Funny IG-mails: w45



Ryan9890 on 18.02. at 03:58
so im only going to tell you once. Stop attacking me. in case you havnt noticed this tribe has well over 4 times your points and i have more men at my disposal than yourself, i also have reports so i know what you have. So either stop or prepair to restart.
Conan55 on 18.02. at 08:39
Ryan9890 said:
so im only going to tell you once. Stop attacking me.
so what do you want? me to stop attacking you so you can build up troops then attack me? theres no way we'll be friendly in the future, cause i have cleared you. so i'm not sure i can lay off you.

Ryan9890 said:
in case you havnt noticed this tribe has well over 4 times your points
points? lol. who cares about points? o ya, your tribe. lol. i'm not scared of points. sorry.

Ryan9890 said:
i have more men at my disposal than yourself
really? why dont you use them? you saying you have troops is really not scary. i cleared you. i farmed you 3 more times, and you have done nothing. as for me, i'll tell you what i got, i dont care, 843 ax, 346 LC, 15 ram, 12 cats, and 400 scouts. need more info?

Ryan9890 said:
i also have reports so i know what you have
you know what i have used. so what. your not scary, sorry.

Ryan9890 said:
So either stop or prepair to restart.
dont think i can stop. prepair to restart? lol. you sound like the noob who mailed me in your tribe. no one has nobles. you cant scare me.

if you dont like what i'm up to, then attack me with all those troops you have. i cleared you and 9 other members of your tribe, i also scouted another 7 of you and all your tribe has done is sent 3 attacks and you "the leader" have done is mailed me. lol. the 3 attacks your members sent were funny as hell too. 90 spear was the first attack, 74 spears was the second, and the third was a fake, 1 spear. lol. are you kidding me? lol. face it, your tribe is full of noobs who dont know anything about this game. why dont you just "restart" as you say.

Conan55 on 18.02. at 08:58
by the way, i just scouted you again. you not online so i know you didnt dodge my scouts.

tribes full of noobs near the rim.



Cole Hunter on 17.02. at 01:07
hey u know ur gonna die right
were having like 10 different people attack u
u have no chance
Conan55 on 17.02. at 01:40
lol. u going to attack me with spears again? lol. noobs.
10 people huh. hmm. only one so far.
die? lol. no one has nobles yet. lol. how am i going to die? lol. noob.
please keep sending funny mail, i enjoy it.
Cole Hunter on 17.02. at 01:44
say lol enough??
and more attacks are comeing
Conan55 on 17.02. at 02:11
i hope. i like ODA ranking.
Cole Hunter on 17.02. at 03:21
r u all there in the head????
and call me a noob i have a life im not 30 yrs old tlkn shit to a 16 year old
Conan55 on 17.02. at 03:25
yep, i'm 31. i work online so i'm very active on this game.
talking shit huh? i only did after you did. get your facts right.
Cole Hunter said:
hey u know ur gonna die right
were having like 10 different people attack u
u have no chance
Conan55 on 17.02. at 03:26
by the way, your done. i'm going to clear you everyday. enjoy the game.
Cole Hunter on 17.02. at 03:39
LIKE I SAID I HAVE A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!y would i care if i lose my place OMG wat will i do
y dont u go get laid and get out of ur mommy's basement
Conan55 on 17.02. at 03:43
Conan55 on 17.02. at 03:43
need a tissue?
Cole Hunter on 17.02. at 03:44
u dont even deny it wow have u every been bonked???
Conan55 on 17.02. at 03:45
Conan55 on 17.02. at 03:46
what am i going to do? argue with a kid online? lol. no thanks. rather listen to you cry. lol.
Conan55 on 17.02. at 10:16 it pass your bed time? lol.
Cole Hunter on 17.02. at 13:01
im sorry i have a life and i have to go to school what most people do on this game
ur probably a drop out who lives with his mother
Conan55 on 17.02. at 19:42

this is another member of xEAx, a huge noob tribe in K58.
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Conan55 on 17.02. at 03:15
leave [ally]xEAx[/ally] and i'll stop attacking you.
Mr.EtL1 on 17.02. at 06:30
huh??? why
Conan55 on 17.02. at 10:04
i killed all your men again. now leave that tribe and join another or i'll keep attacking you everyday.
Mr.EtL1 on 17.02. at 15:31
dude give me reason y u want me to leave thats what i asked
Conan55 on 17.02. at 19:43
nevermind. i'm going to just keep attacking you.
Mr.EtL1 on 17.02. at 20:12
ok..... then

another one.



XLordXRedneckX on 14.02. at 18:39
Hello there I am [player]XLordXRedneck[/player] of the tribe [ally].:MM:.[/ally]. I noticed you are a very strong player but your tribe has no members. Now I am proposing that you merge into our tribe now before you say no just listen to my proposition. You shall be made a duke and shall help me rule the tribe. Also you shall have alot of members in a tribe that are pretty strong and can help you. I would love for you to join our tribe and i would love a reply. Thank you for your time.
Conan55 on 14.02. at 21:45
i'll think about it.
XLordXRedneckX on 15.02. at 00:13
ok just tell me whichever you decide i was just tryin to help ya out some
Conan55 on 15.02. at 00:30
trying to help me out? r u kidding?
if u did your homework, u would know i was already in a big tribe that was three times bigger than yours. i left it. i wanted to go on my own.
u said earlier, that i had no one in my tribe, true, but its cause i want it that way. u could of figured that out if u read my tribe page. but whatever.
no i dont want in your tribe. by the way, i was never "thinking about it", just said that to get u to leave me alone. but then u said your trying to help me out, lol. i'm bigger than your best member. anyway, dont mail me again.

noobs recruiting anyone and everyone.


you should of accepted the duke position and then disbanded lol


BudSirius today at 03:10
You should mail warren85 about this, we may be able to discuss some settlement. Wouldn't want the angst of your tribe on my hands :(
BudSirius today at 03:08
Oh, yeh... sorry for squashing you :)
xreaperxr today at 03:04
whatever dude i am in EMP which is an ally of sin so how about i just talk to your superiors
BudSirius on 07.03. at 20:34
We are not allies... you in fact are recently ex USAS who we are at war with. Please do not take it personally it is a war game. And cease from name calling please.
xreaperxr on 07.03. at 19:55
we are allies you jerk


Can't even noble villages without getting funny mails :(
fast death on 25.03. at 22:00
why did you do it? what did i do to you?

Easy.Farm today at 08:46
you grew a village for me and now I took it off your hands. Thanks :)

fast death today at 17:57
you are a bi*ch

fast death today at 17:57
you are a bi*ch

Easy.Farm today at 18:02
no,I am not a female dog. You are mistaken, sir!

fast death today at 18:56

Easy.Farm today at 19:17
not a cat ether. I am a wolf.
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Something that all my tribemates have already seen.

Ivatar on 15.03. at 11:15
Good morning

I write to you, to talk about diplomacy... now I know you don't want to negotiate with tribes on the same continent, but please, first read and then... [blah blah blah basically asks for mercy for the next four paragraphs]


P.S. Excuse my english, I'm swiss... I am working on it ;)

Sackmast3r on 15.03. at 16:42
You're Swiss? Uh oh, you're national heritage has most certainly retarded your ability to play this game. Of course you want peace.

I, on the other hand, am American. Any oil in those villages? Prepare for war!

Ivatar on 15.03. at 17:05
suck it, compared to international standards you are nothing but a lil noob tribe

Sackmast3r on 15.03. at 17:07
How dare you... we are at least as large as any medium sized noob tribe.
Almost got reported for "racism" before I told him I was just joking :p


Since there's alot of anti UFC in the forums recently. Looked through my inbox on some relevant pms, from awhile back. Shame old pms got deleted, had some really good ones to share here haha.

mrryan1825 on 02.03. at 05:44
[ally]ufc5[/ally] is an imposter tribe. They are in no way affiliated with the UFC in any way. Do not accept their invites, but please feel free to destroy them. Well we might let them into our family. Maybe also get AOD, and 50 to merge into us.

mrryan1825 on 02.03. at 05:46
please forward to your tribe

This message has been forwarded by mrryan1825.

celticfist on 02.03. at 06:21
you have to give ryan credit for the creativity. Soon UFC will have more villages than all of the tribes in world 45! Lots of armies to attack people with.

mrryan1825 on 02.03. at 06:23
True. I just hope we'll be able to merge with all the tribes in the area to get big enough to avoid war.

celticfist on 02.03. at 06:26
this will make you UFC's recent actions.

This message has been forwarded by celticfist.

Ruro00 on 02.03. at 16:44
That is..pretty retarded.. Ryan sure isn't using his head.

celticfist on 02.03. at 16:48
we are doing this now as we speak, tell you some more stuff later. Hope I look good to zero..Ufc really sucks... they've got more forums than you can say holy hell. And got 6 war forums for the same target.. but eh I'll talk to ya later going to school now.
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This is how the pros handle Diplomacy...

ericbythebay today at 08:23
Dear Cash,

We are a humble tribe in K13 requesting an alliance.

[ally]APEX[/ally] is taking over this area in an attempt to create a front against the rest of the world. We are trying to save ourselves but request help from a powerful tribe like yourselves.



CASHIS101 today at 16:49
Is this a joke? You want to make an alliance with a tribe on the other side of the world to help you fight [ally]Apex[/ally]??? We're awesome, not stupid :p

ericbythebay today at 19:35
LOL! I thought I'd offer. They almost have the edge of this world. Although you guys are taking out small tribes, Apex is about to turn around and head your way. Your only bet at survival is to attack them now while they concentrate on this side.

If your not stupid, you would know attacking on two side is the MOST BASIC military technique written thousands of years ago.

This technique was commonly used by every military power since the beginning and was the major factor for the fall of Hitler. After Hilter made his way to the Atlantic, he only had to worry about Russia... Until our beloved country decided to kick their ass by ATTACKING ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD! .... I don't consider that stupid.

I would consider you not taking the offer as stupid.


And here I thought the most basic military tactic was attacking from one side :(


He mailed me the other day asking for help with apex, sadly he probably not getting much from sin.. or anyone else for that matter. Maybe he should speak with Qualm? lol.


He mailed me the other day asking for help with apex, sadly he probably not getting much from sin.. or anyone else for that matter. Maybe he should speak with Qualm? lol.
Or with us.

We'd probably send a spear over to help. :spear:


I forgot who in our tribe started this, but i have it saved in my note book and use it pretty much all the time,


You have been chosen out of all of the villages in this continent to receive the free ‘Fremen Tribe makeover.’ Very soon you will be getting a visit from an army of our specially trained representatives who will help make your village into the top-rating metropolis that it has the potential to be. Our team will try to give you the shortest amount of inconvenience, in fact we have arranged for you to have a quick one way trip to our new exciting holiday destination…. The Rim! (Sorry, once you get there, you can never leave, it's like the Hotel California.…. Enjoy!)

Did we mention the extra services we are sending you???

One of our highly trained nobles will also be coming to help with the transition of power, and we are sending a special squad of wall removers to take down that ugly wall you have around the village. It won't be needed any longer, as you will have no further need of defense now The Fremen Tribe are taking control.

We hope you are as excited about our visit as we are.

Have a great day.

Your friendly Fremen representative.