players and am in one of the worlds best tribes but what ever
Bellerion today at 16:39
tsk tsk
It has begun... the noob recruiting

papa gordo

This guy obviously fails :icon_razz:

Miasmortiis today at 16:03
Hey, I was wondering if you might be kind enough to do me a favour, I'm normally a top ranked account when i play but im having a little competition with my friend to see who will get to rank 1 first, and i was hoping you might be willing to restart so that I have an extra grey village near me to help me farm early on.

It is still very early and if you restart now you can still be either in the core, or at least very close to it.

I sincerely hope you will help me out with this


pings today at 16:39
This is the biggest fail restart message i ever saw :p

Miasmortiis today at 16:39
i wouldnt say so many of the bigger players use it ;)

pings today at 16:40
Well then you fail even more for copying them :p

Btw sending restart messages is pointless if you do it right you don't need them and in the end it pays back :)

Oh and btw Tell nudist i'm coming for him AGAIN!!!

Miasmortiis today at 16:41
lmao yes i'm a copycat ;)
and who shall i say is coming for him :p

pings today at 16:43
Pings ofcourse lol

Miasmortiis today at 16:44
but then i can't have his wet nude hugs :(

pings today at 16:45
Nudist fails anyway :p

I can guarantee you he quits when he gets 5-6 villages or even before that already :p

Miasmortiis today at 16:46
yus i know but i wanna enjoy those moments :p

pings today at 16:48
Well be sure to enjoy every moment you can with him cuz he will be gone before you know it ;)

Miasmortiis today at 16:49
nonononono not my big fat nudy bear :p

pings today at 16:50
Yes your big fat nudy bear >_>


*Softy* today at 16:20
Hi, i sugest you restart now you are in my 15x15 and will be farmed, i'm sorry thats the facts of life, i've been playing this game since the early german severs so an awfull long time anbd got to rank 1 in many worlds in oda and points, restart and you will have a much more enjoyable game.

Take my advice and restart now, this will meen that you will be able to grow alot quicker without me farming you all the time, or you can try to fight and you will have to restart later meening you will have wasted both our times...

thats my advice, this game is for fun so i would prefer you to ejoy it, restart now while the world is young and it wont be noticed.



I recieved this after they sent me an invite. >.>

Cjb3st. today at 17:28
would you like to join slicer? we are experienced from world six and as long as you are active we would love to have you here

Dwarven King today at 17:29
You are a bit to far from me for this early in the game. The other guy in your tribe isn't though. ;)

Cjb3st. today at 17:30
ha ok so is that a yes or a no?

Dwarven King today at 17:30
That would be a no.

Cjb3st. today at 17:32
i could give you baron status

Dwarven King today at 17:34
Your tribe promotes family tribes, so no.
He didn't even get what I was hinting at in my first reply. :(


Check this one

youngjeezy08 today at 18:16
Greetings TruthEdge,

I've just been looking at your stats on TWstats and i'm impressed with your OD level for such a small player. I'm also impressed by the very small ammount of barbs you noble - you obviously know what you're doing.

I would like to invite you to my tribe, [ally]IRoT[/ally].
We are a premade tribe that currently consists of players from the rank 4 tribe of W18 and some others from other worlds.
We have about 10 players who will be joining but not all of them have joined the world just yet.

Please let me know your decision ASAP.

[ally]IRoT[/ally] Duke
i'm sure he copy paste it from another world , without even know what that means expect inviting someone lol

Crazy Pixel

My Fan tribe

jamie 10 today at 17:41
Hey, Would you like to join my tribe , [ally]R0D[/ally] we are expeianced players from world 17 please join

[player]jamie 10[/player]

jamie 10 today at 17:47
If you prove ur expeianced u can bee a baron

CRAZY PIXEL today at 17:49
Lol ive always been in the top ten of every world ive played.

I have no wish to become a baron;)

jamie 10 today at 17:50
lol are u sure if u come there are many jobs avalible

CRAZY PIXEL today at 17:51
Thank you, but I'm keeping my options open for now.

Do you still play world 17?

jamie 10 today at 17:51
yh i do lol i do =-)

jamie 10 today at 17:52
the invite will be widrawn if not joint in 3 days

CRAZY PIXEL today at 17:53
I will join on one condition

jamie 10 today at 17:53
yup sure

CRAZY PIXEL today at 17:56
Change your tribe name to "We love Angry Pixel"

jamie 10 today at 17:58
ok and what will be the short one

CRAZY PIXEL today at 17:59

jamie 10 today at 18:00
fine how about this the tribe name will be Angry Pixel and the short name AP

jamie 10 today at 18:01
yeah is that ok

CRAZY PIXEL today at 18:02
It should really be WE LOVE CRAZY PIXEL

jamie 10 today at 18:03
well look what ive changed it to if ur ok with that please join and this tribe will rule the world lol and if u dont agree dont join.. =-)

jamie 10 today at 18:06
have u made ur disition or do u want another 10 mins

CRAZY PIXEL today at 18:14
No dont need ten minutes, I just wanted to see if you would change your tribe name to We Love Crazy Pixel.

Was nice haveing a tribe named after me for a while

jamie 10 today at 18:15
lol =-) well is that a no or a yes if its a no if its ok with u me and u can be PAS but up to u
Some people


lmao jamie red is not experienced he had the same tribe in world 36 and it is failing big time it has like ten members, average points of about 2500 and it is ranked about 400th lol


funny thing is 5 of us could join on the rim and within 2 months have rimmed them