Funny Attacks

Rawr Mode

checked thru the archive and couldn't find this thread and figured i'd make one for luls and to share with the world some things that humored me :)

hope you enjoy :icon_razz:

feel free to post other funny reports you may or may not have :)

yeah i need to lay off the booze late at night :lol: ^^ yes im poking fun at myself but i thought it was funny 'i was attempting to support agaisn't a recap and was still successful' :icon_razz:

evil capper i am^^ *insert evil laugh* :icon_razz:


not in my house^^ :lol:

enjoy! :)


LOl, u can see the villa on the opera tab rawr.......


Yes hilarious dude...... shall i post up the nukes and countless nobles you lost aswell?


Funny attacks? See the walls? Looks like you loose much troops than he do. :lol: fail


the most they drop is by 5.

i harldy lost any troops, them villages were well stacked.

brown nose much?

Rawr Mode

i know i suck at math and all but i seen one that dropped by 12 and another that dropped by 6, so last i knew that was abit more then 5.

then again maybe im just completely horrid at math, who knows.


Prolly the wrong place to put this but I've had tears for a few minutes now and want to spread joy and happiness ;)

On the subject of funny attacks. Lets take some humorous mails.

Xtrip today at 10:48
how did you called me? A liar? you! you took my village! I will kill you! just because you call me a liar!!! st**id noob!
SpaRked S0ul today at 10:50
the village was called that before i took it.. i took it off gula behnid.
Xtrip today at 10:53
No it was barbarian! You are in different color on my map.
Xtrip today at 10:53
It means, your game here is over!
SpaRked S0ul today at 10:54
gula is now co-playing with joint.venture. i took the village off him.
Xtrip today at 10:56
i stacked this with 30k defensive Barbarian village (501|452) K45 try to take it!!!
SpaRked S0ul today at 10:59
why would i try to take it? i don't under stand why your mad at me..
SpaRked S0ul today at 21:40

:D HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Good thing he's got a buddy who is just as unusual in warmongrel LOL

warmongrel401 today at 16:32
dude you took my claim id like it back
nadroj666 today at 16:45
What claim?
warmongrel401 today at 16:46
[K45]~Death~ (503|471) K45 id be happy to repay you for your lost noble
nadroj666 today at 16:47
That village was gifted to me by the previous owner.
warmongrel401 today at 16:48
still thats my church area you could have asked before you took it , i think repaying is a pretty good deal ,seeing as i have the bigger gun .
i really would like to go about this peacefully though
nadroj666 today at 16:51
I don't need your permission to take a friends village, go find a another village to take.
warmongrel401 today at 17:40
your dead :D, ill let you grow it for me then i will rim you go find another world to play , if your tribe gets involved there dead .. you get it ?

Gawd I wish my friends were so sweet and caring. oohhhh and last time I checked men who claim they have a "bigger gun" usually have abnormally small ones >< but its ok. Buy a bigger car and you can compensate for it.
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Bigger gun... lmao

I have a certain claim in Warmongrel's area. I sure hope he gives it to me if he nobles it as I have an even 'bigger gun' than him.


I think we need to stack those villages now Warmongrel. Let's see you take it then... lol.
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The HELL?! What build was that? Wall was at 14 too, so even if it wasnt religious...?
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