Funny IG-mails: w45

Discussion in 'World 45' started by kiwi can fly., Dec 17, 2009.

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  1. Most worlds have this kind of thread (if not all), so to spice things up this early stage, post your received funny ig-mails.

    I'll post mine later.


    AI EDIT:

    Okay, stickied 'n such.

    Just a reminder - Forum rules apply even in the posting of mails. This means no inappropriate language, links, etc. Regardless of whether you 'said it' or not, if you're the one bringing it to the forum, it's your job to make certain the content of your post is acceptable. So. Consider this my only warning on the matter - I will treat anything you post here as though you've said it yourself, in that respect.

    Mod buzz-kill done, you may now carry on. >)

    (Yeh. I also posted this somewhere in the thread. But I suspect it'll be more useful at the start.)
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  2. .united.

    .united. Guest

    haven't got any yet but will soon, no doubt :icon_wink:
  3. mattzey

    mattzey Guest

    what about my mail :D
  4. I currently have two.. But the convos are not yet done. and its not that funny. ._.
  5. my favourite thread :)
  6. Ive got some pretty funneh ones, but i dont want to reveal my Alias ;)
  7. t3rminat0r

    t3rminat0r Guest

    lol cant wait to receive farm mail ;)
  8. You can just erase your name. :icon_confused:
  9. .j0sh

    .j0sh Guest

    Best i got so far
  10. :lol:

    You better follow his advice josh.. :icon_rolleyes:
  11. .j0sh

    .j0sh Guest

    I Dunno, but his namd kinda spells Cod....makes me want to play it :lol:
  12. Im nub at Cod. :'( And and.. I dont even play any Lan/Online games. Facebook ftw! :p
  13. .j0sh

    .j0sh Guest

    I feel for you Kiwi, Cod is teh sex....though i barely play it :icon_evil:
  14. corpus13

    corpus13 Guest

  15. :icon_cry: Shame im not good at those games.

    mail me your alias D:
  16. shveik

    shveik Still Going Strong

    Apr 21, 2007
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    Sacredfool today at 14.08

    Shveik pls restart ... :icon_sad:

    P.S. Are anyone knows about his plans here ?
  17. Coma Faith

    Coma Faith Guest

    Btw... Whats wrong with the Jews?

    Is there some big joke I don't get?
  18. Sentrii

    Sentrii Guest

    This ones quite nooby

    Funny person, no idea what they are talkng about.

    Noobs, where would we be without them
  19. shveik

    shveik Still Going Strong

    Apr 21, 2007
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    That mail is for Pulitzer FFS ...

  20. russki

    russki Guest

    He sent the same to me!!